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What is mobile marketing?


The first and foremost, a rapid definition: Mobile marketing refers to the art of marketing your business and its services to appeal to smartphone users. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What is mobile marketing?

What is mobile marketing?
  • The first and foremost, a rapid definition
    Mobile marketing refers to the art of marketing
    your business and its services to appeal to
    smartphone users. When executed perfectly, mobile
    marketing enables customers or possibleconsumers
    using smartphones with customized, time- and
    location-based information so that they can get
    what they need precisely when they look for it,
    even if theyre not th4ere.
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How it works?
  • Mobile marketing in Lagos is made up of ads that
    are shown on smartphones, tablets, or other
    mobile units. Mobile marketing ad arrangements,
    personalization, and styles can differ greatly,
    as a majority of social media platforms,
    websites, and smartphone apps offer their own
    distinctive and customized mobile ad options.
  • Just like social media development in Nigeria,
    mobile marketing has become an essential part of
    todays businesss primary marketing roadmap.

Types of mobile marketing strategies
  • Theres an impressive range of mobile marketing
    strategies to choose from. The type that works
    best for your venture will be reliant on your
    domain, target audience, and allotted budget.

App-based marketing
  • This is a kind of mobile advertising which
    involves the use of mobile apps. While 80 of
    mobile time is consumedbetrothed with apps, there
    is no need to create an app yourself to get in on
    the move. Offerings like Google AdMobare supposed
    to help advertisers create smartphone ads that
    are shown on third-party mobile apps.
  • Facebook also enables advertisers to form ads
    that are combined into Facebooks mobile app.
    Facebooks mobile driven Post ads participate so
    faultlessly with Facebooks news feed that users
    sometimes dont come to know that theyre looking
    at ads.

In-game mobile marketing
  • In-game mobile marketing means mobile ads that
    show up within mobile games. In-game ads can be
    shown as banner pop-ups, full-width image ads or
    even video advertisements that look between
    loading screens.

QR codes
  • QR codes are skimmed by users, who are then
    redirected to a particular webpage that the QR
    code is linked to. QR codes are
    sometimesintegrated with mobile gamification and
    have a sense of mystery to them, as users who
    read them dont always know preciselywhich
    website they are being taken to.

Location-based marketing
  • Location-based mobile ads refer to ads that show
    up on mobile devices given a users location
    relative to anexplicit area or business. For
    instance, some advertisers may only prefer their
    mobile ads to run when users are within a 5-mile
    radius of their location.

Mobile search ads
  • According to one of the agencies involved in
    mobile marketing in Lagos, these are elementary
    Google search ads made for mobile, some time
    spresentingvarious add-on extensions such as
    click-to-call or maps.
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