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Website Development & it's Trends


Trend of Web Development is evolving every year with immense amount of speed. New technologies are being discovered on a daily basis as developers exploring new technologies with a new way of innovation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Website Development & it's Trends

  1. Introduction of Website
  2. Key Points in Website Development
  3. Accelerated Mobile Pages
  4. Voice Search Optimization
  5. Progressive Web Apps
  6. Cloud Computing
  7. Single Page Application
  8. Automation Testings
  9. Responsive Websites

  • Trend of Web Development is evolving every year
    with immense amount of speed. New technologies
    are being discovered on a daily basis as
    developers exploring new technologies with a new
    way of innovation.
  • if you are a businessman who uses digital
    marketing ( web development), its important for
    you to see these changes and apply them- so that
    you can be in the competition and attract more of
    the customers to your business.
  • To take care of that, we are here presenting you
    some of the technologies description and created
    Website Development Trends in 2021.

What is website
  • A website is a set of web related pages served
    from a single web domain.
  • Website are hosted or stored on servers, which
    are accessible through their ip address which is
    addressed by giving it a domain name/URL.

Keynotes in Website Development
  • Purpose
  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Technology

Purpose - Web Development
  • Traditional
  • Web design development using languages.
  • HTML pages are static it gives a structure to the
    page, now to make web pages more creative and
    dynamic we use css, javascript. Php is used for
    server side language to create a connection
    between the db and the client side
  • Using CMS(Content Management System)
  • An application which lets one create and manage a
    website using an admin panel.
  • A Content Management System is a software which
    reduce website development and design costs while
    manage the content of a site without any
    additional technologies

Domain Name
  • A Domain name is a unique name that identifies a
  • Domain Names are formed by the rules Domain Name
    System (DNS). Any name register in DNS is a
    domain name.
  • A Domain name represents an Internet Protocol
    (IP) resources such as normal computers used to
    access the internet, a computer server hosting a

  • Hosting a website means making a website
    available to public worldwide. When you create a
    website, it is composed of web pages having
    text,videos, images and other content for peoples
    to see them.
  • To make your website available on the internet ,
    you have to store it to a computer called Web
  • When you buy some space on a web server and store
    your web pages there, your website becomes hosted
    and can be seen by anyone.

  • Client Side
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Server Side
  • PHP
  • XML
  • MySQL
  • Linux/Apache
  • Secure Server

Following are the Trends going on in the world of
Web Development.
Web Development Trends
Cloud Computing
Progressive web Apps
Voice Search Optimizations
Automation Testing
Accelerated Mobile Pages
Single Page Applications
Responsive websites
Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Accelerated Mobile pages is a trend in a website
    development in 2021. This trend occurred with a
    collaboration between google and twitter to
    create faster mobile pages.
  • The average Page load speed is about 2 seconds,
    wherever non-AMP may take upto 22 seconds.
  • As the web is turning out to be more client
    situated, AMP is an innovation that engineers are
    embracing. In addition, carrying out AMP allows
    organizations to save costs on UX and draw in
    clients with low web speeds.
  • The innovation was made to support private
    companies by empowering them to assemble sites
    that work flawlessly across mobile devices.

Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Advantages of AMP in Web Development
  • AMPs offers many advantages for web designers
  • Simple advancement for web search tools.
  • Low bounce rate.
  • Changes with any program.
  • No compelling reason to make sitemaps to be
    recognized via web search tools.

Voice Search Optimization
  • Voice search enhancement can be basically
    characterized as the way toward improving website
    pages to show up in voice search. Gadgets that
    uses voice search are acquiring quick popularity,
    Thanks to voice assistant and IoT.
  • The innovation has become such a lot of that by
    the coming year, these gadgets will actually want
    to perceive the voices of various individuals and
    give a customized AI-based insight. In the field
    of web improvement, the most recent developments
    are voice-enacted self-standing gadgets, and
    voice advancement for applications and sites.

Voice Search Optimization
  • Advantages of Voice Search Optimization in Web
  • Voice search streamlining helps web designers in
    the accompanying manners
  • Makes neighborhood SEO campaign more effect.
  • Can answer client questions rapidly.
  • Develop more trust and client loyalty.

  • A Progressive web application (PWA) is a kind of
    application programming constructed using normal
    web technologies like HTML and JavaScript. PWA
    works at any gadget with an ordinary program. The
    technology has acquired ubiquity for its
    capability to bring to the table a great client
  • PWA is generally liked for some, different
    reasons, including its capability to replace
    local versatile applications. PWAs convey offer a
    quick encounter in any event, when the client is
    disconnected or on a temperamental organization.
    Many Web Design organizations across the globe
    have begun offering PWA answers for their

  • Cloud computing implies the utilization of
    cloud-based assets like stockpiling, organizing,
    programming, investigation, and knowledge for
    adaptability and convenience. It emerged as a
    significant pattern during the pandemic as more
    associations had moved towards distant working.
  • In 2021, we can anticipate new progressions in
    the field. It is anticipated that the cloud
    foundation market will grow an astounding 35
    this year. The innovation stays away from
    information misfortune and information
    over-burden other than offering various
    advantages like decreased improvement expenses,
    adaptability, and powerful design.

Single Page Application
  • A single page application can be characterized as
    a sort of application that doesn't have to reload
    itself while working in a program.
  • The client could enjoy in a characteristic
    natural and seamless utilization. The
    applications we utilize every day, as Facebook,
    Gmail, and Twitter are SPAs. It is one of the top
    web improvement patterns in 2021 and is normal
    that later on, most useful sites will be worked
    as SPAs. Single-page applications have greater
    ability to hold the consideration of clients, as
    they appear to work rapidly. A client gets moment
    input dissimilar to normal sites, where they need
    to sit tight for the page load.

Automation Testing
  • Automation testing can be characterized as
    performing programming testing with practically
    no human connection to accomplish more
    proficiency. Testing is a fundamental piece of
    web advancement, particularly to ensure the
    nature of an item before conveyance. While manual
    testing is the standard cycle, it's not the best
    methodology in 2021. Mechanization of the
    improvement stages permits engineers to achieve
    complex ventures with a little group. Moreover,
    test computerization assists them with checking
    whether the item is prepared for arrangement,
    with more prominent test inclusion and
  • Advantages of Automation Testing in Web
  • Automation testing makes the improvement
    interaction much simpler. Here are a portion of
    the advantages
  • Code reusability the codes are modularized, and
    accordingly can be utilized again when required.
  • Computerization tests should be possible 247,
    without somebody checking.

Responsive Website
  • Responsive website composition is a web
    improvement approach that is utilized to make
    dynamic sites that acclimate to various screen
    sizes. One can't make a rundown of the top web
    improvement patterns in 2021 without referencing
    responsive sites. Consistently a hunt demand is
    being made on the web from a cell phone, which
    implies that organizations ought to put resources
    into responsive website architecture to make
    sites that consequently adjusts to any gadget.
  • Benefits of Responsive Web Design in Web
  • Here are a portion of the manners in which how
    web engineers can profit with Responsive Web
  • It requires some investment than making an
    independent portable site.
  • It is not difficult to screen examination
  • Responsive website architecture is simpler to
    keep up with plan will continue as before across

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