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Top-Notch 7 Importance of data security in MLM Software


Choose an MLM software vendor wisely to protect your MLM business's consumer and organizational data. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top-Notch 7 Importance of data security in MLM Software

Top-Notch 7 Importance of data security in MLM
Hello Genius,
If you have decided to read this blog, you should
know what MLM Software is? What Data security
is? Now, you may want to buy your MLM Software,
but dont know where to start. And why is data
security important in MLM software? Then, this
guide may help you out and give a clear
understanding of a few vital importance of data
security in MLM Software. This article will
clarify the things you need to take into
consideration before launching/developing your
MLM business. Data security is very tough, not
only for MLM business. It is very critical for
all businesses. Whether your company is small
level or medium level, or multinational brand. A
little bit of data inaccuracy can wreak havoc on
your whole organization. Most of the companies
are also responsible for the security and
confidentiality of their customer data and other
important information.It is same for MLM
business. Lets deep dive into this article
about data security in MLM software!
  • MLM Security
  • Probably we know, MLM is mainly based on product
    sales, so it is heavily reliant on e-commerce to
    create sales and promote the business online.
  • Processing orders, processing credit card
    payments, storing and managing user or customer
    data are just a few of the tasks that an
    e-commerce platform may handle.
  • Because these data are more vulnerable to fraud,
    they should always be stored in encrypted
    format, and plain storage should be avoided. MLM
    also necessitates the storage of distributor
    data, downlines, commission plans, and payment
  • Data Security Features of MLM Software
  • The basic security features of the MLM software
    that should be included are as follows
  • SSL (Secure Socket Layer ) Encryption
  • PCI DSS-Payment Card Industry Data Security
  • IP (Internet Protocol) blocking
  • DDoS- Denial of Service
  • Encryption of Database
  • Encryption of Password
  • Backup-Database
  • 1. SSL Encryption (Secure Socket Layer)

  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI
  • The PCI DSS is an important data security
    standard for the security required by all the
    providers of the credit card.
  • Card providers should be PCI compliant. This
    standard should be followed by all the
    organizations which process, store or transfer
    the cardholder details or data. So, this MLM
    software and MLM websites must adhere to PCI.
  • Important steps involved in the PCI compliance
    are as follows
  • Access
  • To detect security vulnerabilities, established
    business processes for card processing, and a
    list of the suppliers IT assets.
  • Remediation
  • Reducing the amount of cardholder data stored to
    only what is needed to fix and avoid the
  • Reporting
  • After obtaining the card suppliers through
    frequent security monitoring, the reports are
  • Why PCI?
  • Its main motive is to obstruct fraudulent
    activities involved. The PCI Security Standards
    Council administers the PCI standard. If anyone
    is not PCI compliant, you may lose eligibility to
    accept payments via credit card completely and
    also need to face the charged fine.

  • DDoS-Distributed Denial of Service
  • DDoS refers to a Distributed Denial of Service
    Attack. It is a service attack and not a security
  • Why should DDoS be taken care of?
  • Any security features on your MLM programme to
    prevent this cyber assault should be added. This
    assault inhibits clients from accessing your
    website and temporarily limits access by
    increasing unlawful website traffic.
  • Because of the unauthorized heavy traffic
    generated by hackers, the website will react
    slowly. As a result, the MLM software should
    take specific steps or prepare to develop a
    security feature to counteract the DDoS attack.
  • Encryption of Database
  • Strong encryption mechanisms should be used in
    your MLM software to prevent data from being
    vulnerable to malicious or fraudulent actions.
  • NSA (National Security Administration) defines
    the rules and regulations to store the data of
    credit cards.
  • Why Encryption of Databases?
  • Encryption techniques will be useful to avoid
    keeping credit card data in plain format. It's
    important to remember to keep the credit card
    data's security code in an encrypted format.
    Encrypted data will be used to secure the
    database as a whole.
  • Encryption of Password
  • The password you submit in the MLM programme
    should be encrypted in any portion of the
    application. Ascertain that the software vendor
    stores the password in an encrypted format using
    the MD5 encryption algorithm.

Why Backup-Database? If you lose all of the data
connected to your customers, distributors,
commission payments, commission plan, merchant
account, and product details, it will have a
significant impact on your MLM business. You
must have a backup of the MLM programme in order
to restore data in the event of data loss. To
avoid data loss, MLM software should provide
daily or weekly data backups. Learn more about
the significance of backup and restore in MLM
software. Conclusion Finally, you will be able
to comprehend why data security is critical for
MLM software after reading this article. To
promote your MLM business more safely, ensure
that the MLM software supplier is taking care of
these security aspects and that the same is
implemented with advanced encryption
techniques. Data security is critical in MLM
software to improve overall business productivity
by safeguarding customer and organization data.
Choose an MLM software vendor wisely to protect
your MLM business's consumer and organizational
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