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Replacement Hot Tub Spa Control System Complete


Replace your old spa control system with a new one instead of throwing it away and taking it to the landfill. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Replacement Hot Tub Spa Control System Complete

Replacement Hot Tub Spa Control System Complete
  • -By Hot Tub Parts FD

Replace your old spa control system 
  • Are you looking for a circuit board or topside
    controller for your hot tub but finding them
    pricey and difficult to find?
  • Replace your old spa control system with a new
    one instead of throwing it away and taking it to
    the landfill.
  • For someone with ordinary mechanical abilities,
    installation is straightforward. The cost of
    replacing worn-out equipment components might be
    thousands of dollars less. 

Control system Know about It 
  • The hot tub's brain is the spa pack or control
    system. This central nervous system controls spa
    operations and equipment, including the spa jet
    pumps, filtration time, and heating.
  • Electronic, digital control systems and
    mechanical air controls are the two main controls
    utilized in hot tubs.

  • Digital System - Solid-state computer-controlled
    systems are known as digital controllers. Onboard
    diagnostics and advanced filtering cycles are
    both supported by the circuit board. Using the
    control keypad on top of the spa, you may talk to
    your control pack. Error Codes will be shown if
    there are any problems.
  • Air System - A puff of air is used to activate or
    deactivate a function in non-digital air systems.
    In the 1970s and 1990s, the early tubs employed
    pneumatic switch controls. Even if they are still
    accessible, most air systems have been replaced
    with digital controls. Digital controls are a
    great option if your tub has an outdated air

Options for a Control System
  • Types of the heater- 
  • Knowing what kind of heater it currently has is
    crucial when it comes time to repair your spa's
    control system. High Flow and Low Flow heaters
    are the two most common kinds of heaters.
  • With your new spa control system, you will get a
    new heater. To ensure the safety of your new
    system, the piping and current pumps must be
    compatible with the new pack.

  • A crucial part of components- 
  • Digital or air controls have been picked, and the
    heater type has been chosen, so now you're ready
    to begin.
  • Determine how many pumps and other circuits your
    tub will require as the next step in the wiring
  • Follow each connection from the control system to
    its corresponding component to figure out what's
    in your tub. Make a note of the voltage on each
    data label after you've located it on the circuit

  • It's time for the Installation and Setup process-
  • Here is a broad summary of the procedures needed
    in installing a control system.
  • The panel for accessing the spa's equipment may
    be opened.
  • Ensure that all equipment is disconnected from
    the incoming power supply.
  • It's time to get the hot tub out.
  • Remove the spa control system's electrical and
    component cables (pump, blower, et cetera.).
  • Remove and disconnect the controller from the

  • Silicone sealant or double-sided tape is used to
    connect most topsides. Fishing lines or dental
    floss may be used to access the tub's shell and
  • Remove the heater's piping.
  • Removing the system's controls
  • An evaluation of pumps and components should be
    made. Decide whether or not they can be reused or
    if you'll need to buy new ones.

To conclude- 
  • To get expert advice, you may contact Hot tub
    Parts (Factory Direct) by calling them or
    visiting website to explore more. For more
    information about Spa Control System visit Hot
    tub parts FD.

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