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Tips for Your Home Styling in Melbourne


Do you want to restyle or renovate your home? So, are you thinking about the latest home styling tips for Home Renovation Melbourne that can give you the best modern and stylish home interior? This task is the most tedious and confusing because you can't decide what home renovation or remodelling is best and essential. So, we have a perfect solution in detail. We bring a presentation about tips for your home styling in Melbourne. Check out this ppt and get amazing home renovation tips. Visit our site: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips for Your Home Styling in Melbourne

Tips for Your Home Styling in Melbourne
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  • Tips for various designs and stylings and
    decorations are never enough, right? That is one
    of the amazing qualities of us humans on this
    planet earth, we never run out of creative people
    who have never-ending creative ideas. Thankfully
    this creativity provides us with an amazingly
    wide range of choices and options. Now in this
    blog we will tell you about some of the tips that
    you may find useful for your home styling in

Asymmetry can be an aesthetically pleasing way of
home styling if you have less stuff and more
space. But otherwise, it will make your room feel
like cramped up subway cars underground! In most
of the cases, symmetry is the way to go. Always
choose symmetrical organization and placement of
various furniture items. Along with symmetry you
can go with more organized patterns such as art
pieces in odd numbers or artifacts in even
numbers. Choose an odd or even number and stick
with it for all items.
Spacious Organisation
Your organization of furniture and all the items
in your room should be spacious. Always keep
everything at a distance and not too close. Also,
keep the couches away from walls. It will give
the room a spacious look and make the room
cleaning easier. It will also help you avoid
getting edge marks on the walls.
Art Work
When you are buying paintings or art works,
choose a theme. You could for a particular color
or patterns or design or material. You could also
choose your art works with artists at focus or
particular culture at focus. Make sure you stick
with one theme in one room. You can also go with
the same theme for your whole home if all your
rooms have the fitting stylings.
Don't Be Afraid of Black Paint
In old times, off white and beige shades were
preferred for interior, then came brighter and
purer shades of white. If you look at modern
interior designs, you will find that now grey and
black are becoming a trend. They may be dark
colors but well balanced use of those colors can
give you a very luxurious and modern look. So
never be afraid of using the black paint.
Seasonal Decor
You cannot renovate your home every season, every
year. However you can decorate and style your
home every season. All you need is different
colors of drapes, tablecloths, bedsheets and
everything you can find in different colors and
designs etc. You cannot change the couch every
season, but you can change its slipcover every
season. You cannot get new windows but you can
change the curtains and drapes.
Floor with Colour
Instead of traditional floors, choose a
particular color floor! For example, you could go
with teal blue floors in the bathroom and a shade
of green could go well for your living room floor
if you have nature themed interiors.
Minimalism is trendy for a reason. It gives a
very modern and aesthetic look to your room.
What's more, it also makes the cleaning easier
for you. Minimalism also makes your room look
more spacious and a spacious room is always
superior to a cramped up room, right?
Floor Sitting
Indians have the tradition of floor sitting.
Although they have tables and chairs now just
like the west, in old times they used to have
rugs and mattresses of a kind on the floor with
pillows which was a floor sitting arrangement.
Collections on Display
Don't be shy! Get your collections out of the
attic and garage! Put it up on display. Your
collection on display gives your home more of
'you' in styling. Collections of display also
show that you are creative, passionate and
Get Creative- Create Your Own Piece of Art
What do we mean by this? Let's start with an
example. You could be a nature person who visits
the beach often and collects beautiful pebbles or
shells. Or you like collecting designer plates.
Or you have your own collection of hobbies. What
you can do is create an art piece out of it. For
instance if you have collected simple wooden
sticks from your weekly hikes, you can put those
wooden sticks on the wall with nails or effective
adhesive and that will end up being an art piece
of its own.
Ditch Coffee Table Base, Replace with
Instead of traditional legs, replace the coffee
tables' base with books or clay pot/s or well
polished wooden blocks. This gives your room a
unique aesthetic look that is modern!
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