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Best Burn injury | Hand reconstructive treatment in Coimbatore


Sri Ramakrishna Hospital provides the best treatment and cares for hand surgery and burn injury in India having the modern technology for the treatment – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Burn injury | Hand reconstructive treatment in Coimbatore

Most Common Types Of Cosmetic Surgery
Here are some common types of cosmetic surgery
treatment you should know about before you get
Eyelid lift This is often referred to as an
artificial limb or forehead lift, which is
intended to enlarge the eyelids and/or remove
wrinkles or generalized anxiety lines on the
forehead. This procedure should be combined with
other cosmetic procedures to achieve a more
pleasing facial look. Multiply that This
procedure is aimed at making the patient's cheeks
more noticeable and the facial features more
balanced. The surgeon removes the implant. A
patient who has had rhinoplasty usually has the
chin enlarged at the same time. Sometimes the
surgeon works on the jaw bone without using an
artificial implant. However, enlarging the chin
using implants is very popular among patients
with normally working teeth and jaws. Raising
the chin The purpose of this surgery is to give
the patient the most important cheek. Some
surgeons do this by implanting cheeks. According
to the majority of patients, weak cheeks make
their faces look thinner and older. As we get
older, our cheeks lose their integrity And find a
good Burn injury treatment Coimbatore for a
better treatment
Find the elevator This function, known as the
interface lift, extends to the middle of the face
(chin) to enhance the fullness of the cheeks and
the edges and lower part of the eyes. Hair
change Most men lose their hair - especially
Caucasian men, but some women. Genetic factors
create this condition. Transplanted hair
replaces large hair follicles. To achieve the
desired results, patients will need to undergo
several sessions of micro-hair transplant
surgery. After six weeks, the transplanted hair
will come out and then be replaced three months
after the new hair comes out. Collagen
injection Collagen is commonly used in plastic
and cosmetic surgical procedures and in bone
reconstruction in burn patients. It is also used
to treat patients with urinary incontinence.
Collagen injections can have a number of defects,
some of which can cause severe redness in
patients. Before surgery, doctors may perform
patch tests to determine if the patient is at
risk. Most collagen is obtained from young beef
animals because they do not come with BSE or
bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow
disease). Collagen can be extracted from pig
tissues. Such treatments are skin fillers, which
use cosmetics to reduce lines, scars, and
wrinkles and enhance the appearance of soft
tissues. Collagen treatments are temporary
because the body reduces them. It must be
repeated later. Fat injection Also known as fat
grafting, it has many uses in cosmetic surgery.
This is done by collecting fat from one part of
the patient's body and then injecting it into the
area that needs to improve volume. These
products are generally safe and durable. Patients
are happy with fat injections because it focuses
on both issues. Fat is removed from that part of
the body that needs to be reduced and then added
to another part of the body that needs more. The
fat is removed, washed, purified, and then
re-injected using a special needle. To get
maximum positive results, the patient should go
through the same procedure again and again. Are
you interested in plastic surgery? You need to
find a good plastic surgeon to give you the
expected results.
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