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cPanel & WHM’s Product Versions and Their Release Process (1)


It becomes a necessity to understand the versions and releases of cPanel & WHM, prior to making any decision about updating the server. A cPanel & WHM version number has a Parent Value, a Major Value, a Minor Value, and a Build Value. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: cPanel & WHM’s Product Versions and Their Release Process (1)

cPanel WHMs Product Versions and Their Release
Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Version Numbers
  • Parent Value
  • Major Value
  • Minor Value
  • Build Value
  • Releases
  • Release Tiers
  • LTS
  • LTS Support
  • LTS Updates for Other Applications
  • EDGE
  • Production Release Process

  • A server is a hardware or program that is used to
    provide functionality through the client-server
    model, over a network, to clients which are
    either other devices or other programs. This
    functionality could be services, data, programs,
    or resources. Servers are of many types, such as
    file servers, database servers, print servers,
    mail servers, application servers, web servers,
    etc. Web servers are used for providing the
    service of web hosting, by all the hosting
    service providers, including companies that are
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    Best Windows Hosting Company, the Best Website
    Hosting Company, etc. Web servers store the
    files of websites and deliver these over the
    Internet to the Internet-connected devices for
    making websites accessible. Hence, web servers
    play a crucial part in web hosting, the service
    that makes websites accessible and keeps them up
    and running without any issue.
  • Here, we will help you make decisions regarding
    updating your server. For this, it is important
    that you understand the versions and releases of
    cPanel WHM. It needs to be mentioned here that
    you cannot downgrade a cPanel WHM installation
    between major versions or release tiers.
  • Let us proceed with our topic.

Version Numbers
  • A cPanel WHM version number has 3 or 4
    incremented integer values. Each of these values
    is separated from the other with a period (.)
  • The below-mentioned parts are present in every
    version number.
  • Parent Value
  • Major Value
  • Minor Value
  • Build Value
  • Let us discuss each of these individually in the
    next few slides.

Parent Value
  • The parent value is from a previous version
    numbering system of cPanel WHM. A large group
    of major versions of cPanel WHM are indicated
    by it. This part of the numbering system with
    regard to cPanel WHM had been deprecated in the
    version 11.52. This value is optional in most
    cases. This is usually seen in configuration
    files, RPM files, and API function output.

Major Value
  • A new set of features is indicated by each major
    value. The builds in it are frequently referred
    to as a release or a major version.
  • Those development releases which appear on the
    EDGE release tier are known as the odd major
    values. The production releases which appear in
    all release tiers are referred to as even major

Minor Value
  • It needs to be mentioned here that the minor
    value might be omitted in some references to
    version numbers. Sets of bug fixes as well as
    certain changes that are meant for stabilizing
    the features of the major value version, are
    indicated by the minor value. A minor value of 0
    is used by the initial builds of a production
    release. The build value is incremented by the
    production releases later publications.

Build Value
  • The build value might be omitted by some
    references to version numbers. The unique build
    of cPanel WHM is indicated by the build value.

1-800-123 -8156
  • Whoa! Thats a big number, arent you

  • Versions of cPanel WHM are released across
    several architectures. Its several versions might
    be published across different tiers on the same
    day. Let us run you through the most recent
    cPanel WHM release versions, in brief.
  • cPanel WHM Version 90 Its approximate release
    date was August 2020.
  • cPanel WHM Version 92 Its approximate release
    date was November 2020.
  • cPanel WHM Version 94 (LTS) Its approximate
    release date was February 2021.
  • cPanel WHM Version 96 Its approximate release
    date was March 2021.
  • cPanel WHM Version 98 Its approximate release
    date was August 2021.
  • It needs to be noted here that if the RELEASE,
    STABLE, or LTS tiers are used by a server, then a
    delay of many business days is applied by the
    system, prior to an automatic upgrade taking
    place. Usually it is ensured that new versions do
    not get released on international holidays and on
    weekends, which exist from Thursday evening
    through Sunday afternoon.

