Is it Safe to go for Hair transplant During Covid? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Is it Safe to go for Hair transplant During Covid?


This ppt will inform you about whether it is safe to go for hair transplant during covid or not. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Is it Safe to go for Hair transplant During Covid?

Is it Safe to Go for Hair Transplant During
Effect of Covid on Hair Transplant
  • Many patients are reporting a significant amount
    of hair loss after recovering from the infection.
    For this reason, a hair transplant seems like a
    good option for them. There have been many types
    of research on the effect of covid on hair
    transplant. However, there are no studies that
    showed that the virus will have any effects on
    the surgery.
  • It is not safe to treat it as a general practice
    and start asking questions about going for a hair
    transplant during the Covid-19 pandemic period.
    If you are suffering from flu and planning to get
    your grafts implanted then please consult your
    doctor before doing so else you may end up
    catching another virus or worse yet, go down with
    severe side effects.
  • Heal your body, then consult your surgeon. Wait
    for a month or two to see how your body is coping
    after the recovery.
  • The only thing you should be worried about before
    going for a Hair Transplant in this time is the
    clinic you're choosing. They should practice
    Covid protocols and take safety measures

Safety Measures Taken by Clinic
  • There are still a number of precautions that you
    should be putting into place before going for
    surgery. If your doctor or clinic is not
    following certain safety protocols then they may
    not be suitable for your needs during this time.
    We all know the drill- maintain a distance,
    sanitize often, wear a mask, but there are other
    things worth considering during a surgery.
  • These are some things to look out for
  • 1) Does the clinic practice standard
    pre-operative and post-operative protocols? (This
    should be important always, not just during a
  • 2) Are All Staff Members Protective Against
    Infections?  (it's mandatory in all cases now).

Safety Measures Taken by Clinic
  • 3) Do they have adequate surgical supplies on
    hand? (All staff members must wash their hands
    regularly, wear gloves, change them depending on
    the situation, etc.)
  • 4) What kind of sterilization techniques is their
    clinic using?
  • 5) Are the staff vaccinated to prevent
  • 6) What is your clinic's record like during covid
  • 7) How many people have contracted infections at
    their clinic? (It may be dangerous if they don't
    take precautions during surgical procedures.) 

Safety Measures Taken by Clinic
  • 9) Do they have or know all techniques for
    engaging in a safe hair transplant during the
  • 10) Lastly, how often do they sanitize their
  • Most hair transplant clinics take precautions to
    avoid any infection during this time. At Dr. V.S
    Rathore's clinic, no one should be concerned
    about getting infected because we follow all the
    safety measures mentioned above. For us, our
    patients safety and health will always be the
    first concern.

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