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Title: Mobileverse Takeover Review

eview/ What is it Mobileverse Takeover is their
NEW turn-key platform that will empower YOU with
the software, tools and training you need to
Launch Grow Your NEW 5, 6 or even 7 Figure
"Instant App Funnel" Agency From Home Even If
You're a Clueless Newbie Starting From Scratch -
Like Kyle. How a CLUELESS Newbie Went From
Getting FIRED From His 9-5 Job At Walmart For
Being Too Lazy To Making 500 Per Day From His 1
Bedroom Apartment - Creating Instant App Funnels
For Businesses. THIS IS 100 NEWBIE PROOF - All
You Need To Do Is Click A Few Buttons In This NEW
Easy To Use Software For Up To 30 Minutes Per
Day. Full Disclosure I wholeheartedly believe
that this will be the most game-changing bit of
tech to come out of 2022. As many of you now
know, my friend Peter Beattie (fellow online
marketer) has a little brother named Kyle who was
in a bit of a sticky situation. With getting
fired from his job at Walmart, bills stacking up
and his landlord threatening to throw him out.
Kyle needed something that could make him money
from home, and FAST. They were looking at ALL
kinds of online business models, but just
couldnt find something that would work for him
as a complete newbie. Affiliate marketing.
Crypto. Facebook ads. The Metaverse. Whatever
shiny object the gurus were pushing this week.
But Kyle needed something that waswell. Not to
sound rude or anything but NEWBIE PROOF. After
a while, they realized that they were never going
to find it. So instead, they created it. Peter
and todd created an amazing new software thats
allowing kyle to now make upwards of 500 per day
from his tiny 1 bedroom apartment even as a
clueless newbie with no skills. Thats right.
Theyve invented the next big thing in internet
marketing called the instant app funnel. Its
not a website. Its not a sales funnel. Its not
a mobile app. Its all 3 of them combined.
woahhhwhat? Yea, imagine having a website that
instantly added itself onto the mobile phones of
everyone who visited that site - just like an
app. Introducing Mobileverse Takeover Review
With Mobileverse Takeover Review, you can
generate An Honest Mostly Passive Income Online
Creating "Instant App Funnels" For Businesses In
3 Easy Clicks Step 1 Launch an instant app
funnel launch an instant app funnel in the next
5 mins by selecting from our library of 200
ready-to-go templates in the hottest and highest
paying 3 button clicks! Step 2 List
it for sale Click, copy and SEND our pre-written
listing emails to the businesses we tell you to,
and watch your inbox fill up with replies from
highly motivated buyers from all over the
world! Step 3 Accept offer and get paid accept
the highest offer and get paid! Rinse and repeat
to grow your monthly cashflow, escape the rat
race and build a financial wall around you and
your family that nothing can penetrate. Imagine
giving them a special kind of mobile app that
instantly adds itself to their customers' mobile
phones as soon as they walk into their store.
They could then, make 10x more money off of those
customers by sending them push notifications with
exclusive discounts, sales and special offers.
Getting them back into the store to buy more, or
going to their website to buy something. And
giving you the power to generate the one thing
businesses will definitely pay for steady
customer sales. Get Mobileverse Takeover Review
Now. Features The "Instant App Funnel" builder
software with full functionality ?Generate QR
Code powered "QR Smart Flyers" in 1 click - fills
your Instant App Funnels with leads FAST! "The
?Instant-App Landing Page" - instantly puts your
instant app funnels on the phones of your perfect
customers! ?"Push notify profit center" - just
hit "send" to generate immediate sales for any
product or service with conversions 1,000 higher
than email marketing! (send up to 5 push
notifications per instant app funnel every 30
Mobileverse Takeover Review is ?100 design
flexibility - easily customize our ready-to-go
templates for any business under the sun, in just
a few clicks! (no design skills needed) ??Instant
app funnel search rankings - yes, your apps will
rank in the google search results, usually within
minutes (can your competitor's app do that?
No.) ?Already have a website built with WordPress
or Wix? Convert it to an Instant App Funnel in 3
clicks. ?All Instant App Funnels load perfectly
on ANY Desktop AND Mobile device right out of the
box, regardless of the operating system - iOs,
Android etc - Saves THOUSANDS in development
costs! ?Rapidly launch new Instant App Funnels
WITHOUT dealing with headaches of submitting to
Apple, Android or other app stores (GAME
CHANGER!). Mobileverse Takeover Review ?Dummy
Proof "Point Click Interface" with multiple
device views for effortless Instant App Funnel
editing, no more tech roadblocks! ?"Instant App
Commerce" - easily sell products and services
directly from your Instant App Funnels with just
ONE flip of a switch! (turns your app into an
online store) ??Use your own (or clients) domain
names FREE Cloud Hosting w/ UNLIMITED traffic and
file storage for ALL Instant App Funnels, always!
(you'll never out-grow this platform) ?FREE App
Fortress Technology" - automatically fortifies
ALL of your Instant App Funnels and protects them
from hackers ?Instant video backgrounds ??
