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Most favorable food options for Dog | VetSupply


Hot Spots are truly painful for dogs. These self traumatic skin lesions create lot of trouble for the dog. Often termed as moist eczema or summer sores, these red patches on the skin prove very painful for dogs. In addition, dogs tend to lick, chew and scratch these areas making the sores turn into wounds. Get best Pet Supplies at best price at VetSupply with free shipping. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Most favorable food options for Dog | VetSupply

Most Favorable Food Options for Dogs
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  • Food is one of the most important factors that
    demand attention of pet parents. It not just
    fills up your poochs belly but also gives him
    complete health.
  • Quality, type and quantity of food determine
    your pets health. Yes! High quality of
    nutritionally rich food will provide enough
    energy to remain active.
  • It also proves to be fodder for building blocks
    of the pets body. Thus, one should aim for dog
    food that is rich in nutrients and delicious in

  • Most Common Forms of Dog Food
  • Dog food is available in these common forms
    dry food, wet food and the treats.
  • The concept of dry food emerged in World War II.
    It was the dearth of metal that lead to reduction
    in canned dog food.
  • However, pet food makers decided to find new
    ways of baking and drying the food so that it can
    be packed in pouches and sachets without using
    metal cans.
  • The idea worked as people started buying dry dog
    food. It worked even after the war was over.

  • Disadvantages of Dry Food
  • Although dry food flourished even after the war,
    there are many reasons for not using it.
  • Yes! The dry kibbles that you feed your pooch
    may not be the best thing for him.
  • According to researches, wet food is healthier
    than dry food. In addition, dry food contains
    dense calories which make it not suitable for
    overweight dogs.
  • Dry food is highly processed form of original
    food, be it veg or non veg food.
  • Processed food is not good for the pets system.
    Moreover, the food also creates tartar which is
    not good for dental health of the dog.
  • Thus, dry dog food is not healthy for pets!

  • What is the Best Food for Your Dog?
  • If you want to feed best food to your pet then
    the finest way is to go for BARF or wet food.
  • Biologically Appropriate Raw Food consists of
    vegetables and uncooked meat of all kinds.
  • It is said that this food is most suitable for
    pets as it is was the original diet of animals
    before they got domesticated.
  • It thus suits their system and works fine for
    their metabolism.
  • It has a positive effect on the pets immune
    system and keeps him healthy.

  • Another option is wet food where meat, grains
    and veggies are given in cooked form.
  • This is the human method of giving food to dogs.
    Canned food is second best option to BARF.
  • It is comparatively less pricey while still
    giving all the nutrients. Only thing is that you
    have to check that it has balanced nutrition.
  • Your vet can be the best guidance on which wet
    food is ideal for your pet.
  • To sum it all, provide food that suits your
    pets system to make way for a healthy and happy

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