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Types of meniscus injuries and how to diagnose them


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Title: Types of meniscus injuries and how to diagnose them

Dr. Manish Maheshwari is an Orthopaedist and
Sports Medicine Surgeon in Indore and has an
experience of more than 13 years in these fields.
Dr. Manish Maheshwari practices at Global SNG
Hospital in South Tukoganj, Indore. He completed
graduation post Graduation from Mahatma Gandhi
Memorial Medical College Maharaja Yashwant Rao
Hospital, Indore in 2005. He worked in major
hospitals of Mumbai like Lilavati Hospital
Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospitals.
Indore Arthroscopy Center
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Types of meniscus injuries and how to diagnose
Meniscus, the C-shaped cartilage. that cushions
the thigh bone and the shin bone has a lot of
wear and tear happening on it due to the constant
motion and load-bearing activities of the knee.
This cartilage also gives stability and control
in motions of the knee apart from cushioning the
two major bones connected to the knee joint. The
meniscus has a very important role in the proper
and painless functioning of the knee joint. Any
problem due to wear and tear or injury afflicted
during sports or accidents to the meniscus can be
a cause of worry. The Meniscus is a very peculiar
part of the knee joint that has vascular as well
as avascular areas in it. Minor injuries
afflicted to the vascular areas may heal fast and
without medical or surgical intervention due to
the blood flow but the avascular area would
mostly require surgical or medical intervention.
Blood flow plays a major part in the healing of
injuries in our bodies. Detecting, diagnosing and
taking curative steps is of vital importance for
the upkeep of your knee joint. An injury could
worsen over time and could also get complicated
if ignored for long. 
Knowing your injury and the steps to be taken
thereof is of immense value as it can keep your
injury from further damage and can rectify it
with lesser medical or surgical intervention.
First of all, let us look into some major types
of tears that happen to the meniscus.
  • Radial tear is the most common type of tear in
    the meniscus. It is an injury to the avascular
    region of the meniscus. It is almost impossible
    for it to heal on its own. If the injury is
    severe it may even need a surgical procedure to
    set it right. The surgeon trims the damaged part
    of the meniscus in this procedure to set the knee

  • Horizontal tear is the easiest tear to repair.
    The surgeon can comfortably stitch together the
    tear and set the injury right. Every meniscus
    tear has its challenges. The area in which the
    tear has occurred also is a major factor that
    decides the recovery time of the injury. Any tear
    in the area that has good blood flow will heal
    faster than those in the areas that have minimal
    or no blood flow.
  • Incomplete tear may be pointing towards the early
    stages of degenerative changes. This injury very
    rarely poses any problem to the functioning of
    the knee. But every tear or injury to the
    meniscus could aggravate a major injury if not
    attended on time and required corrective measures
    are not taken. Surgery is not required for such
    an injury.
  • A complex tear is a tear that involves many tear
    patterns and may also be a combination of radial
    and horizontal tears. The many types and patterns
    of tear give it the name of the complex tear. It
    has to be treated with reparative surgery.
  • Flap tear is a pattern that is unusual which
    creates a catching sensation in the knee. The
    flap of the meniscus is responsible for that
    catch type of feeling. It can be resolved by
    removing a small section of the tissue.

  • Bucket handle tear looks like a horizontal tear
    but affects a larger area of the meniscus. The
    normal motion of the knee is affected due to the
    knee being stuck by the torn part of the meniscus
    blocking its movement. Bucket handle tear
    normally requires surgical intervention to bring
    back the normal movement of the knee and enable
    it to bend.

A meniscus tear can be identified by physical
examination, generally. The other ways of
detecting and diagnosing a meniscus tear are
X-rays, MRI and Arthroscopy.
Xrays are less effective as cartilages would not
effectively show up on the image but it can be
done to rule out other problems with similar
symptoms. MRI gives a detailed image of soft and
hard tissues so can be the best way to diagnose a
meniscus tear. In Arthroscopy the doctor can use
an arthroscope to examine the inside of a knee
with the camera fitted in the instrument and can
also conduct minor surgical procedures through
the arthroscope.
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