Mobileverse Takeover Review Social Media
links ??Custom CSS Javascript for professional
customization (optional) Mobileverse Takeover is
the ?Fastest App Funnel loading speeds in the
entire industry! With Mobileverse Takeover, ?No
recurring fees! (invest once and profit for
life) Frequently Asked Questions Will
Mobileverse Takeover work outside the US? YES, of
course! They now have users of Mobileverse
Takeover ALL over the globe. Your location does
NOT matter. And you're NOT limited to working
with businesses in your local area. In fact, you
can literally live in a cabin in the woods with
no humans in sight for 100 miles - as long as you
have an internet connection and half a brain,
Mobileverse Takeover Review will work for you. Do
I have to meet clients in person? NO WAY! It's
2022. Who meets in person nowadays anyways?
EVERYTHING is done 100 online. Kyle does this
from his 1 bedroom apartment for businesses all
over the world. Heck, he's never even spoken to
most of them. What if I don't have ANY technical
or design skills? Then Mobileverse Takeover is
PERFECT for you! When we say you can create an
UNLIMITED number of Instant App Funnels with just
a few clicks, we mean it! If you can check your
email and browse Facebook, congratulations - you
have what it takes to win BIG with Mobileverse
Takeover! Will you help us find clients and get
paid? Does Superman wear his underwear over his
pants? Absolutely! Theyre gonna be walking you
through this step by step inside "the lazy app
academy" and giving you "the big ticket pricing
guide" that shows you how to get 500-10,000 per
client, "scorching hot mobileverse niches" filled
with clients who are perfect for this, and "copy
paste listing emails" you can send out to those
businesses to start landing clients as soon as
today - no selling or cold calls required!
Mobileverse Takeover Review How is an "instant
app funnel" different from a regular mobile app?
Great question! Regular mobile apps are designed
to work one one kind of device (ios or android).
They need to be approved and distributed through
the app stores and they're also very expensive to
develop. But an instant app funnel is so much
more than a mobile app. It's kinda like a mobile
website, mobile app and a sales funnel in one
amazing package. Instant app funnels can be
instantly accessed and downloaded from any device
(desktop or mobile) regardless of operating
system (iOS, Andoid, doesn't matter)...all
without going to the app store. Instant App
Funnels can also be created in under 5 mins using
our software with ZERO coding skills. Finally,
Instant App Funnels are exactly that...Mobile App
FUNNELS. They can generate their own traffic with
"QR Smart Flyers", rank high in the search
engines AND generate sales on demand for ANY
product or service with Push Notifications. So
YEA, this is WAY more than an old school mobile
app. Welcome to the future! Do I need to have any
skills? With Mobileverse Takeover, ABSOLUTELY
NOT! Theyve already done most of the selling
for you with their proven "Copy Paste Listing
Emails" and the other amazing resources included
in this game changing package. By the time a
business reaches out to you with interest in one
of your Instant App Funnels, they will already be
mostly sold. Mobileverse Takeover Review How
many instant App Funnels can I sell? With the
The All Star License you can build sell an
UNLIMITED number of Instant App Funnels, for an
UNLIMITED number of clients and UNLIMITED earning
potential! There are no limits besides the ones
you put on yourself. Will you help me create the
Push Notifications to send out for our clients?
YES! They'll be showing several examples of the
type of Push Notification Campaigns you can send
with our software. After all, that's what clients
will be paying you on a monthly basis for!
There's also an optional upgrade you can purchase
that gives you a copy paste Push Notification
Campaign so you don't have to do any thinking at
Mobileverse Takeover Review What if I have
questions after purchasing? Their customers tell
us we have the BEST support in the industry. Once
you login to the members area you'll see a link
where you can reach us instantly with any
questions you have. Technical support, getting
clients, making sales, whatever you need help
with - we're just 1 message away. You can
typically expect a reply from us within a few
hours Monday - Friday between 9am-5pm ET. They do
have support staff working on the weekends as
well during the special launch event. Overview Peo
ple say To find success online, you need to
find a gap in the marketplace. Yeah, right -
easier said than done in this day and age, right?
But with "Mobileverse Takeover", you dont need
to create something innovative and original.
Peter and Todd, founders of " Mobileverse
Takeover Review ", have found a gaping hole that
needs to be filled. and they created a tool that
gives you the ability to fill it for huge profits
(like 500 per day kinda profits). with
"mobileverse takeover" you can generate an honest
mostly passive income online. by putting local
businesses onto their customers' mobile phones,
instantly. Meet Kyle. An online newbie with ZERO
marketing skills or business experience who now
earns... 500 /day building Instant App Funnels
for businesses all over the just a few
clicks (from his tiny 1 bedroom apartment). After
getting FIRED from his job at Walmart in 2021 for
being too lazy... Kyle reached out to his
brother and fellow online marketer, Peter Beattie
and said Kyle (left) with Peter (right) Peter,
Can You Help Me Make Money Online? PLEASE!!!?
...BTW I have NO CLUE what I'm doing." So Peter
set out to find a way for his brother to start
making money online as a complete newbie with no
skills. "People Are Paying MILLIONS for virtual
land in The Metaverse..." With The Metaverse
dominating the headlines lately, Peter wondered
if his brother Kyle could strike it rich buying
and selling digital real estate. "BUT, its
highly, highly risky. You should only invest
money that youre prepared to lose." The
Metaverse is still not well understood, making it
a very risky investment. And the days when we're
all living, working and socializing in an
all-virtual reality are still many years away.
Perhaps decades away.
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