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The Arcade Game's Variety


The arcade game's variety, the leader Intelligent Game Software produces arcade games and provides customized game software at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Arcade Game's Variety

The Arcade Game's Variety
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Provided Arcades Take Proactive Steps Toward
Diversifying Their Lineup
  • In my experience, the average modern arcade can
    be somewhat lacking in this attribute. Many major
    family entertainment center game rooms, for
    instance, are comprised of 60 to 70 percent
    ticket redemption machines. The remaining video
    games are largely racing or shooting games,
    sometimes all from just one manufacturer. (Ill
    let you guess which one.)
  • If youre a player looking to expand your
    horizons, modern arcades may not be the place for
    you. But I believe this can be remedied, provided
    arcades take proactive steps toward diversifying
    their lineup.

Provided Arcades Take Proactive Steps Toward
Diversifying Their Lineup
  • As much as I love racing and shooting games,
    there are plenty of other options available to
    shake things up. Most indie developers, in fact,
    havent been constrained by the confines of those
    two aforementioned genres. Titles like Killer
    Queen, Black Emperor, Skycurser, Rashlander,
    Cosmtrons, Retro Raccoons, and DeathBall are all
    refreshingly unique compared to whats often
    available on the mainstream arcade market.
  • One particularly intriguing indie contender
    injecting the arcade industry with much-needed
    variety is Exa-Arcadia, a multi-video system
    often covered on this site. (As Adam would say,
    searching for Exa should bring up plenty of
    articles.) Arcade fans and operators alike can
    look forward to the release of shoot-em-ups,
    fighters, platformers, and other genres that have
    been more or less untouched by the big guys for
    many years now.

The Efforts Of Arcade Machines To Improve
Diversity Depend On The Output Of Major
  • In my eyes, it makes a lot of sense for arcades
    to veer off the beaten path a.k.a. the output
    of major manufacturers when striving to improve
  • Due to this lack of varied output from the major
    players, another good option for an arcade to
    diversify their lineup is to purchase older
    titles. Older doesnt necessarily have to mean
    70s and 80s games either, as the 90s were
    still full unique concepts. With decades of
    content available, its not likely an interested
    arcade will run out of cabinets to beef up their
    offerings any time soon.
  • Many of my personal favorite classic titles come
    from companies like Midway, Sega, and Namco due
    to their seemingly unwavering sense of
    experimentation in previous eras. That being
    said, every arcade gamer has his or her own
    preferences, so its probably wise for arcade
    owners to poll their patrons.

The Efforts Of Arcade Machines To Improve
Diversity Depend On The Output Of Major
  • Maybe Im too nostalgic, but I feel that its
    equally important for arcades to offer classics
    to provide their players a wider breadth of
  • Taking community tastes into account can make for
    an even more well-rounded arcade experience.
    Perhaps most neglected is none other than the
    rhythm gamers, a group continually shafted by
    Japanese developers that simply dont want to
    deal with the historically unprofitable Western
    market. Fortunately, there are, in fact, some
    good options available for purchase on this side
    of the planet, such as Pump It Up XX, StepManiaX,
    and NEON FM.

Pinball Machines Need More Variety Of Games
  • Ive noticed that pinball players have seen
    relatively uneven representation, as well. While
    bar/arcades and retrocades will more likely
    than not carry at least a handful of pinball
    machines, the average family entertainment center
    will tend to ignore the scene entirely. With so
    much focus on redemption and, to a lesser extent,
    video games, I personally feel its a shame that
    pinball doesnt get more love. (Though thats
    changing thanks to the efforts of companies like
    Stern and Jersey Jack.)
  • Because niche communities are often overlooked, I
    firmly believe serving these crowds can do
    wonders for game variety.

Pinball Machines Need More Variety Of Games
  • At the end of the day, it doesnt matter how the
    arcade industry achieves variety, per se it
    just matters that some effort is made. As a jaded
    blogger, I cant say Ive seen too much of this
    effort, but the outlook is changing rapidly with
    each passing year.
  • Do you believe arcade game manufactures and
    locations need to do a better job of offering
    variety in their game lineups?
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