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Bathroom Renovation in Melbourne


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Title: Bathroom Renovation in Melbourne

Bathroom Renovation in Melbourne
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Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Bathroom
Lack of Planning
Forgetting Storage
Inaccurate Measurements
Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Bathroom
Bad Lighting
Neglected Functionality
Lack of Planning
  • Renovations are a huge task, not nearly as simple
    as re-organising living room decor or grocery
    shopping. There are a lot of decisions to be made
    and you also need proper chronological order of
    things decided beforehand. Lack of planning can
    make you end up in chaos. Never jump into
    bathroom renovations without a plan.

Forgetting Storage
  • When you are presented with so many choices, you
    might get lost in designs and trying to get the
    exact aesthetics you want for your bathroom.
    Sometimes, in such excitement we might forget
    aspects besides the aesthetics such as storage.
    Dont make this mistake as you might end up messy
    bathroom with stuff all over the place, later on.

Inaccurate Measurements
  • Inaccurate measurements can create messy chaos.
    You have to make sure that measurements are taken
    twice and no angle and corners are neglected.
    Smallest of aspects can make your bathroom just
    right or a chaotic cramped up space.

Bad Lighting
  • Lighting is important in bathroom especially
    because the bathroom usually does not have as
    much ventilation and windows as other rooms. In
    addition the bathroom is always smaller than
    bedroom and living room etc. Exactly right
    lighting is necessary to make sure the bathroom
    does not seem like dark dingy place.

  • As mentioned before, bathrooms are relatively
    small spaces and do not have as many windows and
    doors as other rooms in the house. If the
    bathroom is too small, make sure to get exhaust
    fan. And do not make mistake of forgetting to
    prioritise windows, windows in bathroom are very
    important to avoid stuffy and humid environment.

Neglected Functionality
  • Just like storage, when faced with so many
    choices for aesthetics, sometimes we forget the
    aspect of functionality. Never make mistake of
    prioritising aesthetics over functionality. You
    may get aesthetically appealing bathroom but you
    wont be able to enjoy it with convenience and

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