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Why are Dedicated Servers better for Gaming?


HTS dedicated server enables you with numerous benefits, especially for gaming purposes. It has been considered as the best solution as they offer reliable resources, greater control, speed, and most importantly best gaming experience. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why are Dedicated Servers better for Gaming?

Why are Dedicated Servers Better For Gaming?
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • What is dedicated server in respect of gaming?
  • How dedicated Server works?
  • What to look for with a dedicated gaming server?
  • Benefits of Dedicated Server
  • Conclusion

  • The video game industry has progressed
    significantly because of the internet and
    advanced solutions.
  • You can now play with people from all over the
  • When it comes to online gaming, nothing is more
    annoying than lags, slow loading, and unstable
  • Fortunately, there is a way to improve your
    online gaming experience it is called dedicated
    server hosting.
  • It gives you a more stable connection and more
    control over your game.
  • It is necessary to invest in dedicated server
    hosting, as it provides an exorbitant amount of
    CPU and RAM, which is an ideal platform for

What is dedicated server in respect of gaming?
  • A host and the clients are usually involved in
    the default online multiplayer gaming experience.
  • The server that transmits data to the players and
    keeps the game in sync is known as the host and
    the clients are people who participate in the
    game but do not host it.
  • The host is usually the player who started the
    game, and runs a local version of the game on a
    computer or console.
  • The host's computer or console is in charge of a
    lot of hard work.
  • If the hosts computer or console lacks
    sufficient memory, processing power, and
    bandwidth to support all the behind-the-scene
    activity, the game will experience slow load
    times, lags, and even dropped games.
  • Alternatively, you can take complete control of
    your gaming experience by purchasing dedicated
    server hosting.
  • A dedicated server is a completely remote server
    that is dedicated to you i.e. you will not be
    required to share server space or resources with
    any other website or application.

How Dedicated Server Works?
  • A dedicated server setup is more akin to a remote
    computer that hosts a video game for its users.
  • A dedicated server provides more processing,
    memory, and storage space, allowing you to
  • Configure your server to allow for seamless game
  • Limit the number of players who can join the
  • Restriction or ban users from joining the server
    if they violated the rules or you planned a
    private gaming event.
  • Create and implement your own game rules.

What to look for with a dedicated gaming server?
  • A dedicated server is a foolproof way to ensure
    that your gamers are pleased.
  • Depending on the type of game you want to play,
    your resources will differ, but the following are
    crucial with your dedicated server
  • RAM and CPU
  • Disk Space
  • High Bandwidth
  • Guaranteed Uptime

Benefits of Dedicated Server
  • A dedicated server is a completely remote server
    that is dedicated to you.
  • This means you will not be required to share
    server space or resources with any other website
    or application.
  • It provides various benefits such as
  • More Control
  • Highly Reliable
  • Enhanced Security
  • Immediate Support
  • Improved Performance
  • Lets take a closer look of each one by one.

More Control
  • One of the most significant benefits of
    purchasing a dedicated server is having complete
    control over your gaming experience.
  • You can configure the server, however you want,
    including selecting an operating system,
    installing custom scripts, and configuring the
  • You can also limit the number of players in the
    game so that it does not consume too much memory.
  • Furthermore, you can play any game you want and
    set the game rules, such as how many rounds there
    will be, what constitutes a win, which weapons
    are allowed and which are prohibited, and so on

2. Highly Reliable
  • Dedicated server providers provide you with a
    dedicated server that is specifically designed to
    provide an amazing gaming experience.
  • Most service providers provide high guaranteed
    uptime, round-the-clock surveillance and
    monitoring, and other features to ensure your
    gaming server remains operational in all
  • In addition, purchasing a dedicated server can
    provide you with all the controls and power you
  • You won't have to share the server with anyone
    else because the resources are all yours.
  • Your games may not lag, and your gaming
    experience may not suffer as a result of others
    using resources from a shared pool.

3. Enhanced Security
  • When you use your computer, console, or machine
    to host a game of savvy internet users, your
    computer is potentially vulnerable.
  • Dedicated servers can boost high security for a
    variety of reasons.
  • Hosting companies make significant investments in
    cybersecurity, such as advanced DDoS protection,
    strong firewalls, manual backups, and scheduled
  • Admins also have complete control over who can
    log in to the server, so they always know who is
    playing the game and can protect the server from
  • You can also reserve a dedicated server for your
    game and only your game. When no other
    applications are running in the background, the
    attack surface is extremely small.

4. Immediate Support
  • Even if you are less likely to encounter
    technical issues when purchasing a dedicated
    server from HTS Hosting, you may require our
    assistance in configuring and running the
    dedicated server.
  • Most gamers are unable to do so on their own, so
    we provide 24/7 customer support to answer our
    clients' questions, allowing them to focus on
    their gaming platform.

5. Improved Performance
  • Better performance is one of the most significant
    advantages of dedicated server hosting in gaming.
  • Dedicated servers accelerate loading times and
    eliminate lags. They also reduce the possibility
    of being kicked out of the game due to connection
  • Most games, however, prefer so-called
    peer-to-peer servers. Unlike dedicated hosting,
    the game seeks out the best host on its own.
  • Games that use this solution are frequently
    inconsistent, making gameplay impossible at

  • Dedicated Server hosting from HTS Hosting is your
    best bet to play multiplayer games, whether you
    want to improve your multiplayer gaming
    experience or generate some extra revenue.
  • Dedicated servers give you the most control over
    your settings and guarantee that there are
    resources available to you.
  • Moreover, HTS provides affordable and powerful
    dedicated servers that will eliminate lags, give
    you complete control over your gaming
    environment, and provide you and your friends
    with an overall better gaming experience.
  • To know more about dedicated hosting plans, visit
    our official website https//www.htshosting.org
    or call us at 1800-123-8156

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