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5 Benefits of Regularly Changing Compressed Air Filter Elements


filter elements hamper the efficiency of air compressors. Read this blog to learn why these air compressor accessories need to be replaced regularly. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Updated: 10 June 2022
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Title: 5 Benefits of Regularly Changing Compressed Air Filter Elements


5 Benefits of Regularly Changing Compressed Air
Filter Elements
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  • Compressed air systems generally rank high on the
    durability count.
  • The sub-optimal operations can cause costs to
    rise and workflows to become inefficient and
    the compressor itself can get irreparably
  • We will shed light on the biggest advantages of
    periodically changing compressed air filters.

Contaminant Removal Minimisation Of System
  • On average, nearly 9 out of every 10
    manufacturing processes rely on compressed air
    supply (in varying degrees).
  • One of the biggest mistakes often made is
    sticking with the same air filter elements for
    extended periods just because they appear
    clean enough.
  • By changing the air filters of the compressor at
    regular intervals, users can bring down the
    overall operational expenses and the total energy
    consumption by the system.

2. Working With Damaged Air Filters Can Be
Hugely Problematic
  • The air filter elements in particular, and the
    compressed air systems in general, are often
    exposed to extreme operating conditions.
  • This happens because compressed air always flows
    along the least resistance path (in this case,
    the damaged filter media).
  • Thats precisely why leading air compressor
    accessories manufacturers recommend regular
    system inspections, and changing the filters at
    specific intervals.

3. Cutting Down On Energy Costs
  • When the air filters are replaced regularly,
    users can make sure that the performance of the
    compressed air system(s) is not affected by the
    presence of dirty filters.
  • It is also important to understand that
    differential pressure (DP) is not the only
    factor that should drive the decision to change
    the air filter or not.
  • The filters can also have a DP Gauge, that
    indicates premature airflow blockages.

4. Maintenance Of Production Efficiency Safety
  • The purity of the compressed air output from the
    compressor system has to meet ISO specifications.
  • Changing the filters of compressed air systems is
    also important from the safety perspective.
  • While looking to replace air filter elements, it
    is important to follow the recommendations
    specified by the compressed air system suppliers.

5. Boosting The Longevity Of The Compressed Air
  • The borosilicate glass that is generally used to
    manufacture the filters can develop tiny pinholes
    leading to accelerated flow of contaminants.
  • Air compressors can function optimally over a
    long period of time provided that there are no
    problems in any of the components.
  • Users have to ensure that the filters have not
    become contaminated or clogged or too dirty.
  • In order to extend the longevity of the
    compressor systems, regularly changing the filter
    elements is extremely important.

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