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New Updated Salesforce User Experience Designer Questions


Study the new updated Salesforce User Experience Designer questions here. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: New Updated Salesforce User Experience Designer Questions

User Experience Designer
  • Updated Questions

User Experience Designer Questions
  • 1.Cloud kicks wants to hire a deal closer. Which
    three activities would someone in this role do
    each day? Choose 3 answers
  • A. Update existing prospect and customer records.
  • B. Log activities such as calls, emails, and
  • C. Review and work through their list of leads or
  • D. Create cases from issues.
  • E. Customize and administer Salesforce.

User Experience Designer Questions
  • 2.Service agents are complaining that the new
    custom object to track reservation has too many
    fields and is duttering their layouts. All of the
    fields are necessary, but they would like to
    display fields and sections of the record as
    individual components on the page layout with
    visibility depending on where they are in the
    reservation process. Which feature should be
  • A. AppExchange Apps
  • B. Dynamic Forms
  • C. Process Builder
  • D. In-App Prompts

User Experience Designer Questions
  • 3.Cloud kicks wants to incorporates
    human-centered design across its organization.
    Which two practices should be adopted?
  • A. Including innovative ideas to showcase
  • B. observing user behavior
  • C. putting oneself in the situation of the
  • D. creating requirements based on business
    leaders priorities

User Experience Designer Questions
  • 4.A UX Designer at Cloud Kicks (CK) recommends a
    Salesforce Console application for CKs service
    representatives. The service representatives work
    on multiple support cases hour, accessing them
    via queues, calls, or live chat. Which console
    navigation feature would NOT be relevant to the
    designer recommendation?
  • A. More than one detail item can be open at a
  • B. Multiple subtabs can be beneath a single
    parent record.
  • C. A split list of records and individual record
    detail can see on the same screen.
  • D. Service representatives with lower resolution
    monitors will have a better user experience.

User Experience Designer Questions
  • 5.W UX wants to customer the end users
    Salesforce app experience. Which two
    administrator capabilities should be used for
    mobile navigation menu setup? Choose 2 answers
  • A. Tab visibility is dependent on the location of
    the user.
  • B. Different menu configurations can be set for
    different types of users.
  • C. Navigation items are configure in the
    Salesforce Navigation Setup mode.
  • D. Visualforce pages and Lightning pages can be

User Experience Designer Questions
  • 6.A UX Designer is asked to design a new
    application built on Salesforce. What should be
    their first step?
  • A. Create branding sets for each audience using
    Experience Builder.
  • B. Find and review relevant AppExchange packages.
  • C. Become familiar with the Salesforce Lightning
    Design System (SLDS) component blueprints.
  • D. Design a series of custom web component for
    the app.

User Experience Designer Questions
  • 7.A UX Designer needs to create a visual
    representation of a users series of steps to
    achieve a meaningful goal. Which UX design method
    should be used?
  • A. User Persona
  • B. Site Map
  • C. Lightning Flow
  • D. User Flow

User Experience Designer Questions
  • 8.How would a UX Designer Differentiate between
    voice and tone?
  • A. Voice reflects the expression and tone is the
    way one designs.
  • B. Voice reflects the character and tone is ones
  • C. Voice reflects the frequency and tone is ones
  • D. Voice reflects the personality and tone is the
    way one speaks.

User Experience Designer Questions
  • 9.During user interviews, a UX Designer discovers
    that the most common daily task for users is to
    look for and view commonly used reports using the
    global search bar. What should be done to improve
    their experience?
  • A. Make the global search bar bigger on every
  • B. Update the Home page with access to commonly
    used reports.
  • C. Add the Daily Task component to the Home page.
  • D. Create a mood board to communicate the visual
    style of the UI.

User Experience Designer Questions
  • 10.Cloud Kicks's development team is working on
    the build of a new custom component using VS
    Code. They often have new CSS dasses and
    properties conflicting with the Salesforce
    Lightning Design System (SLDS). What should
    simplify working with SLDS in Lightning
  • A. Salesforce Developer Console should be used
  • B. SLDS Validator extension for VS Code
  • C. Install SLDS creator from AppExchange
  • D. Keep the SLDS Stylesheet open for reference

User Experience Designer Answers
  • 1.Answer ABC
  • 2.Answer B
  • 3.Answer B,C
  • 4.Answer B
  • 5.Answer A,C
  • 6.Answer C
  • 7.Answer D
  • 8.Answer D
  • 9.Answer A
  • 10.Answer C
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