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Spanish Movies With Closed Captions In The OTT


In this article, let us discuss the success of a few Spanish movies in the most recent years. Today the OTT platforms have taken over the traditional pay- TVs. Most of the movies are available on the ‘over- the- top’ platform. With just a good internet connection and a smartphone, smart TV, or a laptop computer, watch the films at ease. The list of movies reviewed here are from all genres. Read more – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Spanish Movies With Closed Captions In The OTT

Spanish Movies With Closed Captions In The Ott
Ya No Estoy Aquí
El Agente Topo
La Casa Lobo
There are several best-reviewed Spanish movies
since ages. The OTT platforms are bringing back
all these old shows to life by streaming them
all. Around 75 of Hispanics in the US speak
Spanish either as their first or second language.
Most people around the world love watching movies
in their native language. Thus, there are a lot
of audiences for the Spanish content.
In this article, let us discuss the success of a
few Spanish movies in the most recent years.
Today the OTT platforms have taken over the
traditional pay- TVs. Most of the movies are
available on the over- the- top platform. With
just a good internet connection and a smartphone,
smart TV, or a laptop computer, watch the films
at ease. The list of movies reviewed here are
from all genres.
La Llorona
For all non- Spanish speakers, you must be
expecting a translation of the movie title. Its
The Weeping Woman. Need better translating and
captioning services for any language, any video
content? CaptioningStar is always within reach.
La Llorona is a haunting reworking that
encompasses real-life tragedy and showcases the
generational trauma of the Guatemalan dictator
Enrique Monteverde.
It is infused with transfixing political weight.
The mythology behind this script is deep into
tragedy, sorrow, and regret. This trauma is from
the Guatemalan writer-director Jayro- Bustamante.
This film had its first premiere on 30 August
2019 at the Venice Film Festival. Later it was
screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section
at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.
This movie premiered on the horror streaming
platform Shudder on 6 August 2020. The direction,
visual style, and story with bewitching imagery
and tension were all praised by the audiences.
Ya No Estoy Aquí
Let us quickly translate this Spanish title to
English. Im no longer here is a 2019 Mexican-
Spanish drama directed by Fernando Frias. This
story revolves around a 17-year-old teenagers
experiences in Mexico and the US. The main
character Ulises is the leader of a gang Los
Terkos. Their lifestyle revolves around dancing
and listening to a slowed version of Cumbia
referred to as Cumbia rebajada.
He is then sent to the United States by his
mother when threatened by his gang after
confronting a criminal group. Circumstances make
them assume Ulises was one among them.
This film received several awards and nominations
at International Film Festivals. Juan Daniel, the
lead role, won the Best Acting Revelation award
at the Cairo International Film Festival in 2019.
This film also bagged the Golden Pyramid Best
Film award at Cairo International. The Morelia
International Film Festival won in two
categories the Audience Award and the Best
Feature Film Award. The success of this movie
caused the thirst to watch this by people other
than Spanish speakers.
It was also released via Netflix, a streaming
service, on 27 May 2020. Once you subscribe to
Netflix, you will be authorized to watch this
movie. The audio is in Spanish. You have Spanish
Captions and English subtitles. Most people
across the world can watch this dance drama with
English subtitles enabled.
Just like you have watched this movie with
Captions or Subtitles, at CaptioningStar we
provide transcripts to enable Captions and
La Casa Lobo
La Casa Lobo means The Wolf House. It is a
visually stunning and horrifying feature film. An
animated fairy tale directed by Cristobal Lenon
and Joaquin Cocina, who spent five years creating
this stop-motion narrative. A short storyline A
young woman named Maria takes refuge in an
abandoned house in Southern Chile with two pigs
after escaping from a German Colony. The house
reacts to the feelings of Maria, which is
splendidly depicted using magnificent animations
throughout the tale. This film received the most
prominent reviews from famous movie critics
around the world.
The premiere of this film was at the 2018 Berlin
International Film Festival, and it won a prize.
The film then traveled to various film festivals
around the world. At Monterrey festival in
Mexico, it won the best-animated feature film and
best Latin American film at Quito, Latin American
Film Festival in Ecuador. At the International
Film Festival in Valdivia, Chile, this film
received the public prize and best
cinematography. La Casa Lobo is rolling out now
in the film world.
(No Transcript)
Its international success is now available for
all of us. You can watch this on Amazon Prime,
Google play, and Vudu. The audio language is
Espanol (a dialect of Spanish). This movie has
Spanish closed captions and translations in
English for subtitles. Native speakers who are
deaf or hard-of-hearing can use these captions,
whereas non-native speakers who do not understand
the Spanish content access it with English or
other language subtitles.
El Agente Topo
Age is not a barrier to becoming a spy. The
English translation of EL Agente Topo is The
Mole Agent. This is a documentary about an
83-year-old private investigator who poses as a
resident in a Chilean nursing home to spy on the
caretakers of elder abuse. This movie carries
mixed emotions as it is heartwarming, charming,
warm, funny, compassionate, thrilling, and
entertaining. Its never too late to embark on
adventures. Directed by Maite Alberdi, this film
epitomizes the appeal.
On 25 January 2020, The Mole Agent had its world
premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. Gravitas
Ventures acquired US distribution of the film.
The film was released in the Netherlands on
December 10, 2020. This film received several
awards and nominations. This movie was the
eighteenth Chilean movie nominated for the Goya
Award for Best Iberoamerican Film and the second
for Alberdi. It then received a nomination for
Best Documentary Feature at the 93rd Academy
Awards and for this years Oscars.
The box office collection was estimated to be
337,422 gross Worldwide. You can watch this
exemplary drama on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or
Hulu. Subscribe to these OTT platforms with the
package of your choice and watch it at your
A must-watch film has been made available for all
of us with subtitles in English. All the titles
and captions are ADA and FCC compliant.
Remember to include Closed Captions in your video
content to increase your brand value. We are here
to provide captions with over 99 accuracy.
Roma, a sensational and emotional portrayal of
the life of an indigenous live-in maid named
Cleodegaria Cleo Gutiérrez. The background is
set up in the Colonia Roma neighborhood of Mexico
City, thus the film name Roma. It revolves around
Cleo the maid, Sofia the matriarch Antonio, her
husband Teresa, her mother and her four young
children. The distress a woman undergoes in her
personal life and a soul ready to selflessly
sacrifice for the cause of her loved ones,
betrayal by loved ones, political situations
turning up lives of common people is what the
drama beautifully picturizes.
(No Transcript)
Netflix acquired the distribution rights of the
film in April 2018. At the 75th Venice
International Film Festival, the film premiered
worldwide. Though not officially confirmed by
Netflix, rough estimates put up a whopping
2,00,000 box office collection in the first five
days of its premiere. It has won numerous awards,
some of which are, the Golden Lion at the Venice
International Film Festival, the 2018 AFI Special
Award from the American Film Institute, and was
named second runner-up for the Peoples Choice
Award. The film was chosen by the New York Film
Critics Circle and Time magazine as the best film
of 2018.
Closed Captions
All these Spanish movies aired on the OTT
platforms have one thing in common. Its the
closed caption enabled in each of these movies.
They reach a larger audience and are a key for
people with hearing loss.
At CaptioningStar, we serve by providing
interactive transcripts, closed captions, and
subtitles in more than 100 languages. Be ready to
promote your video content and monetize them by
associating with us.
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