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7 Web Development Trends that will Rule 2018


As 2018 has already begun, keeping an eye on this year’s web development trends is the best way to stay competitive in your industry and ensure better return on investment on website development investment. Web development experts present top 7 trends that will rule 2018. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 7 Web Development Trends that will Rule 2018

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  • The web development industry is highly volatile
    as web development technology trends change quite
    faster even before you could implement it
  • Being a web design and development agency we are
    bringing you top 7 web development trends that
    will dominate 2018 to help you stay relevant in
    the industry and also ahead of the competition.

1. Progressive Web Apps Will Gain Hype
  • Since we first heard about progressive web apps
    (PWAs) in 2015, it has come a long way and
    continues to gain traction.
  • PWAs are giving steep competition to native
    mobile apps as these web apps feels like native
    apps. Thanks to service workers which enable
    offline functionality in these apps and help
    deliver an enhanced user experience.

  • Furthermore, you can also save the shortcut of
    PWAs on your home screen. It caches most of the
    information and thus offers you the ability to
    work offline. Every time your device is connected
    to the internet service workers ensure that the
    latest information is cached.
  • Therefore, in 2018 you would get to see more
    businesses exploring the promising prospects of
    PWAs. In order to stay competitive and make the
    most of this trend you would need to develop and
    deploy PWAs faster.

2. Chatbots For Online Assistance
  • Today conversational interface has revolutionized
    the way businesses interact with their customers.
    Many websites have the customer service chatbot
    to provide online assistance to site visitors
  • AI-enabled chatbots are smart enough to help
    users by answering frequently asked questions,
    redirecting visitors to the needed page, helping
    shoppers choose the right product and also
    proceed with online payments.

  • Moreover, chatbots not only help you provide
    effortless and optimized 24/7 customer service
    but also saves time and cost of having a round
    the clock customer service department.
  • In 2018, customers would prefer websites that not
    only provide online assistance but expect higher
    quality of service too. Therefore, deploying
    artificially intelligent bots for customer
    service would be a very important web development
    trend in 2018.

3. Static websites will reincarnate
  • Do you remember that in the early years of the
    Internet we used to have static websites on the
    World Wide Web? Then began the era of dynamic
    websites! The websites became more functional and
    also provided the ease of updating the website
    for people without any technical background.
  • However, the development process of dynamic
    websites became more complicated as backend
    development got involved to facilitate website
    communication with the server.

  • I believe that the web would return to its root
    and static websites would become the web
    development trend again in 2018. This is because
    they are faster, safer and cheaper. However,
    static websites will experience a new
    reincarnation as they have been improved by
    static site generators.
  • A static site generator combines the benefits of
    a static website and a content management
    system (CMS). The popular ones are Hexo, GitBook a
    nd Gatsby which are written in JavaScript. You
    can also find static generators written in many
    other programming languages including Ruby, Coffee
    script, Python and PHP.

4. Angular Will Continue To Rule Web Development
  • JavaScript is often hailed as the future of web
    development and Angular is undoubtedly the most
    popular frontend framework. Angular 2, the
    complete rewrite of AngularJS framework, had
    brought speed and simplicity to web development.
  • Moreover, it is equipped with enhanced dependency
    injections, improved modularity, scalability of
    app structure and much more.

  • This year the release of Angular 4 which is quite
    similar to Angular 2 is reducing the size of the
    code generated to almost 60 percent. And if you
    dont use animation in your projects then there
    is welcome news for you. The animation package is
    removed from the core and put into a separate
  • As Angular and its latest releases would continue
    to inspire web developers in 2018, I would
    recommend you to follow the Angular Blog in order
    to stay tuned for the latest updates.

5. Single page websites will gain traction
  • As we enter 2018, we would get to see another web
    development trend gaining traction that would
    allow all the content to be placed on a single
    scrollable page and remove all the clutter. Yes,
    you have guessed it right we are talking
    about single page applications or websites!
  • Single page websites bring quite a few advantages
    to the table. If you dont want to challenge your
    site visitors with complex navigation, tons of
    text and multi-level menu then one-page websites
    are the right option.

  • But, at the same time you would need to know that
    there are limited use-cases of single page
    websites. They are definitely not suitable
    for eCommerce projects and blogs.
  • However, businesses can benefit from this trend
    by presenting their services in a simplified and
    engaging manner. Moreover, they are great for
    mobile users and this would mean a lot for your
    business in the mobile-first era.
  • Furthermore, this website is not only
    user-friendly but it also makes website design,
    development and hosting cheaper.

6. Popularity of PHP 7.x Laravel 5.x will rise
  • PHP has always been the popular choice when it
    comes to website backend development. And I
    believe that the latest update of the
    most-popular open-source PHP web
    framework Laravel 5.x will get even more
    recognition in 2018.
  • You can fully experience the benefits of Laravel
    on dynamic websites with complicated backend.  It
    not only offers solutions for complex tasks but
    also makes development faster and more reliable.

  • Laravel also has a large developer community and
    they release regular updates to ensure that this
    framework complies with contemporary requirements
    and needs of businesses.
  • So you would get to see more of Laravel as a
    backend framework in 2018.

7. Push notifications for websites
  • Nowadays, many websites are implementing push
    notifications as this idea in mobile apps did
    turn out to be a highly efficient means of
    engaging users. So, in 2018 push notifications
    would become a popular trend and you can utilize
    this technology for better user engagement.
  • This technology appears quite simple as users
    visit your site, they are offered to enable push
    notifications. If they enable then they would be
    notified in case of any changes on your site like
    new blog post, even after the user has closed the
    tab of your site.

  • The major benefit of this user-friendly
    technology is that you can keep your audience
    engaged effortlessly. Moreover, they are fast,
    on-time without requiring any complicated actions
    and thus, it can be a cheaper alternative to a
    mobile application as well.
  • So, get ready to make the most of this technology
    for your business in 2018.

  • In the digital era, a website is critical to the
    survival of your business because your audience
    thrives online. Therefore, staying updated with
    latest web development trends could mean
    attracting new customers and could translate into
    increase in conversions.
  • Do you think we have left out any trend that
    would dominate 2018? Would you like to add any
    trend to this list? You can talk with our web
    development experts regarding your app ideas. We
    would love to hear from you please be the first
    to leave your comments below.

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