Medications to Treat Various Cardiovascular Diseases - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Medications to Treat Various Cardiovascular Diseases


Medicines can help keep your symptoms under control, and also helps to prevent or treat a heart condition. Find out what these medicines are, how they should be taken – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Medications to Treat Various Cardiovascular Diseases

Medications to Treat Various Cardiovascular
Cardiac Medicines
Millions of people in the United States take some
kind of heart medicine. People require various
cardiac medicines to strengthen their hearts,
lower cholesterol, prevent blood clots, or
stabilize heart rhythms. The cardiac medicines
are usually life-giving and powerful. A small
drop in your blood pressure reading can reduce
your risk of having a heart attack. Heart
disease is caused when the blood vessels of the
heart are damaged due to blockage or are
diseased. Fatty acid gets deposited in the blood
vessels known as plaque that leads to blood clots
or blockage of the vessels. These can lead to
serious heart problems like heart attack, heart
rhythm problems, or congestive heart failure.
Treating heart disease is important as it can
lead to failure of the heart ultimately leading
to death. Treatment of heart disease involves
lifestyle changes including exercise, food
habits, and daily routine along with medication
to treat the blockage or damage.
Common medication for cardiac diseases
  • Beta Blockers  These are helpful to treat heart
    attack, heart failure, some arrhythmias, and
    angina pain. In a stressful situation, the
    beta-blockers block the effect of adrenaline.
    They are also effective in the treatment of high
    blood pressure as they lower the heart rate and
    reduce the strength of heart muscle contraction.
    These medicines help improve blood flow to the
    heart, reduce chest pain, and prevent more damage
    to the heart. Common beta-blockers used are
    atenolol (Tenormin), propranolol (Inderal),
    metoprolol (Betaloc), bisoprolol (Cardicor), and
    sotalol (Betapace).There are various risks
    involved in taking beta-blockers like they may
    make it difficult for people with diabetes to
    recognize signs of low blood sugar like a rapid
    heartbeat. The beta-blocker should not be stopped
    abruptly as it increases the risk of heart
    problems. The doctor will stop the beta-blockers

How are medicines taken?
  • Heart medicines come in many shapes and sizes.
  • By mouth or orally Major heart medicines are
    taken orally such as tablets, capsules, or
    liquids, which you swallow or take dissolved in
  • Under your tongue or sublingually The tablet is
    put under your tongue and allowed to dissolve, or
    you spray the medicine directly under your
  • Into the vein or intravenously The heart
    medication is injected directly into a vein, or
    given in a diluted form through an intravenous
  • Into the muscle or intramuscularly The heart
    medication is injected into the muscle, like the
    buttock or thigh.
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