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SEO Training Institute In Delhi [Digital Marketing Profs]


Digital Marketing Course is the most demanding course across the world. To make yourself master in the Digital Industry, this is the right time to Join Digital Marketing Course. Digital Marketing Profs is one of the finest institutes in Delhi. Digital Marketing Profs prepared their students as Industrial Expert. So, Without any doubt, this is the SEO Training Institute In Delhi. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: SEO Training Institute In Delhi [Digital Marketing Profs]

18 SEO
  • BY Digital Marketing Profs

  • If you use SEO correctly, you can make it a
    powerful way to get consumers for your online
    platform. For the best SEO performance, you will
    require access to many metrics like social
    shares, backlinks, website traffic and many
    others etc. We have organised a set of trends
    that will be the most applicable for SEO's
    performance in 2022.

1. Google's AI algorithm will impact SERP results
  • Artificial intelligence has been involved in how
    we interact with online content. Google's
    algorithm Rankbrain plays an essential role
    in Google's ranking factor. This algorithm learns
    people's behavior, improving the ability to
    provide refined results.

2. Voice search will play a larger role
  • With innovative technology like Google Assistant,
    Amazon's Alexa, and Apple's Siri, voice search
    technology has received a boost in the last
    couple of years. Smart speakers have seen a boost
    in sales over the years. You need to optimize for
    voice search by considering keywords and long

3. Mobile-friendliness for better search results
  • With 2019's update, Google focuses heavily on
    mobile-first indexing, where search engines will
    prefer mobile-friendly websites. With the
    majority of the users accessing the internet
    through smartphones, it is now or never the need
    for a mobile-friendly website.

4. Quality content for better ranks
  • Expertise, Authoritativeness, and trustworthiness
    (EAT) Google's EAT principal will be critical
    for content for its success in ranking. The
    principle here is to offer users quality content
    rather than content that's keyword-stuffed and
    irrelevant. Therefore, high quality is the key

5. Longer content, better rank in SERP
  • The longer your content, the higher will be your
    chance to rank better, and receive more
    backlinks. You cannot compromise the content's
    quality for quantity either. The aim here is to
    provide users with shareable information that
    will keep them engaged.

6. Featured snippets will play a prominent role
  • Featured snippets are sort of shortcuts to gain
    importance on Google. These brief pieces of
    information are provided to users through
    featured snippets which are showcased above the
    SERPs. These snippets are known for stealing
    significant traffic

SEO Training In Delhi
7. Better predictive search
  • Google's AI-driven tool Discover - identifies a
    user's behavioral pattern over time and learns
    their habits. This enables Discover to identify
    content that the user will love and prefer. The
    content here is ranked based on algorithms that
    inspect the content quality and user interest.

8. Need for video
  • Your next effective SEO strategy needs to include
    video content. Video content is set to surpass
    all other forms of content in terms of
    consumption. You will need your video channels
    with proper names and keyword-rich descriptions.

9. A lot of image optimizations
  • Visual image search has evolved drastically. In
    the near future, people can make purchases, get
    information, and more just by using images.
    Google has been on the toes for proper marking
    and image optimizations, and therefore, this
    should be a part of your long-term plan.

10. Semantically-related keywords will be
  • Semantic search and intent optimizations will be
    prominent in the near future. Google won't prefer
    a string of words it will be analyzing the query
    and offering results based on a user's search

11. Local search listings will be prominent
  • Most people make use of Google to search for
    localized products and services. So, Local SEO is
    highly essential, and it's evolving. This
    evolution is in line with the rise of zero-click
    searches, which some are dubbing as the new
    normal in SEO.

12. Priority to data and analytics
  • Data science will help you understand your
    buyers, get foresight into your campaigns, and
    create highly targeted messages. Analytics will
    help you verify which URLs are being crawled,
    identify referral sources, analyze page load
    times, indexing, redirects, response errors,
    bounce rates, and more.

13. Page speed is a direct ranking factor
  • While search engine algorithms are ever-changing,
    you can bet that page speed will always be a
    factor. According to Moz, pages with shorter load
    times tend. Make sure your site loads quickly on
    all devices by using one of Googles many
    PageSpeed Insights tools.

14. Time to focus on getting high quality
  • Quality backlinks are one of, if not THE most
    important factors when it comes to SEO. If youre
    in a competitive industry and dont have great
    links coming into your site, you simply wont
    rank well.

15. Optimized URL Structure Is Really Important
  • The search engine crawler can more easily make
    the relevant connections between different pages
    on your website. The URL is one of the most
    important parts of the page Google looks at to
    determine what a page is about.

16. Googles Core Web Vitals UX Takes a Whole
New Meaning
  • Googles Core Web Vitals focus on speed,
    responsiveness and visual stability. Optimizing
    your website for Googles core web vitals can
    help you stay ahead of the majority of your
    competitors as it is still new and a crucial SEO

17. SEO Influencer
  • Hiring influencers is one of the easiest and most
    effective ways to make sure your content gets
    seen. Researching top bloggers can be
    time-consuming and expensive, but influencer
    marketing platforms do all that work for you.

18. A high focus on ranking highly for amazon
  • Artificial intelligence has been involved in how
    we interact with online content. Google's
    algorithm Rankbrain plays an essential role
    in Google's ranking factor. This algorithm learns
    people's behavior, improving the ability to
    provide refined results.

  • Conclusion
  • To stay relevant, you need to be one step ahead
    of your competition. All trends will help you
    gain the necessary traction you will need to stay
    on top of the pile and offer your users the best
    results. The trends are constantly evolving, and
    you need to be just as quick to adapt to them.
    Stay smart and choose the best digital marketing
    agency in Mumbai - Valu Hits!


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