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organ transplants in India | organ transplant foundation


Organ transplantation organization Provide crowdfunding for organ transplantation – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: organ transplants in India | organ transplant foundation

ANNUAL REPORT 2021 - 2022
Funding Summary 2021 - 22
Foundation Funds 2.82 Cr
Weve received a total of 237 application
between April 2021 to Feb 2022 and 205 of them
were sanctioned funds.
Crowdfunding 0.30 Cr
A total of 109 cases received final remittance
during this time period amounting to the tune
of 2.82crores. 92 of these remittances were for
application that were received between April
2021 to Feb 2022 and 12 were applications
received prior to April 2021.
Total Funds Remitted 3.12 Cr
There were total of 11 cases that could
successfully raise a portion of the funds
through crowd funding, of which just one was
kidney transplant, rest of all were liver
transplants. 1/3 of the cases were paediatric
Liver Transplant
Kidney Transplant
Heart Transplant
2.34 Cr 0.66 Cr 0.1 Cr Patient Summary 2021 - 22
Patient Age
A third of all the transplant cases that we
support are pediatric cases of children below
the age of sixteen.
Another 40 of the cases that we supported were
transplant cases of patients who were in the
productive age of 17-40. Young adults whove
just entered the workforce whose livelihood
supported a large family. Each life saved has a
direct impact on 4 - 12 depen- dent members of
the family. Almost 60 of all live donors in a
transplant case have been women, thats double
the number of live male donors which is 25.
And over 60 of live female donors were mothers,
75 in liver transplant cases.
Cadaver 7
Male Female 30 68
Pediatric Adult 36 73
Liver Transplant
Heart Transplant
Total Patient Helped 109
Kidney Transplant
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Our Hospital Network Weve received and supported
cases from over 30 hospitals across India.
Top Patient Refering Hospitals
Apollo Group
Global Group
MAX Delhi 08
Sahyadri Group 09
Weve received cases and supported cases from 36
hospitals across India. Hospitals like Apollo
Mumbai, Global Mumbai, Sahyadri Pune signed up
for our initiative JEET (Joint E"ort To Enable
Transplants). We partner with hospitals with the
arrangement to get hospitals to o"er lower or
concessional transplant fees for poor patients.
Our e"ort has helped lower patients' transplant
costs anywhere between 25 to 50.
Team Vision
As a team, Provide financial help to poor
patients requiring organ transplants as a life
saving option, raise public awareness through
education and media to help increase organ
donation and engage with other stakeholders in
the field.
Founding Team
C.Y Pal
Gul Kripalani
Prof. Darius F. Mirza
Sabira Merchant
Ashok Wadhwa
Executive Team
Navin Bangaruswamy Project Manager
Balachandran Unni CEO
Girish Pai Financial Secratary
Romila David Medical Social Co-oridnator
609, Mahalaxmi Chambers, Breach Candy, Mahalaxmi
West, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai 400026 Call us 91
98200 57519 E-mail
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