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Are Web Development and Web Design The Same?


Any professional web designer will also make sure that they keep themselves up to date with the latest trends in web design. At eBusiness UK that is not just our designers’ job, it is their passion, selecting just the right colour palettes, working out what the most appropriate imagery is to use and which would be the most appropriate fonts. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Are Web Development and Web Design The Same?

Are Web Development and Web Design The Same?
  • At first glance web development and web
    design do sound very similar but in fact website
    developers and website designers have very
    different jobs to do. A website designer
    concentrates on the parts of a website that you
    can see the visual on-screen elements. This
    means that designers have a small but important
    influence on the end user experience. It is the
    designer who decides how the site looks and
    ensures that the site is visually appealing to
    the target demographic.

  • Website developers, on the other hand, are the
    people who take the design concepts from the
    designers and write the code that turns those
    abstract concepts into functioning, useable
    websites. This means that the web developer is
    ultimately responsible for ensuring positive user
    experiences because it is the developer that
    builds the functionality into the site while
    making it match the designers vision. The
    developer uses many tools to achieve this,
    perhaps the most powerful being the Magneto
    eCommerce platform.

  • If a website is going to reach its intended
    audience effectively both the team working on the
    web design and the team doing the Magneto web
    development must get their parts of the job
    right. Sub-par design will result in a website
    that is visually unappealing and will be
    ineffective in attracting customers or will
    create a negative first impression. Such
    ineffective design work can cost your business
    customers if they are put off your site and seek
    something more appealing elsewhere.

  • More seriously inadequate development work will
    result in a website that simply does not work
    well, with all of the obvious implications that
    has for a negative end user experience.
    Fortunately our Magneto web development team has
    the Magneto platform to assist them. Its
    versatile open-source nature allows our
    development team to embed whatever functionality
    our clients need into a site, so every site we
    develop can be tailored to a clients exact needs.

  • However we would not wish to give anyone the
    impression that one aspect of website building is
    more important than the other. To build an
    engaging and effective website we deploy the
    skills of both teams. Our designers visualise a
    website that looks good, attracts and engages
    potential customers and keeps them on the site
    for the longest time possible. Our designers also
    consider what functions need to be performed by
    the site if it is to achieve the clients aims.

  • At our web design agency in Lancashire our highly
    skilled team of experienced website designers
    create the layout of a site and consider the best
    way to include elements that will lead to
    conversion which is marketing jargon for
    elements that will help to convert visitors into
    customers. Our design team gives a great deal of
    attention to directing a site users attention to
    the parts of the screen that hold the information
    that the site owner wants them to pay attention
    to, and how to lead the site user through the
    website in an intuitive and straightforward way.

  • Our design team is also has to consider how to
    make the pages of the website to ensure that they
    look good on all devices. These are hyper
    connected times and so our design team must
    consider the fact that users could be viewing a
    website on a laptop, a mobile phone, a tablet,
    an internet enabled television or even a smart

  • That presents a daunting variety of different
    shapes, sizes and resolutions of screen that must
    be kept in mind.

  • Any professional web designer will also make sure
    that they keep themselves up to date with the
    latest trends in web design. At eBusiness UK that
    is not just our designers job, it is their
    passion, selecting just the right colour
    palettes, working out what the most appropriate
    imagery is to use and which would be the most
    appropriate fonts.

  • It is this passion which drives them to be not
    just across the latest visual fashions, but at
    the forefront of them, so that they have an
    understanding not only of what people find
    attractive now, but what they are most likely to
    find appealing the next few years so that the
    websites they design have an element of
    future-proofing built in.

  • By contrast the our team working on Magneto web
    development have their work hidden behind the
    screen. Our Mangeto developers have the task of
    building and maintaining a websites core
    structure. They work on the platform directly to
    construct the architecture of the site and
    realise the design teams vision by building the
    elements of the website and making them work

  • In essence think of the development team as a
    building firm and the design team as the
    architects. The design team makes the plan, the
    development team takes the plan and makes it
    real. Website designers and website developers
    clearly have roles that are different but
    complimentary. Some people can fill both roles of
    course, but generally her at eBusiness UK we tend
    to find that it is better to have different
    people working in collaboration.

  • This approach works because it encourages
    discussion and when talented creative people with
    different skills and outlooks have the
    opportunity to bounce ideas off each other and
    get constructive feedback they will often end up
    with superior end result that far surpasses
    anything they would have come up with on their

  • Our web design agency in Lancashire delivers the
    full package to our clients. Our staff includes
    highly experienced web developers with skills in
    Magneto and many other eCommerce platforms and
    people with tremendous skills in web design.
    Blackburn, is a bit of an unsung hero of tech.
    The common misconception that all of the best
    minds somehow end up automatically migrating
    south to work for tech companies in London is
    tremendously out of date.

  • Once there could well have been an element of
    truth in that view but now with the North West
    being home to several world class universities
    there is a well-qualified talent pool here with
    all of the skills, creativity and enthusiasm we
    could ever need in our website designers and
    website developers. The once bright lights of the
    capital and South East are just not quite as
    attractive as they used to be.

  • Changes in the economy and vastly increased
    opportunities in the North West have lead many,
    if not most of those graduates to come to the
    conclusion that they are much better off if they
    stay in the North West. As a result, when we set
    out to recruit people to do some web design in
    Blackburn we can draw from that massive pool of

  • So while some express surprise when they find the
    best web design in Blackburn, we have known for a
    long time that setting up our web design agency
    in Lancashire was the smartest move we could have
    made. From here we can recruit the best website
    developers and website designers without having
    to deal with the immense costs associated with
    office space in London and the South East.

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