Pricing of Travel Reservation System Software with GDS and Travel APIs Integration for Travel and Hospitality Companies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pricing of Travel Reservation System Software with GDS and Travel APIs Integration for Travel and Hospitality Companies


During a Travel Reservation System Software development for your travel business, GDS/API Integration with your Booking System is essential. We at Trawex provide a cost-effective Travel Reservation System Software with GDS API integration. This provides access for you and your customers to a large inventory of flights, hotels, tour packages, etc. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Pricing of Travel Reservation System Software with GDS and Travel APIs Integration for Travel and Hospitality Companies

Pricing of Travel Reservation System Software
with GDS and Travel APIs Integration for Travel
and Hospitality Companies
Why is GDS/API integration essential for Travel
Reservation System Software?
  • GDS/API integration in a Travel Reservation
    System Software is beneficial for your online
    travel portal to gain access to the travel
    inventory such as hotels, flights, rental cars,
    packages, etc.
  • It makes it easier for customers to complete
    their search and bookings on your travel website
    rather than making bookings on different
    platforms. If your Travel Reservation System
    Software has the right GDS/API integrated within
    it, you will be able to get more clients.
  • API/GDS is a platform managed by a corporation
    that enables automated transactions between third
    parties and booking agents to provide
    travel-related services to the end-users.
  • The GDS/API integration facilitates your
    consumers to connect large inventories on one
    platform rather than going to different platforms
    to make distinct bookings. Therefore, it is a
    must to implement GDS/API with your Travel
    Reservation System Applications to better engage

How do you integrate GDS/API into your Travel
Reservation System Software?
  • Trawex is a leading travel technology
    company providing the flexibility to choose GDS
    integration services for your Travel Reservation
    System Software if your business requirements
    differ from the travel software API.
  • Our hotel and flight reservation
    software integrates various GDS, APIs, and XML
    for flight and hotel bookings to assist the
    customers to meet the challenges of todays
    globally competitive industry.
  • We have a wealth of experience of integrating GDS
    systems for airline, hotel, car rental, and
    vacation bookings with B2B, B2C, and B2B2C
    options along with the admin module. Our GDS
    Integration System will help your tour operator
    to book thousands of airlines, hotel rooms and
    vacations online.
  • Whether you've signed up for Sabre, Amadeus,
    Galileo, Travelport and Worldspan, we offer our
    clients the best solutions when it comes to
    XML/API integration.

What are the Ways for GDS/API integration in
Travel Reservation System Software?
  • GDS or global distribution system is a
    reservation network that is used as a single
    access point by travel agents, travel companies
    and booking sites to accommodate hotel rooms,
    flight seats and other travel products. 
  • When your customers visit your travel booking
    engine, they will be directly connected to GDS
    providers and will display the availability and
    prices of flights, hotels, etc. in real-time.
  • GDS/API is a third party supplier that offers
    access to travel inventory from different travel
    suppliers in terms of hotel rooms, flight
    tickets, rental cars, etc. The inventory can be
    directly accessed online by travel agencies and
    their guests.

The GDS/API can be integrated into your Travel
Reservation System software in the following
  • GDS Suppliers 
  • Choose GDS suppliers based on your business
    needs, region and availability. You can connect
    directly with GDS suppliers to integrate their
    services into your platform and access flights,
    hotels and other travel plans. You will also have
    access to their holiday deals to open these
    options to your customers. If you want access to
    the inventory of multiple travel service
    providers, you need to integrate your travel
    portal with multiple GDSs. Some of the top GDS
    suppliers are Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan,
    Travelport, and Expedia.
  • SaaS-based Platform 
  • If you have a shortened time to market your
    services and products, you should go for
    cloud-based travel apps. These platforms are
    white-label travel solutions providers offering
    ready-made travel applications with integrated
    APIs. These travel solutions are great for travel
    agencies that do not wish to invest a huge amount
    in developing travel portals or want to market
    their travel products and services as soon as
    possible. SaaS-based platforms offer GDS/API
    integration services for both B2B and B2C
    business models.

Aggregators  Travel aggregators provide travel
agencies with access to data collected on
multiple platforms from several GDS suppliers.
You get quite competitive prices by incorporating
your online travel agency with aggregators. Tra
vel Consultants  Several travel consultants,
such as travel portal development companies, also
provide technical guidance and advice on various
API/GDS integration service providers for your
How to Maintain the Cost of Travel Reservation
System Software with GDS API Integration?
  • Trawex is a leading travel technology offering
    travel booking solutions with API integrations,
    but also the flexibility to integrate your own
    APIs into travel software.
  • Incorporating GDS/API into your booking engine,
    website or application can coordinate real-time
    data for airlines, car rental, hotels, and
    package tours. Once the GDS is integrated into
    your booking system, the details, including price
    and availability, will be centralized. This is a
    cost-effective way with comprehensive content to
    create and upgrade your own tailored booking
  • For travelers who visit your travel portal, the
    booking engine will be connected directly to GDS
    suppliers. It then displays in real-time the
    available hotel rooms, flight tickets, etc. The
    cost of developing the GDS/API travel portal
    depends mainly on two factors choice of platform
    and choice of business model.

Following are some of the aspects that need to be
taken into consideration Choice of
Travel-Commerce Platform Any travel portal
depends on different types of flight booking
engines, hotel booking engines, car rental
engines, and other systems, such as bus bookings,
cruises and package bookings, etc. The cost of
incorporating the GDS/API will depend on the
platform features you choose for your online
travel agency.For example, depending on your
chosen niche, you choose to start a flight
booking system or hotel booking system. The APIs
that deliver inventory for each of them may be
different and therefore the cost will
vary. Flight Booking Engine This is a booking
engine for airlines with GDS or Consolidators
integration. API/GDS is a network that
establishes a connection between a third party
and a booking agent. The flight booking system is
generally associated with XML integration. The
API/GDS provides travel-related services to
Hotel Booking Engine This engine is connected
to all leading hotel suppliers. Its function is
to convert end-user requests to bookings and to
generate profitability for your OTA. The OTA will
have XML integration and will collect data from
the hotel. GDS, in turn, connects with larger
hotel chains.  Car Rental Engine The
implementation of a car booking engine with
numerous car rental suppliers, collects real-time
inventories from the suppliers, at the best
possible prices made available to the end-users. 
Business Model The other factor that affects
the cost of GDS/API integration is the business
model you prefer.B2B or Business to Business
models connect partners and customers to your
product and online travel agency. GDS/API
integration with B2B portal development costs
slightly higher than the B2C model with an
additional 30 of the platform cost.B2C or
Business to Customer models requires strategies
and techniques to sell your products and services
directly to customers. GDS/API integration with
the B2C travel portal costs an additional 15 of
the platform costs.
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