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How to Plan SEO for Agency Website? (1)


How to plan SEO for agency website is really hectic task for anyone but here you will get step by step SEO guide for agency website that will make your agency website rank faster in search engines. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Plan SEO for Agency Website? (1)

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How To Plan SEO for Agency
Website? Leave a Comment / How To Plan SEO for
Agency Website / By Alok Kumar Are You Someone
who is only using paid advertisements to bring
visitors to your agency website? Or You are
afraid of the competition on the internet and now
have no idea? or How to plan SEO for an agency
website scares you too? well, whatever the
reason it is here I am with the strategy of how
to plan SEO for an agency website that will help
you built the amazing Agency. You see how to plan
SEO for an agency website is not everyones cup
of tea but once learn to build it. Trust me it
will give you great growth in returns! I have an
exact SEO plan for the agency site which will
give you step-by-step guidance on how to plan SEO
for an agency website with step-by-step
con?dence. How to plan SEO for your agency
website. You need not worry I have got
you covered I have provided step by step SEO
guide for an agency website. Now directly come
straight to the point.
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You have to make sure do not to skip any part of
this SEO strategy for your agency website.
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This is the plan working for many players in the
industry and positive that it will work for you
as well.
There is a lot of misconception regarding SEO for
agency growth among people.
Ask me!
No matter whether you are
selling, buying, promoting, or blogging
Everything is waste without a good SEO strategy
for the agency.
Understand the fact!
That the Products only sell when people trust you
and the only way of building peoples trust is
when your WebPages will start ranking on the
?rst page of Google.
Dont you think that way?
If you are a newbie
Starting to work on SEO projects
you are learning secret SEO plans in the market
This guide will give you a step-by-step road map
what all things you need to research, implement
optimize to become a pro in SEO for agency
Very ?rst things which is the base of any Website
I dont know why people cut cost on this.
But, I am your guide today and I will not let you
make that mistake.
So friends!
SEO strategies for agencies begin from the point
you book your domain and hosting but remember to
buy a legit domain and hosting to work e?ciently.
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Now ?rst thing is checked
Here we directly jump to the Site Audit part
It is a method to check the recurrent performance
of your website like
Speed User/mobile-friendliness Device response
If you are going to implement anything on an
already developed website you need to look at
how your website performing from secret SEO plans
Search engine visibility And backend
optimization perspective
This is the main baseline for your website
Do you know that You can use various tools to
check your website audit before its been
experienced by any user?
Because nobody wants a bad experience of users on
their website.
On-Page SEO
Moving on to On-Page SEO again a most important
part of SEO strategy for any website
On-Page SEO refers to the factors you can
Control, Implement, and Optimize
On your webpage to rank higher and earn more
relevant tra?c.
The very ?rst thing you need to do in On-page SEO
for agency growth is keyword research.
Keyword research
It is a one-time activity for any page but you
need to be very patient and focused while ?nding
a good keyword that will help you index fast.
An important tip
You can always brainstorm with your clients
regarding the idea for a keyword.
