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Baby Diapers Available in All Size & Types at Merries India


Baby diapers available in all sizes and it comes with many features such as exceptional breathability, soft & gentle, super absorbency, stretches 2.5 times, etc – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Baby Diapers Available in All Size & Types at Merries India


What are the factors to be Considered while
choosing a diaper?
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Some of the factors you should consider while
choosing the right baby diaper for your baby are
  • High Absorbency See that the diaper has a good
    absorbency so that itll last longer. the best
    diaper brands in India like Merries diapers, the
    polymer can absorb up to 200300 times their
    weight in urine relative to its weight.
  • Breathability Another important feature is the
    breathability of your diaper. Merries diapers
    have well-organized micro-air channels to release
    moisture and stuffiness, keeping the diaper light
    and comfortable for your baby.

  • A wetness indicator It can be tiresome to have
    to keep a track of the diaper change and babies
    go through a lot of diapers. An easy fix is to
    opt for a brand such as Merries that has a clever
    wetness indicator that turns blue when the diaper
    is wet. This way you can easily keep a track of
    when you need to change the diaper making things
    easier for you.
  • Soft material and a snug fit Babies have
    sensitive skin so, choose the best diapers in
    India like Merries diapers that have an
    ultra-soft material as well as a snug fit for
    reducing the skin contact area leakage proof

  • The right size Choose the right diaper size
    according to your babys weight rather than their
    age for a perfect fit.
  • Dermatologically tested diapers Make sure that
    the diaper you choose is dermatologically tested.
    This way you know that the diaper is proven to be
    safe for babies and their skin.
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