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Heart Attacks: When Will We Finally Do What Needs to be Done?


Surgery and stenting do not prevent heart attacks in stable patients. We already know how to do that with medical management. Why are not we doing it? – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Heart Attacks: When Will We Finally Do What Needs to be Done?

Heart Attacks When Will We Finally Do What Needs
to be Done?
By The Doctor Weighs In
  • Senator Bernie Sanders, was hospitalized after
    experiencing chest pain at a campaign event on
    October 2. He is said to have had blockages in
    one of his coronary arteries. Two stents were
    placed to open them. Several days later we
    learned that Senator Sanders had suffered a heart
    attack (also known as a myocardial infarction) as
    a result of the diminished blood flow to his
    heart muscle.

The significance of new chest pain
  • Based on what we know, this was a new and unusual
    chest pain for him. It was, in fact, described as
    a chest discomfort in many of the media
    stories. Chest pains of cardiac origin may be
    accompanied by other symptoms, such as fatigue,
    weakness, sweating, and shortness of breath.
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The cause of heart attacks and sudden death
  • Thanks to leading cardiologists like Erling Falk,
    Peter Libby, and Steven Nissen we now know that
    heart attacks and sudden death almost are almost
    always the result of an unstable (vulnerable)
    plaque that has ruptured.
  • The unstable plaque contains LDL cholesterol,
    commonly known as bad cholesterol. That LDL
    cholesterol is oxidizedchemically changedin the
    wall of the artery. That causes the immune system
    to recognize it as foreign. The human body deals
    with foreign material by attacking it with white
    blood cells (pus cells).
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Tying the critical facts about atherosclerotic
coronary artery disease together
  • Other medications like ACE inhibitors for blood
    pressure and  metformin for diabetes have
    beneficial effects on the metabolism of the
    arterial wall to improve arterial function and
    diminish plaque instability.

What we already know about coronary artery disease
  • We already have a very solid understanding of the
    pathophysiology of coronary artery disease. And,
    we know what to do to substantially reduce the
    risk of heart attacks with medical treatment.
    Lowering blood pressure, blood glucose, and
    cholesterol to aggressive goals lowers the risk
    of heart attack and sudden death dramatically. We
    also know that stopping cigarette smoking (or
    never starting) is important to avoid developing
    coronary artery disease.

Appropriate and inappropriate use of stents
  • Placing stents or by-passing acutely obstructed
    arteries can reduce the amount of damage to the
    heart muscle, particularly if done early. That is
    what occurred in Senator Sanders case.

We know what we should do, why arent we doing it?
  • The new science of vascular disease tells us
    that we are doing too many catheterizations,
    bypasses, and stents. And, we are not doing
    enough aggressive medical management of risk
    factors to prevent people from having heart
    attacks in the first place.
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  • We have known what to do to prevent heart attacks
    for a long time. My question is why arent we
    doing it? Let us call it what it isa failure of
    leadership on this issue. How many good men and
    women have to suffer heart attacks and sudden
    death before we finally get this right?

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