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4 Most Common Hip Injuries Suffered by Athletes | Dr. Chirag Patel


Learn about 4 most common hip injuries in sports from Dr. Chirag Patel, one of the best hip replacement surgeons in Mumbai. He specializes in treatment of orthopaedic conditions of the hip and the knee joint. He is extensively trained at reputed centers in Australia, United States of America and Europe. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 4 Most Common Hip Injuries Suffered by Athletes | Dr. Chirag Patel

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4 Most Common Hip Injuries Suffered by Athletes
  • Day in and day out athletes put their bodies on
    line be it during training or playing their
    respective sports. While their bodies are
    equipped to handle the vigour of training,
    mistakes do happen, causing a variety of Hip
  • As a sports injury specialist and an expert
    orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai, Dr Chirag Patel is
    often consulted for different types of sports
    injuries. And guess what? Hip pain injuries are
    the most common ones we get to treat at a clinic
    in Mumbai.

4 Most Common Hip Injuries Suffered by Athletes
  • Common Injuries in Athletes 
  •  With a wide range of motion, the hip is one of
    the strongest joints in the human body and yet it
    is also one of the most commonly injured joints,
    especially in athletes. So what are the most
    common hip problems suffered by athletes? Lets
    have a look

4 Most Common Hip Injuries Suffered by Athletes
  • Hip Injuries 
  • Hip Labral Tear
  • The labrum is the ring of cartilage the helps the
    ball glide and stay in its socket. Athletes and
    ballerinas often experience the labral tear that
    results in hip or groin pain accompanied by
    clicking are hip locking sensation. A hip labral
    tear often is suffered by athletes, ballerinas,
    and people with anatomical hip abnormalities or
    hip trauma cases. While small labral tears are
    treatable, large labral tears may need hip
    arthroscopy, according to a hip replacement
    specialist in Mumbai, Dr Chirag Patel.

4 Most Common Hip Injuries Suffered by Athletes
  • 2. Stress Fracture 
  • Stress fracture as the name suggests is the
    stress injury that is mostly caused at the neck
    of the femur due to repeated stress over a long
    time. Long-distance runners with either eating
    disorders or nutritional deficiencies most
    commonly suffer this form of hip injury. It is
    perfectly treatable with medication, rest and
    non-surgical treatment options.

4 Most Common Hip Injuries Suffered by Athletes
  • 3. Sports Hernia 
  • Extreme twisting or turning in sports may cause a
    strain or muscle tear in the lower abdomen or
    groin area resulting in painful soft tissue
    injury in the groin. A sports hernia is a common
    hip injury that is suffered by patients who
    participate in sports without being conditioned
    adequately. According Orthopaedic surgeon in
    Mumbai, Dr Chirag Patel, the precise cause of
    injury is the strength imbalance between the
    thigh and abdomen area.

4 Most Common Hip Injuries Suffered by Athletes
  • So it is recommended for everyone to condition
    their body adequately before participating in
    sports or games. That said, in case you are
    suffering from hip problems it must be treated
    immediately by an experienced orthopaedic surgeon
    as soon as possible. If you are living in and
    around Mumbai, then Dr Chirag Patel is the best
    orthopaedic surgeon in Mumbai and you can contact
    him here https//www.drpatelchirag.com/contact.ph

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