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Usually, at any major publishing house, editors acquire and edit books, and the sales team works with bookstores to sell them, while publicists are tasked with arranging book tours and persuading media gatekeepers to feature the author. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Publicist for book

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  • When the e-books first blinked onto the scene
    about a decade ago the need for publishing houses
    started getting questioned. Does an author really
    need a publisher for a book? If anyone could
    publish a book online why should authors share
    their royalties with a publisher, whose only role
    seemed to be lending some credibility to the
    project? There have been some notable
    self-publishing success stories since but many
    authors have learned the hard way that it can be
    hard to sell a book if nobody has heard of it.
    That is where a publicist for the book comes in.

What is the job of a publicist in todays
  • The Internet has radically changed how books are
    publicized. Before the digital era, if you were a
    writer who want to reach readers all you really
    needed to do was just yo write a great book. Once
    the book had been acquired, the publicist would
    quietly reach out to the editors of the book
    sections and then publish editorials about the
    book in major newspapers. A publicist would also
    strive with a few prestigious magazines and radio
    programs. Critics at these outlets would write
    reviews, and if the buzz is positive, readers
    went out and bought the book.
  • But today the landscape has been changed. It has
    been replaced by a highly specific digital realm
    in which critical reviews matter less than they
    once did. Today, a publicist must come up with
    creative means to leverage an authors personal
    profile in order to publicize his book. These
    days you are not just selling the books, you are
    selling the author as well.

Why Authors Needs A Publicist For Book
  • The thing that people undermine about publicity
    is that even to get an editor at a particular
    media outlet interested in running an original
    piece by someone, there is a lot of that goes
    into that negotiation. Theres a lot of pitching
    theres a lot of dialogue and theres a lot of
    strategies that go into it.
  • In fact, much of what book publicists do is
    invisible to the authors they serve. In most
    cases, publicists are involved with a book
    throughout its lifetime often starting with
    acquisition itself. Many editors even ask
    publicists to read manuscripts theyre
    considering for publication just to have a second
    opinion. These early reads can have a huge impact
    on a books fate. In-house enthusiasm is a must
    inside a publishing house. It makes the book sell
  • Instinctive editors and supportive publishers
    know how to get a publishing team excited and
    interested in investing more of their resources
    behind the projects they feel have the potential.

Pre publication jobs of a Publicist
  • The formal work of publicists on behalf of a book
    begins as much as a year before publication.
    Publicists team up with the marketing team to
    devise a plan for launching the book. They
    earmark potential sites for a book tour and list
    down media outlets to approach for reviews and
    other related articles.
  • Precisely, five or six months before publication,
    just as book tours are about to begin, the first
    advance readers copies, or ARCs, arrive. The
    publicists then begin pitching the book and its
    author to newspaper and magazine editors, TV and
    radio producers, and other media houses. A big
    part of a publicists job is cultivating real
    relationships and friendships with people in the
    media. Positive representation in mainstream
    legacy media remains the most dependable way to
    move the books sales. Even as books coverage in
    traditional venues dwindles, the web has opened
    up a plethora of new outlets for publicizing

Evolution of the publicist for book
  • Many of the legacy publications have slashed
    literary coverage in their print issues and at
    the same time expanded the numbers of interviews
    and reading lists they publish online. And then
    there are digital-native blogs and podcasts
    devoted to books, that are always hungry for
  • The publicist for book has a lot of tasks to be
    performed and some of these are seemingly
    invisible. But that doesnt diminish the
    importance of a good publicist who is an
    important cog in the overall wheel machinery.
    With a collaborative and accommodating author,
    the book publicist can really move a book up the

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