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COVID-19 Antibody Test: How It Works - Covid Clinic


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Title: COVID-19 Antibody Test: How It Works - Covid Clinic

COVID-19 Antibody Tests How It Works
What is a COVID-19 Antibody Test?
COVID-19 antibody testing is a way of trying to
determine if you have previously been infected
with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes
COVID-19. Antibody testing is done with a blood
sample and is also known as serology testing. It
can be performed in a laboratory or with
on-site, point- of-care testing. Antibody
testing may be used in patients with
long-lasting or late-developing complications.
It is also used in research to better understand
the COVID-19 pandemic.
What Is The Purpose Of The Test?
-Testing in people with persistent symptoms of
COVID-19 It can help demonstrate that you had a
prior virus infection which may explain your
symptoms and support a diagnosis of
COVID-19. -Testing in people with late-developing
complications of COVID-19 If it is believed
that you have delayed symptoms of coronavirus
infection, an antibody test may help determine
if you were infected before. -Antibody tests can
also be used to try to determine how past
infection affects the risk of developing
COVID-19 in the future.
What Does The Test Measure?
COVID-19 serology tests measure antibodies in
the blood. Antibodies are proteins generated by
the immune system in response to pathogens such
as viruses. Most COVID-19 antibody tests focus on
IgG or the total number of antibodies. IgG
antibodies take several weeks to develop but can
last for several months. As a result, they are
generally viewed as the most reliable indicator
of a prior infection.
When Should You Get Your COVID-19 Antibody Test?
COVID-19 antibody tests are typically only used
in specific circumstances. Most often, the test
is prescribed when you have symptoms that could
be related to COVID-19, but the infection is
believed to have occurred several weeks or
months earlier. In these cases, you may have
already tested negative for active infection
with Covid.
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