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Book reviews are written evaluations of a recently published book in any genre.Book reviews in essence are the short take on the major themes of the book, its theme, plot, and characters. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Are Book Reviews | Your Online Publicist

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  • Usually, book reviews are written evaluations of
    a recently published book in any genre.
    Generally, around the 500 to 700-word mark, they
    offer a brief description of a texts main
    elements while appraising the works overall
    strengths and weaknesses. Published book reviews
    mainly appear in newspapers, magazines, and
    academic journals. The reader is provided with an
    overview of the book itself and is told whether
    or not the reviewer would recommend the book to
    the reader. So book reviews in essence are the
    short take on the major themes of the book, its
    theme, plot, and characters.

What is the Goal of a Book Review?
  • Not too long ago book reviews were a regular
    appearance in every quality newspaper and many
    periodicals. They were important factors in
    whether or not a book would sell well. A review
    from a heavyweight critic could often be the
    deciding factor in whether a book became a
    bestseller or end up in low sales. However, in
    the last few decades, the book reviews influence
    has diminished considerably with many potential
    book buyers preferring to consult customer
    reviews on Amazon or sites like Goodreads. As a
    result, the book reviews appearance in
    traditional media has become less frequent.

Key take away for a book reviewer
  • ? He should engage critically with a text
  • ? He should critically evaluate a text
  • ? He should respond personally to a range of
    different writing genres
  • ? He should focus on improving his own reading,
    writing, and thinking skills.

Book review The Key Elements
  • Aspects of the book a reviewer may wish to take
    notes on in a work of fiction may include
  • ? Themes What are the main themes of the book
    under consideration? Are there recurring motifs
    in the book? Is the exploration of the themes
    deep or on the surface only?
  • ? Characters Who are the main characters in the
    story? What are their believes and motivations?
    Are they convincingly reflected?
  • ? Style What are the key elements of the
    writers style? Does it fit into the wider
    literary world?
  • ? Plot What is the storys main happening place?
    What is the main plot? How effectively is the
    rising action described? What are the subplots?

For a review to be effective the reviewer should
  • i. Make It Personal
  • Book reviews are subjective. They are opinion
    pieces that come out of our experiences of life.
    A reviewer should link the work they are writing
    about to their own personal life within the
    context of the review.
  • ii. Make It Universal
  • Just as it is important to show how the work
    relates to individual life, it is important to
    switch sides as well. Reviewers should endeavor
    to show how the ideas explored in the book relate
    to the wider world.
  • iii. Support Opinions with Evidence
  • By its very nature, a book review is a subjective
    piece of writing. However, just because it is
    subjective does not mean that opinions do not
    need to be rationalized.

Book Review-Edit and Revision
  • As with any writing genre, reviewers should
    polish things up with review and revision at the
    end. It is critical to proofread and check for
    accurate spelling throughout, with particular
    attention to the authors name, character names,
    publisher etc.
  • It is good practice to double-check their use of
    evidence and claims. Are statements supportive?
    Have the statistics been used correctly? Are the
    quotations accurate?

Video Book Reviews
  • The best way to promote a book is to get people
    talking about it, discussing it, and sharing it.
    And the easiest way to combine all of these is to
    have a video book review. A Video Book Review is
    an effective way to inform potential readers,
    reach a new audience, and an easy way to get
    feedback about your book. The key areas to
    discuss in a video book review are characters,
    themes, writing style, and plot. A brief excerpt
    that highlights the main event in the book is
    also included in a video book review.

Main benefits of a video book review
  • The video is available to billions of active
    YouTube users
  • It is much more engaging than other formats
  • The YouTube video can be put on your website for
    a wider reach
  • It is a quick and easy way for book bloggers to
    share content about your book
  • The video can easily be shared on Facebook and
    Twitter to amplify its reach
  • It is an effective way to get feedback about your

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