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Body Worn Cameras (2)


The EH-15 body worn cameras offers full 1080p HD video recording, a 140 degree wide angle lens for capturing more footage, 64 GB of internal memory, over 10 hour record time, auto night vision, a pre-record, post recording function and much more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Body Worn Cameras (2)

Body Worn Camera
When you buy a body cam, you invest in a camera
technology that is going to serve you for years,
till you require the wider ones. However, if we
say GPP EH-15 (GPP-M9) has the merit of features,
that is advanced enough to serve for decades.
Then you must like to explore them. After a quick
overview of security fields that are boasting the
benefits of this advanced body camera, lets go
then. GPP-M9 is an advanced body-worn CCTV camera
that is most suitable for security industries,
including security services, police officers,
front liners, law enforcement officers, lone
workers, government operatives, traffic wardens,
Key Benefits of Body Worn Camera
Full HD video recording Spacious built-in memory
Long-life battery backup Clear sound quality
Durable Waterproof structure Auto night-vision
Built-in LED light Adjustable
Pre-video recording Audio-only recording
Auto Night Vision Over 10 hours record time
Body Worn Camera Features
1. HD video recording- 1080P (1920?1080
progressively displayed pixels) is a set of HDTV
high-definition video. Camera displayed videos on
the screen of 1,920p (horizontally) and 1,080p
(vertically).The video recording camera can take
pictures up to 21M pixels with multiple or
single-shot support and 140-degree wide-angle
lenses. Basically, an ideal device for capturing
foolproof, sensitive, decision-making video for
fields like security.
Body Worn Camera Features
2. Spacious built-in memory- With 64GB built-in
memory, the GPP video recording camera is ready
to handle a long security incident. Security
matters involve many cases, such as regularly
recorded or long-run cases and both demand large
memory. And quite enough memory limit of M9 can
be an ideal choice for various types of security
operations or day-to-day security life.
Body Worn Camera Features
3.Long-life battery backup- Just like memory,
the device also has a quality battery backup.
With a GPP body camera, the user can record for
10 hours (in a single charge while using 480P
resolution. However, if you use a resolution of
720P, camera battery backup lasts for 7 hours.
Apart from that, we also offer a charging dock
with the device which you can charge for battery
Body Worn Camera Features
4.Clear sound quality- In the case of video
recording, we often forget to check for the
devices sound quality, but at GPP, we dont
ignore it. Our body worn camera and other
security devices in-built sound features are
designed with rich sound features. We understand
that in a security field, outstanding sound
quality is also crucial for video recording, as
you dont like to lose proof in absence of the
poor sound of video or audio.
Body Worn Camera Features
5.Durable waterproof structure- Our long
experience in the security field made us realise
that the conditions for security personnel never
remain the same. That is why we make sure what we
provide can fulfil the fields requirements. The
IP67 rated device is 100 protected against dust,
solid objects and water. As it is IP67, we tested
the camera device for 30 minutes at a water depth
of 10 Cm to 1 meter.
Body Worn Camera Features
6.Auto night-vision- Same as durability,
security conditions dont see day-night
conditions. In fact, security required incidents
most take place at night times or in places with
low light. As such, whether security personnel
need to record these incidents or forget to
switch to the night-vision mode, GPP-M9 will
manage itself.
Body Worn Camera Features
7.Built-in LED light- We just mentioned the
infrared night-vision feature, but for other
diverse low-light conditions, we also applied the
LED light. It means you can say the GPP camera is
a duo of bodycam with the LED light.
Body Worn Camera Features
8.Adjustable- All the above features could lead
to nothing if the camera device does not attach
to the right positions. This way, we offer a
chest and shoulder harness to mount the camera
properly. Lets know both of the adjustable
harnesses a bit more. Chest harness- As per the
name, it mounts the camera at the centre of the
chest. The harness has webbing straps and a klick
fast dock to slip over the arms and chest.
Shoulder harness- It mounts to the left-hand
shoulder with the help of a klick fast dock and
webbing strap. They both sip over the waist and
Body Worn Camera Features
9.Pre-recording functionality- Imagine a
security event that takes place suddenly.
Especially when there are short security
incidents and proof depends on a minute of
footage. You wish for a pre-recording feature
that started recording previously.
Body Worn Camera Features
10.High-quality audio- only recording- With
high-quality HD video recording, we have also
included the audio-only recording. Sometimes, you
dont need video recording, or you already lack
battery/memory, this feature works like a
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