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Billing Guidelines For Your OB-GYN Practice To Follow


Outsourcing OB-GYN Practice Billing Services makes it easy and hassle-free in receiving accurate payment, and precise clinical documentation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Billing Guidelines For Your OB-GYN Practice To Follow

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Billing Guidelines For Your OB-GYN Practice To
Obstetrics and Gynecology is one specialty that
involves capacious claims filing. OB-GYN Practice
Services are rendered for many family planning,
obstetrics, gynecology, and anesthesia
procedures. Yet in virtually every family
practice, opportunities to maximize
reimbursements are missed. Under-coding, omitting
modifiers, and submitting claims without the
documentation needed to support them are everyday
events. The lost revenue is no small
change. Hence outsourcing to a
professional medical billing and coding company
can do wonders. Outsourcing medical billing and
coding understand the particulars that go into
the process for OB-GYN billing services and this
is why the experience of hiring an outsourcing
medical coding makes a difference. The team is
adept and keeps itself abreast with the latest
happenings in the healthcare industry, thus
assuring no impacts to the bottom line of your
practice. Experience uninterrupted cash flow and
lower your denials.   Below are the guidelines
for your OB-GYN Practice to follow Outsourcing
Will Be A Wise Decision
Billing Guidelines For Your OB-GYN Practice To
The process of outsourcing billing is
straightforward for office and medical staff.
Bills and documents are scanned and sent
electronically to the medical billing service.
The medical billing staff handles data entry and
claim submission on behalf of the practice. The
industry average pay is around 7 charge for
processing claims. In addition, the medical
billing service follows up on rejected claims,
handles delinquent accounts, and sends invoices
directly to the patients. How OB-GYN Practice
Billing Guidelines Can Help With Right
Coding? OB-GYN healthcare professionals are
well-versed with the effects of incomplete,
wrong, or delayed clinical documentation which
overall affecting their financial bottom
line. Thorough and precise documentation is the
basis of all medical coding, billing, and claims
submission, and follow-ups. With the correct
medical and billing coding of OB-GYN services, it
makes it easy and hassle-free in receiving
accurate payment which in turn, hinges around
quality, precise, and thorough clinical
Billing Guidelines For Your OB-GYN Practice To
  • The Obstetrics Gynecology Billers and
    Coders would initiate a follow up on patient
    claims pending for more than 18 days and optimize
    your current cycle to 21 to 25 days depending on
    the kind of insurance accepted by your clinics,
    with their accumulated knowledge of
  • Accurate Coding On ICD-10 And CPT Platforms
  • Raising Paper And Electronic Bills
  • Following Up With Pending And Under-Paid Claims
  • Working On Pre-Authorization For Approaching
  • With the help of a professional medical billing
    service, you have paperless billing, which
    streamlines the billing process. This assures
    patient privacy, remains organized, and ensures
    client satisfaction. Digital documentation means
    you do not have to have extra storage space, and
    costs are reduced on office supplies. Finally,
    accuracy and efficiency are assured with the
    electronic billing option.
  • OB-GYN Practice Needs Super-Efficient Coding

Billing Guidelines For Your OB-GYN Practice To
  • An overworked coder who is in a rush to beat peak
    hour traffic and a busy OB-GYN physician is the
    perfect recipe for coding errors and penalties.
    Most OB-GYN practices have more than one
    physician to handle their anytime emergency care
    the specialty demands. Looking at their schedule,
    it is highly recommended to get a medical billing
    coding company on board.
  • You could either stick to middle-of-the-road
    coding and lose hundreds of dollars every month
    or work with expert OB-GYN medical billers and
    coders who can drive up the speed, accurateness,
    and efficiency of your coding process.
  • Benefits Of Hiring OB-GYN Billers
  • Our Specialty Medical Billers Have Many Tasks
  • Understanding Fee Schedules, Commercial Payer
    Regulations, And Medicare / Medicaid Guidelines.
  • Answering Patient Queries Regarding Billing
  • Compliance With All HIPAA Regulations And Rules
    To Assure Accurate Billing.

Billing Guidelines For Your OB-GYN Practice To
  • Data And Charge Entry
  • Management Of Accounts Receivable
  • Physician Credentialing For The Healthcare
  • HCPC, ICD-10, And CPT Coding
  • Payment Posting
  • Electronic Data Interface
  • Handling Denials Through Dedicated Revenue
  • Final Thoughts
  • OB-GYN Medical Billing Companies are an efficient
    way that caters to many specialties for their
    revenue cycle management in the medical fields
    including OB-GYN. As this specialty deals with
    voluminous claim filings, they are more
    proficient at dealing with all sorts of issues
    and errors such as maternal-fetal medicine,
    gynecological urogynecology, and pelvic
    reconstructive surgery, menopausal and geriatric
    gynecology, family planning claims, etc.

Billing Guidelines For Your OB-GYN Practice To
Outsourcing medical billing companies keep the
payment cycle to a maximum of 25 days. Their team
is well versed with HCPCS codes such as J2675,
G0101, Q0091, and CPT code 59514 and the
complicated services and reimbursements
associated with these. With increased medical
cases, competition, and billing and coding
regimens, there is hardly any reason that you
should not choose outsourcing medical billing
company for all your OB-GYN billing and coding
needs. Medical Billers and Coders (MBC) is a
leading outsourcing medical billing company
providing complete revenue cycle services. To
know more about OB-GYN billing services, contact
us at
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