Use Google suggestions to get clarity on your
You have to always do keyword research for two
Service section page Post section page For
service pages, There are goals like To sell, Do
transactions Or Generate leads This means the
primary goal is to make your customers purchase
so you can always choose a keyword with
high commercial intent. Example best digital
marketing services, digital marketing agencies
Now come to Post section pages Here the main
goal is to Generate awareness, Share
information, Or bring the targeted tra?c to
your webpage. Adding blog posts in your post
section of the website provides momentum that
will help More pages to index on Google Attract
the maximum Backlinks Improved D.A. (Domain
authority) which is an important parameter for
search engine ranking
One pro tip
If you own a new website the simple SEO strategy
for beginners is to try to be consistent writing
blogs for 3 months on all the micro-niches and
low competition keywords of your ?eld to attract
tra?c and index faster. Now, lets discuss
Content optimization The secret SEO plan is to
Make sure to not make your home page
content-heavy despite go for good visuals. If
you have B2B business then you must have Case
studies, white papers, reports An engaging
portfolio video of a company Lead
form Eye-catchy Hello bar Blogs Clean header
banner with a call to action Content of 300-500
words Important Note For proper service, page
optimization makes sure to have a strong UI/UX
and try to replicate your competitors web page
for an idea. After ?guring out your content you
need to optimize it. The ?rst step is Html
optimization This comes under on-page
optimization If you have a WordPress website you
need to use the Yoast SEO plugin for keyword
optimization and need to use The short
permalink, ( part of URL written after a forward
slash and domain name )
The title tag, ( appears in blue on Google SERP
page) alt tags ( tags given to images on the
webpage) and Meta description for proper page
Pro-tip for keyword optimization Remember to not
exceed keywords more than 3 of content volume on
any page. Say if you write 100-word content then
only 3 keywords would be more than su?cient. And
second is
Technical SEO
This is the activity we do on the backend of the
website and comes under on-page SEO. If you are
looking for how to do SEO organically the ?rst
thing you need to do is to map your site
with Google search console, Google
analytics Submit an XML site map to the Google
search console if you are frequently posting
blogs for proper indexing of your site.
You need to take care of the following things as
well Installation of robot.txt (to tell which
pages to crawl and which page not to crawl)
Checking plagiarism before posting
content Checking site speed Make sure to use Amp
for the blog section Schema markup (to help
Google understand your article or webpage
perfectly) Bread crumb
SSL certi?cation for security prospective Strong
internal linking on your webpage Now lets move
Off-Page SEO
It plays a very important role when it comes to
rank a page on the SERP of Google. This refers to
the action you can control off your websites like
link building, social media, and local SEO. Link
building or Off-page SEO is a process that you
have to strategize before you start building
backlinks. One more thing to remember I have
broken Off-page SEO into phases for your better
understanding. And Every phase is incomplete
without the other so make sure you milk 100 out
of it.
PHASE-1 Backlink submission It is a link
created when one website links to another also
called an inbound link. Analyze your niche top
30 sites, make an average of those sites
backlink, and start making it. You can start
with the top 10 social bookmarking sites for
indexing in the website in the beginning once
youre website get rank you can start with
various other backlink submission sites
like Directory submission Article submission
Directory submission Forum submission sites
etc. Important Note Local SEO strategies for an
agency with relevant authoritative sites will be
a wise option to do if you are beginning.
PHASE-2 Tier backlink strategies It helps you
increase your strength and link juice of the
inbound links that you have created. Whichever
backlink you have made use of those backlinks to
post again on social bookmarking
sites. PHASE-3 Competitor Analysis You need to
get sources from where your competitors are
getting backlinks. Go to your competitors
sites, use tools like Ahref, and start analyzing
your competitors website, and scout
opportunities for how you can build backlinks
from there. This is one of the secret SEO plans
for agency growth.
Note Dont fall with do-follow and no-follow
backlinks only one thing matter is
relevancy PHASE-4 Blogger Outreach Look for the
blogger who is in the same niche you are, try to
reach out with them, collaborate with them, ask
them to write for you or to cross-promote. It is
relevant to take backlinks from your competitors
page if you are looking for SEO for agency growth.
Conclusion Running an agency website without SEO
strategies for an agency is like running a car
without fuel. If you want to sell someone elses
product or even your product then you have to be
strong in SEO for agency growth. Whether you
need to build a strong community or trust this
will only happen when your page will rank on the
?rst page of Google with all those informational
and transactional keywords. This is where SEO
plans for growth come into the picture because we
often trust and buy products from the ?rst page
of the webpage. No one worries about the second
or third page its like a graveyard for hiding
dead bodies. How to do SEO organically is the
most crucial and evergreen thing in the market,
without secret SEO plans you cant visualize
your website to be ranking or building a
community. To make Google fall in love with your
website solely you need to work on your SEO
techniques and plans to execute your website
?awlessly. Make SEO strategies for your agency
your favorite dish to eat again and again and
still cant get over it.
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