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Body Worn Camera


Body Worn video systems like this have proven invaluable in providing evidence for court cases, improving safety conditions, and generally helping security teams with their jobs. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Body Worn Camera

Body Worn Camera
About Body Worn Camera
Boasting a whole host of new and advanced
features, the EH-15 (GPP-M9) is one of the most
advanced body worn cameras or body wearable Video
CCTV Cameras on the market today and should be
considered essential for police officers,
security teams, and any front-line staff that may
meet potentially abusive members of the public.
Features of Body Worn Camera
  • 10 hours recording with a single charge at 480p
  • 7 hours recording with a single charge at 720p
  • 64GB built-in memory.
  • IP67 rated.
  • Charging dock.
  • Night vision IR diodes for night time recording.
  • Built-in LED lights allowing the unit to be used
    as a torch.
  • Red laser in front of the unit for tagging.
  • HDMI output
  • Audio record button.
  • 2.5" LCD Display

Remote Camera Attachment
This remote camera attachment can be clipped to a
jacket lapel to allow discrete photography or
video recording. A button is used to take an
image or initiate a video recording. Infra-red
illuminators also allow for night time recording.
Chest Harness
Utility harness for chest mounting. It mounts the
Body Worn Camera in the centre of the chest using
a Klick Fast Dock and webbing straps that slip
over the arms and chest.
Utility harness for shoulder mounting. It mounts
the Body Worn Camera on the left-hand shoulder
using a Klick Fast Dock and webbing straps that
slip over the shoulder and around the waist. The
Body Worn Cameras position is fully adjustable.
Why use body-worn cameras for security?
Better transparency- Body-worn cameras deliver
better transparency and accountability to
officers. Today, most communities have a lack of
trust in law enforcement. Increased civility- To
maintain the politeness between officers and
citizens, a body-worn camera is an invisible
control. It controls the behaviour of citizens
and officers both. This will decrease complaints
against law enforcement. Quicker resolution-
Body-worn cameras help to supply fast resolution
to complaints. Case investigations are often
found to be not sustained and are subsequently
closed in lack of independent witnesses or proof.
Corroborating evidence- Footages also be used as
evidence in arrests or prosecutions. These
cameras help to document the occurrence and
nature of various types of crime.
Why You Need Body Worn CCTV ?
Body-worn Cameras can be beneficial in many
purposes and help you in many ways let's know
them in detail. For collecting evidence- These
cameras are very effective to collect the
evidence, as these are hidden and have
high-quality audio-video features. So when it
comes to collecting evidence, nothing can beat
the Body-worn Spy Cameras. For better
transparency- These cameras maintain transparency
and thus improve the law enforcement legitimacy.
The captured videos with these cameras during any
conversation at a crime scene become the solid
prof and no place of doubt left. Help against
fast accusations- It can save police officers or
security people from false accusations. As a busy
security worker, you surely dont want to waste
your time explaining yourself.
Other Features of Body Worn Camera
2.5" LCD Display Audio record button
10 hours recording with a single charge 64GB built-in memory
IP67 rated Charging dock Night vision IR diodes for night time recording
Red laser in front of the unit for tagging HDMI output 7 hours recording
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