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Best OMR Software To Evaluate CBSE Board Exam Paper


Yoctel provides complete OMR solutions including OMR software, sheets, evaluate as per new guidelines announced by CBSE for schools, colleges and Educational institutions to conduct exams on OMR sheets. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best OMR Software To Evaluate CBSE Board Exam Paper

Best OMR Software To Evaluate CBSE Board Exam
Evaluate CBSE Board Exam Paper
  • One of the most important tasks for students is
    to take examinations. With technology pushing the
    way were evaluating papers, its time for
    schools and students to effectively get answers
  • There has been a great Shift from orthodox
    teaching systems and methodologies to shift all
    the education systems to adapt to technology
    based teaching systems.
  • The Covid pandemic has opened everybody's eyes to
    the fact that our education system and the method
    of delivering education is very old school.

Problems Faced by Students
  • More than 290 million Indian students have been
    directly affected by the pandemic and its
    important that we find a solution to get them
    back on track.
  • The passing percentage was also altered in the
    aftermath of the pandemic.
  • Schools have increased the passing percentage as
    they dont have an effective system to
    objectively judge these students in their

Problems Faced by Students
  • The biggest impact of this has been exposed
    during the Covid pandemic and because of the
    same, all the students from class 2nd, 8th or
    even 12th, have been promoted without any grading
  • In lieu of the same events, we see a new
    guideline which has been issued by CBSE which we
    think will be the stepping stone to the road of
    evolution of our current education system.
  • Its important that students are able to find an
    effective system that makes it easier to write
    and submit their examinations.

What problem will OMR software for
CBSE Schools solve?
  • You may run an OMR Based Test for CBSE inside
    your school and save a lot of money by not
    engaging a vendor.
  • You may teach your IT personnel to utilise the
    Programme, avoiding the need to hire additional
    employees to run the OMR Based Test for Schools.
  • You may offer your staff and students enough
    Practise so that they understand how to take the
    OMR software scanner.

OMR software for CBSE Schools solve?
  • The OMR sheet reader generates the result in
    minutes, saving time and manpower.
  • You will be prepared for the mid-term exams as a

How YOMARK can help you
  • Yomark can read or assess any type of OMR
    solution, whether it's an admission form, a test
    paper response sheet, psychometric exams, or
    survey/feedback forms.
  • Yomark delivers a full OMR sheet processing
    solution for academic institutions, government
    Organizations, and Non-governmental organisations
    (NGOs) for pre-examination and post-examination
    processing of standardized tests, competitive
    exams, recruitment exams, and other OMR sheet
    applications such as scientific surveys,
    marketing surveys, statics surveys, inventory,
    attendance sheets, feedback forms, election
    forms, and many more.

Professional/Educational Optical Mark Reader in
  • Yomark can read or assess any type of OMR
    software for CBSE, whether it's an admission
    form, a test paper response sheet, psychometric
    exams, or survey/feedback forms. Yomark provides
    an incredible working experience. It assists you
    in considering numerous parameters of analysis
    and gives findings and reports based on your
    viewpoint. Yomark users may now enter the minds
    of its respondents.

Different Types of Response Collection
  • Yomark is the only Programme of its kind that
    gives you the most flexibility for determining
    how you want to gather replies. You can gather
    filled OMR bubbles, checked rectangle boxes, or
    crossed squares according to your needs. You may
    also gather data as a cropped picture or
    handwritten text (in capitals or digits only)
    that Yomark's sophisticated OMR software for CBSE
    board exam.

Maximum precision (ZETzero error tolerance
  • Simply run your files using Yomark to generate
    reports. Forget about reporting mistakes. Yomark
    guarantees 99.99 percent accuracy on a random
    sample of 10,000 sheets and 100 percent
    correctness on 1lac uniform pages.

Compatibility with type-free OMR sheets
  • Create an OMR sheet (in Paint Brush, Corel Draw,
    Photoshop, or even MS Word!) based on a single
    line guideline and print it on basic A4 pages -
    your OMR sheets are ready! And Yomark is ready to
    assess! Continue collecting replies on these
    sheets, i.e. no special paper type, no specific
    colour or dye, no specific print is necessary.
  • Simple to Use
  • Yomark's well-organized, clean, consistent, and
    easy-to-use screen interface makes working on it
    a pleasurable experience.

  • Yomark guarantees that all global norms and
    standards are followed when building it, so that
    even icons, layout, and methods to use the
    Programme are almost identical to how you think
    and are consistent across the product. Because
    Yomark requires relatively little focus and
    precision from its users, a newbie may master it
    in less than half an hour.
  • Over the last few years, OMR software has been
    used to help students bubble-in their answers in
    order to make it simpler for them to submit their
    answers. With the advent of COVID, online
    examinations have become the new norm, and
    finding a way to make it simpler for everyone to
    take a and evaluate these exams is important.

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