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ISO 9001:2015 is a high level systematic international standard for a quality management system (QMS). – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFICATION

Overview of ISO 90012015 Certification
History of ISO 9001 Certification ISO 9000
Certification was first distributed in 1987, in
spite of the fact that its underlying foundations
return to the MIL-Q-9858 US Branch of Guard
standard that was distributed in 1959. ISO 9000
Certification depends on the models set forth by
the English Gauges Establishment that were
exhibited to the ISO board of trustees in 1979.
MIL-Q-985 was updated into a NATO AQAP standard
in 1969, which were then amended into the BS 5179
standard in 1974, which were by and by
reconsidered to turn into the BS 5750 standard
submitted to ISO to progress toward becoming ISO
9000. Requirements ISO 90012015
Certification ISO 90012015 Certification
specifies requirements for a quality management
system when an organization 1. Required to
expose its capability to consistently provide
products and services that meet customer and
applicable statutory and regulatory requirements,
and 2. focus to increase customer fulfillment
through the effective application of the system,
including processes for improvement of the system
and the assurance of conformity to customer and
applicable statutory and regulatory
requirements. Requirements of ISO 90012015
Certification are collective and are planned to
be applicable to any organization, mindless of
its type or size ratio, or the products and
assistance it provides. Why do you Need ISO
90012015 Certification Meet Client
Requirements Many companies want ISO 9001
certification from a ISO Certification Body just
to satisfy one customer requirement. The client
wants only do Buisness with vendors who are
Certified as ISO 9001 Compliant, so to get (or
keep) the business they need that certification.
The complication with these organization is that
theyre looking for a short-term payment. They
see nothing but that one profit we need money
and ignore the long-term profit, like if we keep
the client well satisfied, they will want to come
back again and again. Get More Income and
Business from New Clients You can advertise your
quality certification Once you Acquire your ISO
Certification for Quality Management and respond
to requests for quotes (RFQ) from organization
that make ISO 9001 certification a must-have.
ISO Certification for Quality Management can open
up new markets you were essentially unable to do
business with before your certification.. Describe
, Understand, and Communicate Your Company
Processes The ISO 9001 QMS standard requires that
you identify and describe your processes using
business metrics, the purpose of which is to
better administer and control your business
processes. Quality objectives form the center of
your system. Your systems performance are used
to understand and communicate through metrics
related to your quality objectives. If you make
an honest attempt to conform to the requirements
of getting ISO 9001 certification, youll learn
more about your business. Develop a Professional
Culture and Better Employee Morale Implementing
an ISO 9001 Quality Management System can empower
employees. Your QMS will provide them with clear
expectations (quality objectives and job
descriptions), the tools to do their job
(procedures and work instructions), and prompt,
actionable feedback on their performance (process
metrics). The result? An improved company culture
and a more professional staff! Improve the
Consistency of Your Operations What is
consistency? Well, one way to think of it is
decreased variation. Reducing the variation in
your processes is the definition of consistency.
Is your customer better served by you supplying
them with a consistent product same dimensions,
same weight, same tolerances, same output every
or by your products being unpredictable and
all over the place? (I hope youre not thinking
too hard on this.) Of course, they wont accept
variation, and neither should you! And how do you
decrease variation? Increase control of your
processes! Control comes from having a clear
target to shoot for (objective), collecting data
on the process (metrics), and understanding how
to adjust the process (procedures and work
instructions) to maintain the target output. If
your ISO 9001 QMS is working, you should
beincreasing operational...and product...consisten
cy. Check out these some frequently asked
Questions. After reading that you have a question
in Mind that how to get ISO Certification for
that there are many ISO certification Body to
fulfill that. ISO 9001 Certification provider
helps to check out the ISO procedure. Benefits of
ISO 90012015 Certification ISO 90012015
Certification carries huge advantages to your
association. Some of significant points are
listed below - 1 Boost staff performance and
overall productivity. Employees are motivated to
implement processes that are put in place to
ensure that problems are quickly identified and
resolved in a timely manner. Your QMS, is a
formalized system containing procedures,
documents, responsibilities, and processes for
quality processes and objectives. It may be
summarized as a set of requirements for success
and satisfaction. 2 Flesh Out Your Companys
Processes. A key component of ISO 9001 is having
thorough business processes, and the ability to
define responsibilities for quality control, as
well as relaying those specifications to
employees. Your QMS needs to provide valuable
metrics such as on-time delivery to commit,
throughput, and overall equipment effectiveness
to accurately reflect your systems performance.
This will help you make better decisions to
improve growth and profitability. 3 Reduce Waste
and Improve Efficiency. Rather than focusing on
mistakes after the fact, an effective QMS hones
in on preventive measures, so wasteful problems
can be avoided altogether for the future. The
certification enforces a continuous improvement
strategy, so youre always, by design, seeking
ways to reduce waste and improve efficiency. 4
Provide an improved customer experience. The ISO
process improves customer service for a variety
of reasons. It identifies key areas that are most
important and a priority to your customers. It
then outlines the process on how you can
implement it based on their expectations and
needs. After all, delivering a product that
reduces waste and cost means you can bring more
value to your customer, which will reinforce
their loyalty to you.
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