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7 Day to Day Uses of Polycarbonate Sheets - Bansal Roofing


Polycarbonate is a transparent sheet made of thermoplastic material and is known to absorb moisture as well as be tough. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 7 Day to Day Uses of Polycarbonate Sheets - Bansal Roofing

7 Day to Day Uses of Polycarbonate Sheets
Polycarbonate is a transparent sheet made of
thermoplastic material and is known to absorb
moisture as well as be tough. It is also
resistant to water and impact damage. Moreover,
it is flame retardant, chemical resistant and
scratch resistant as well making it one of the
perfect choices for construction. Choose an
experienced polycarbonate sheet manufacturer for
high-quality polycarbonate sheets. It might just
be the right thing to add to your construction if
you are looking for a single material with
multiple properties all beneficial and
long-lasting. These sheets are not of special
application only and can be used as a part of
normal constructions of houses and offices as
Here are a few day to day uses of Polycarbonate
sheets 1 As a Room Divider
Since polycarbonate sheets are lightweight it
makes them easy to move around from place to
place thus making them a good choice for room
dividers. While some dividers are made in
accordion style and can be opened and closed
according to ones needs, some are made with
wheels to provide an easier movement. 2 As
Safety Glasses
One of the properties of polycarbonate sheets is
their resistance to chemicals and impact damage
as well as flames thus making it one of the top
choices for safety glasses and goggles. Owing to
its natural properties, polycarbonate sheets
provide more protection in comparison to other
materials while keeping these safety glasses thin
along with the added advantage of not affecting
ones vision.
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For Your Steel Buildings Manufacturing 3
Bullet Resistance Panel Polycarbonate Sheet
suppliers can even manufacture bullet-resistant
panels using them. There are certain places or
rather organizations where bullet-resistant
panels are a necessity owing to the nature of the
business or for the need for safety.
Polycarbonate sheets can help provide the level
of protection and security that is needed by
placing these sheets between layers of glass thus
providing protection in case of bullets hitting
the said surface. Moreover, riot shields are also
created using polycarbonate sheets as the
material owing to their bullet-resistant
property. 4 In Electronics Since
polycarbonate sheets are light in weight and are
known to be durable as well, they make for a
great option to be used in the creation of mobile
phones, laptops and other electronics as they
survive impact damage and other damages that an
electronic item is susceptible to. In certain
cases, these sheets are also used to create DVDs
and CDs. Polycarbonates make for one of the best
choices in LED lights due to their resistance to
different things as well as the ability to be
shaped into various shapes, sturdiness and
crystal-like clarity. 5 In Auto
Parts Automotive parts require a material that
is resistant to heat, flame and chemicals and
what better than polycarbonate sheets ticking off
all of these requirements. These sheets are also
used in door handles, radiator grills and
headlight bezels due to being lightweight and
having properties of resistance for heat,
chemicals and flame. 6 Building Applications
One of the properties of polycarbonate sheets is
that they are over 200 times stronger than glass
which makes them a good replacement for glass.
Moreover, polycarbonate sheets are easier to
mould than other materials and are also durable
thus making them the best option for skylights
and glazing security lights in buildings.
Polycarbonate sheets insulate better than glass
and can help reduce energy costs when replaced as
a material in place of glass for construction
purposes. These sheets let natural light pass
through easily and reduce interior heat providing
a temperature-controlled environment. Also Read
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Construction 7 Application in
Agriculture One of the most beneficial features
in polycarbonate sheets is UV protection which
has made the application of these sheets very
popular and sought after in the creation of
greenhouses as it lets the sun rays in without
any harm of UV rays. Thus, providing warmth,
light and adequate protection to the plants
inside. As it is stronger than glass and acrylic,
it provides multiple safety features as well and
is often used in place of glass when it comes to
agricultural purposes. Polycarbonate sheets have
been a commercial boon as well and have been
widely used in cricket stadiums as it provides
perfect weather protection and saves energy for
lights as well. These sheets are the upcoming yet
widely used and accepted choice for construction
in the present times. It is also important to
purchase polycarbonate sheets through a reliable
manufacturer of polycarbonate sheets like Bansal
Roofing Products Limited. We are not only dealers
but also make sure every client is given
assurance for quality and timely delivery of
products. Our polycarbonate sheets are available
in various types suiting your needs like clear
compact, corrugated, embossed and multiwall.
Moreover, we also cater to your polycarbonate
sheets by providing opaque polycarbonate sheets
for places where you need them to block
light. Original Source https//www.bansalroofing.
com/day-to-day-uses-of-polycarbonate-she ets/
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