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Why Do You Need a Salesforce Broker Portal and How to Install It?


Many insurance businesses have embraced digital transformation. Have you? If not, here's why you should. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why Do You Need a Salesforce Broker Portal and How to Install It?

Why Do You Need a Salesforce Broker Portal and
How to Install It?
For personal insurance, do you tend to call
someone or lookup on Google for the answers?
It's Google, probably! Because it's easy and
convenient to ?nd answers and solutions rather
than asking for help. We expect round-the-clock
service, which is not possible in a traditional
approach. Technology has transformed convenience
into luxury and is now a necessity. Insurance
brokers need to embrace technology to stay
competitive in
the digital environment. The key is to bring a
solution like a Salesforce broker portal that
helps brokers know when an existing customer has
a policy in another line with them. Broker
portals boost brokers' ef?ciency, enable
mobility, and enhance customer experience. With
the help of Salesforce broker portals, insurers
can create personalized offers tailored for
individual customers by analyzing their surveys
and other open data. The right solution can help
protect backend operations and streamline
frontend operations to ensure a 360-degree view
of the customers. But what exactly does a broker
portal mean? Let's ?nd out! What is a Broker
portal? And How does it Work? A broker portal is
a con?gurable self-service portal that gives
insurance agents/brokers the power to acquire
more clients by managing client acquisitions and
entire business operations from a centralized
solution. It gives agents/brokers access to
every department irrespective of the location or
device. Brokers can use the Salesforce broker
portal to obtain quotes, client details, renew
policies, submit claim data, etc.
The newly acquired portal provides brokers with
all the required functionalities in a single
solution, reducing the time dedicated to
management tasks. The consolidation of all
brokers' services in one place helps insurance
companies achieve better technical and
operational management. Bene?ts of Salesforce
Broker Portal Competitive edge, ef?ciency in
business operations, and customer satisfaction
are the key highlights of the Salesforce broker
portal. Other bene?ts are Exceeds
Expectations The Salesforce broker portal
provides agents/brokers with tools and features
to deliver personalized communication,
collaborate internally, streamline service
requests, track opportunities, and a lot
more. Work Smarter Get all the service requests
submitted through different platforms in one
place. Prioritize inquiries based on urgency and
ensure that the right person is managing a case.
Help your policyholders with guides, video
tutorials, FAQs, etc. Do all of this directly
from your portal. Personalize Interactions
Engage in customer conversations with smart
alerts. Allow customers to solve their queries
with the help of the community and knowledge
base. Let them access their information and
generate insurance certi?cates
automatically. Last but not least, collaborate
with colleagues, dig into the community groups
to understand customer needs and issues. Faster
Turnaround Time Salesforce broker portal enables
you to offer your customers 247 services via
SOS video chat or real-time interactions.
Provide customers with self-service for quick
problem resolution. Better Insights Get a clear
picture of the business working with company
insights like real-time credit information.
Improve the underwriting process and accurate
pricing. With the Salesforce broker portal,
enable your brokers to trade more policies and
get desired results ef?ciently. Robust
Solution With its features and services,
Salesforce allows businesses to connect with
their customers, clients, agents, and more
  • in a better way. Using it, businesses can track
    customer activity, community discussions and
    manage analytics from anywhere with accuracy. Be
    it instant access to the information or
    marketing to the customers, Salesforce makes
    everything possible.
  • Hence, you should go for a Salesforce broker
    portal. And with that being said, here are the
    installation steps.
  • How to Install Salesforce Broker Portal?
  • Follow the steps below to create an agent portal
  • From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Digital
    Experiences, and then select All Sites.
  • Click New.

  • Select the Insurance Agent Portal template, and
    click Get Started.
  • Enter a Name and a URL for the portal, and click
  • Click Builder.
  • Customize the portal to suit your business needs,
    preview the customized portal, and then publish
  • Note If you want to enable the Financial
    Services cloud, follow the steps below
  • Install a package for Financial Services Cloud and
    enable StreamAPI.
  • To access insurance objects and features, users
    need the FSC Insurance permission set license.

  • From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Users,
    and then select Users.
  • Click the user that you want to give permissions
  • Under Permission Set Assignments, click Edit
  • Under Available Permission Sets, select FSC
    Insurance, and then click Add.
  • Save your changes.
  • Your portal users can access insurance objects
    without requiring any additional permission set
    license. In your user pro?le, under General User
    Permissions, select Access Insurance Objects.

Thats it! Youre all set to use the broker
portal. Excited to know the features
inside? Features of Salesforce Insurance Portal
Insurance portals have various features such as
quote submission, policy management, sales and
marketing apps, analytics capabilities,
security, etc. Here's more about them Policy
Management You can list down policies,
conditions, amounts, premiums, etc., and get an
overview of policies sold, canceled policies,
agents' ratings, their productivity, and so
on. Premium Plan Management Customers can pay
their premiums by selecting the different
payment methods available. They can view their
premium details on the dashboard - like paid
premiums, premiums that are due, etc. Knowledge
and Consultation Insurance policies use terms
that are dif?cult to understand. Hence, the
portal enables you to add a knowledge base with
FAQs, terms explained, articles, guides, and
more. This equips your customers and agents with
the correct information instantly. Personalized
Quotes Salesforce broker portal enables
agents/brokers to provide customers with
personalized quotes based on their requirements
and speci?cations. It enhances agents'
visibility by giving them a clear idea of
customer information, claim requests, premium
lifecycle, etc. E-Signatures It makes it easy to
close the deals. Salesforce broker portal allows
agents/brokers to close the deals or share
insurance policies on the spot by obtaining
e-signatures. Explore Broker Portal Other
features include a smart dashboard, comparison
module, alerts and noti?cations, pro?le
management, digital workspace, etc. CRMJetty
provides it all. Read below to know more about us
and how we can help you. CRMJetty - Your
Salesforce Broker Portal Partner CRMJetty is a
hub of innovative portal solutions. We have 14
years of experience in portal development and can
help you build a custom solution tailored for
your business. Along with customization, we also
offer ready-to-integrate solutions. So, whether
you're looking to integrate a readily available
solution or customize your existing one, we have
got you covered.
Talking about
our Salesforce portal, it's a secure and
  • scalable solution to expand along with your
    business expansion.
  • Following are a few of the features of our
    Salesforce Insurance Portal
  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Role-Based Access
  • Real-Time Information
  • Policy Management
  • E-Signatures
  • Financial Calculator
  • Digital Payments
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • How We Will Create a Perfect Insurance Portal for
  • First, our development team will gather all the
    requirements by discussing the nuances and
    ?guring out the solution - whether your portal
    will need customization or not. If required,
    what are they, and will create a roadmap
    accordingly. Once our team starts the development
    process, we will update you about the iterations
    while testing the solution. Once approved by
    you, we will deliver the ?nal product, which you
    can use. We will also provide short-term

support post-launch for you to get familiar with t
he features. Interested in partnering with
us? Develop a Broker Portal
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