Tips for Choosing the Suitable Purlin for Roof Framing - Bansal Roofing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tips for Choosing the Suitable Purlin for Roof Framing - Bansal Roofing


Here are few tips for choosing the best purlin for roof framing including choose the right purlin material, installation, supplier and manufacturer & more! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips for Choosing the Suitable Purlin for Roof Framing - Bansal Roofing

Tips for Choosing the Suitable Purlin for Roof
Purlin is one such material that helps create
roofs that are strong and durable. Purlin is a
solid horizontal beam used mostly in steel
building systems to provide structural support
for roofs. They are supported either by the
rafters or by the building's walls. Purlins are
extremely important because they provide the roof
with the required support, strengthen and
reinforce the building framework and add
additional aid between the spans of individual
framing bays. Roofing is an important part of
the construction, it needs to be carried
perfectly and managed with quality. Rooftop
damage can include leakage, damp wall, and insect
growth such as moths, etc. It contributes to the
growth of moisture, cold, etc like problems.
Because of these factors, after considering all
your architectural/structural requirements, it is
important to choose purlin wisely from the best
purlin manufacturers. Therefore, here are a few
tips for choosing the best purlin for roof
Tips For Choosing Best Purlin For Roof
Framing 1 - Choose The Right Material Purlins
hold tons of large roof decks and are supported
by the framework of rafters or walls and steel
beams. Purlin's material defines the design of
the building and keeps the site safe and
environmentally sustainable, along with its
robust and sturdy design. The recycled steel,
superior tensile strength, highly durable,
abrasion corrosion resistant are a major part
of the metal trusses. Also Read Important
Roofing Accessories That You Need For Your
Roof 2 - Pick The Perfect Type of Purlin This
is one of the big decisions you have to take to
take into account the construction requirements
and the quality of roofing. C type Z Type are
the major types of Purlin available. C and Z
purlins are more common and are called so because
in a square form they look like the
corresponding letters.
  • C Purlin C Purlins are used as wall panels,
    rafters, floor joints and wall studs.
  • Z Purlin Z Purlins are similar to the Z alphabet
    and are also known as Z Purlins. This shape
    tends to overlap the joint with the purlins and
    is better and more strong than the C purlins.
  • 3 - Purlin Installation
  • It is mandatory that they should be installed
    horizontally under metal roofs when it comes to
    Purlin's roofing installation. On top of the roof
    rafters, they should be mounted with a felt
    underlay or vapour barrier installed on top.
    Purlins measure 2 by 4 feet, much like metal
    roofing, are installed. To provide the roof with
    additional protection and also provide the end
    panels and drip edge with a nailing surface.
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4 - No Welding / Heat Cut Note that you can't
cut by using the heat when you want to install
purlin. For purlin material, both the welding
and heat cutter are not appropriate. The
durability and high tensile strength of purlin
may be compromised by heat. As we all know, in
both welding and heat cutting processes, heat is
generated that affects the properties of
materials that are the reason for its high
tensile quality and rigidity. 5 - Purlin
Supplier and Manufacturer
Not all Purlin panel materials are the same. In
metal manufacturers, choose the best purlin that
can provide you with the best material quality
and a genuine, renowned and trusted. Roofing
installation is costly and requires an
extra-large amount, so you have to take every
decision with extra caution and choose the best
possible manufacturer that can provide you with
the best purlin quality. In India, Bansal
Roofing Ltd manufactures purlin that provides
high-quality roofing material that is perfectly
mounted and used for a longer period of time.
They have various materials and designs on the
basis of your budget and requirements. According
to the weather condition of your location,
Bansal will help you determine the purlin sizes
and length. It is convenient as Bansal also
offers free consultation and 24/7
service. Original Source https//www.bansalroofi
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