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Web Design, Development, UI & UX: Entailing the Difference


Website UX & UI are the terms you often get to hear while deciding on creation of a website. Similarly web designing & development strategies become a substantial part of your website building plan. If you’re new into determining a web address for your business you are definitely going to face problems differentiating between these 4 terms namely- Web Designing, Web Development, Website UX & Website UI. Read more on – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Web Design, Development, UI & UX: Entailing the Difference

Web Design, Development, UI UX Entailing the
Website UX UI are the terms you often get to
hear while deciding on creation of a website.
Similarly web designing development strategies
become a substantial part of your website
building plan. If youre new into determining a
web address for your business you are definitely
going to face problems differentiating between
these 4 terms namely- Web Designing, Web
Development, Website UX Website UI. Though the
ultimate aim of all these approaches is to
provoke user attention but the
respective website building operations these 4
concepts depict are quite different from one
another. You have to specify such differences so
that you dont get confused regarding your
website building plans determining your
corresponding workflow. Following this we have
created this post to explain the difference
between the 4 terms. Going through the same
youll get to understand how you can specify
your website creation goals objectives. Youll
get to learn the basic principles of web
designing and how you can allure user engagement
with your website appearance functionality. Use
r experience (UX) is also very important to be
achieved consistently through your website
building efforts. When users visit your website,
they dont collect products services but
experiences too. These experiences help them
decide to come back to your website or not.
Hence, we suggest you pay adequate attention to
all these aspects for a better website creation
outcome. The more considerable outcome you have,
the more enhanced business development
strategies you can build for the future. You can
recognize us as SFWP Experts, your Custom Coded
Website Designing Development Companion based
in San Francisco. Our world class Custom Coded
WordPress Website Designing Services simply
suggests to you the best ways you can optimize
the visitor experience on your website and
represent your products services
exceptionally! What is Web Designing? Starting
with the foundational part, web designing is the
core to which other 3 approaches are connected.
Web designing is the website building technique
with the help of which you can adorn your website
frontend not just aesthetically but functionally
too. Both website UI UX are the 2 main
objectives that a web designing campaign is
supposed to achieve. If your website design is
not capable enough to deliver an exceptional user
  • experience you should better change it or remove
    it from your website frontend.
  • As a web designer youre also supposed to promote
    art craft along with innovation that suits the
    contemporary market trends so that more more
    users find your stuff quite considerable. Youre
    also expected to represent your web page content
    other elements in such a way that the users are
    motivated to take actions click on at least a
    button use a specific functionality. While
    hiring a web designer you can follow these
  • Consider the portfolio of the designer
    representing his expertise appropriately
  • Specify your designing prerequisites website
    building objectives. Youre further supposed to
    specify the website category you want to build
  • Evaluate the skills experience of the website
    designer youre going to appoint. For this you
    have to dig deeper into the designing product of
    your respective web designer and review the
    Typography, Page Layout, Readability delivered
    by him so far related to other projects
  • Review the softwares tools your web designer
    often uses for creating appealing web designs.
    Some of the renowned softwares in this context
    you can rely on are- Sketch, Adobe Photoshop,
    Illustrator, etc
  • Specify if your web designer has got a specific
    workflow to establish your web designing project
  • Web designing can also be performed without a web
    designer. You need to approach a website builder
    tool and you can handle your website designing
    campaign yourself. WordPress is a fine website
    builder tool you can consider for exercising
    self designing. However, you must know it is not
    applicable on all kinds of websites out there.
  • Understanding Website Development

Web development is the foremost aspect involved
in the designing of a website. Moreover, it also
serves the database maintenance associated with
your website and promotes foundational
alterations you can perform on your website from
time to time. Your website needs such alterations
modifications so that a particular matter of
user convenience could be achieved. Web
development can be divided into two categories
based on your website database Frontend
Development Frontend development is entirely
focused on your website appearance that is seen
operated by your target users. It is simply
what resides on your website for visitors use
functionality. But the founding codes reside
behind the curtain, just like an opera show.
Thats Frontend Development. You cant perform
it yourself using a website builder tool. You
need to have hands-on experience regarding
Frontend Development and you can come up with an
online existence even from scratch. You can make
use of CSS HTML languages to create codes
regarding Frontend Development add special
functionalities web page elements for user
convenience thereafter. Backend
Development Backend development is not dedicated
to special web page elements that are used by
the visitors on the front of your website.
However, backend developers reside behind the
scene associated with database creation
maintenance of your website frontend. Your
hosting server decides what you can post on your
website how innovative frontend you can deliver
your website visitors. In this way, your backend
developer specifies optimizes your database
data transfers for frontend development too. The
developer makes use of languages like Python,
Ruby, Java PHP to handle your website backend
  • Furthermore, you can also appoint a full-stack
    developer for your web development operations if
    youre looking for both frontend backend
    services. You can also reach out to SFWP Experts
    if you think that an open source CMS is the
    perfect solution for your website building goals.
    Here we suggest the best solutions for your
    Custom Coded WordPress Designing issues!
  • Website UI
  • Website UI is a web designing concept that
    suggests you to include controls
    functionalities that are easily understood by the
    users. It also specifies your website layout
    web page elements in an easy to understand
    manner so that the user immediately determines
    where where not he needs to head on. Following
    this, website UI requires you to determine the
    enlisted principles web page standards for
    better UX
  • White Space
  • Page Loading Button
  • Web Page Pagination
  • An easy to use Scroll Bar
  • Thumb Zone for Mobile Responsiveness
  • Icons for Specialized Navigation
  • Icons for Mobile Optimization
  • Website UX
  • Website UX is nothing but a consequence of your
    Web Designing, Development UI all together. We
    may call it user experience and it could be good
    or bad depending upon your designing, development
    UI operations. For better experience you need
    to hire a UX designer who can specify what your
    web designers developers are expected to
    create. Web designers developers are generally
    not concerned about the end result until they
    arent working as a UX designer too.

They create what they are authorized to. You can
also understand your user tastes preferences
regarding your website design functionalities
and further talk to your designing developing
experts. Final Thought In the end, wed like to
suggest that you should go for a web designer,
UI, development UX designer depending on your
website category the business vision you want
to project through your website. If youre still
confused about whether to go with a website
building expert or an online website creation
tool you can contact SFWP Experts anytime get
rid of your doubts right away. Were a trusted
WordPress Website Designing Company based in San
Francisco. Share your thoughts!! Contact
Details 213-277-9177 la_at_sfwpexperts.com Visit
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