Release Tiers
  • cPanel WHM is released through 5 tiers that are
    publicly-available. This proves to be helpful for
    server owners with regard to selecting the update
    frequency that they prefer in the context of new
    versions of cPanel WHM being developed and
    published. Regarding the release tiers, here are
    a few important points
  • A release of cPanel WHM becomes unsupported
    when it doesnt exist in any tier any more and
    reaches EOL (End of Life). Versions that are
    unsupported do not receive bug fixes or security
  • Each time that a cPanel WHM version is about to
    reach its EOL, you shall receive notification
    about it through email. It needs to be mentioned
    that the releases are not EOL until the RELEASE
    tier is reached by the upcoming version.
  • The Update Preferences interface of WHM needs to
    be used for selecting a release tier.
  • WHM gtgt Home gtgt Server Configuration gtgt
    Update Preferences
  • The release tiers from which you can choose shall
    be discussed next.

  • This tier can be used for selecting a single
    cPanel WHM version for that particular year for
    which it is supported by cPanel L.L.C. Only one
    LTS version is shipped in each year. Security as
    well as other critical updates are provided by
    cPanel L.L.C. over the entire lifespan of any LTS
    release. New features are not added to LTS
    releases unless these are extremely critical.
    Updates related to compatibility with later
    versions are also provided. A single release per
    year qualifies for LTS. For the other versions,
    updates will be received only in the STABLE,
    RELEASE, CURRENT, or in the EDGE tiers.

LTS Support
  • The below-mentioned guidelines are followed for
    providing LTS support.
  • A versions LTS period might be extended by
    cPanel L.L.C. at its discretion.
  • Each releases lifespan extends through March 31
    of the next year.
  • The lifespan of an LTS version is not calculated
    based on its publication date.
  • The development releases of cPanel WHM do not
    qualify for LTS.

LTS Updates for Other Applications
  • LTS Updates are provided for the below-mentioned
  • Third-Party Applications Many third-party
    applications are provided by cPanel WHM.
    Critical updates are provided for third-party
    applications of supported LTS releases. These
    might be provided as backported patches rather
    than upgrades.
  • EasyApache EasyApache is released separately
    from the release schedule of cPanel WHM, by
    cPanel L.L.C. EasyApache updates are provided for
    an LTS release until the release reaches its EOL.
    EasyApache updates the LTS version, when it
    doesnt meet the requirements of EasyApache. Such
    an update cannot be supported by cPanel L.L.C.
    The supported versions timeline is used
    by the EasyApache. RPMs for those versions of
    PHP, which are unsupported, remain on the mirrors
    and servers of cPanel L.L.C. No further updates
    are provided.
  • cPAddons and WHM Plugins Updates related to
    cPAddons and WHM plugins are released throughout
    the lifetime of LTS release.

  • This tier is published less often than RELEASE.
    This version has been through testing, public
    exposure and verification.

  • It needs to be mentioned that any new
    installation defaults to this tier. This version
    has been tested thoroughly. All the features and
    functionality that are intended, are present in
    it and this version is feature-complete. This
    tier is published more often than the STABLE one.

  • This tier is published more often than the
    RELEASE tier. Verification and testing has
    happened for the CURRENT version. The Release
    Candidate tier used by the other publication
    schedules is represented by this tier. Some of
    the features of this version might be in

  • EDGE should be used for testing that is carried
    out in a controlled environment as EDGE builds
    have a dynamic nature. This tier isnt
    recommended for production servers. This version
    has been through only rudimentary testing. This
    tier is published as frequently as several times
    in a week.
  • Those features are present in this version that
    are supposed to be changed further. Moreover,
    this version might not include all the features
    or official public documentation.

Production Release Process
  • The below-mentioned process is used for
    developing and managing production releases.
  • The development and testing of the production
    release is completed.
  • The release to the development and EDGE tiers is
  • The release to the CURRENT tier is published. At
    this juncture, the development and publishing of
    non-critical changes related to the releases is
  • Any immediate maintenance related requirements
    are assessed post the release entering the
    RELEASE tier.
  • Publishing to the STABLE and annual LTS tiers
    happens after the maintenance related issues get
  • Additionally, the following points need to be
    mentioned, in no particular order
  • Apart from everything from the previous
    production release, the development releases of
    cPanel WHM include changes that have to do with
    the next planned production release.
  • All development release changes are published to
    the EDGE tier.

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