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Antigen Test for COVID-19 : How It Works? - Covid Clinic


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Title: Antigen Test for COVID-19 : How It Works? - Covid Clinic

Antigen Test for COVID-19
Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test
This test is used to rapidly detect an active
COVID-19 infection in a patient. Results are
generally reported within 30 minutes at most
What Does the Test Measure?
COVID-19 antigen tests evaluate whether there
are indications of infection with SARS- CoV-2.
They check for specific proteins on the outside
surface of the virus called antigens in a test
sample taken from the nostril or the area at the
back of the nose. the presence of these antigens
is a sign of an active infection.
How Much Does the Test Cost?
Antigen tests are less costly than many other
types of tests, including PCRs, but the exact
cost can vary based on where the test is
conducted, whether it is covered by insurance,
and the specific brand of test that is used.
How Is a Covid-19 Antigen Test Different From an
Antibody Test?
  • Antigen and Antibody tests have a different
    purpose. Antigen tests look for active infection,
    but Antibody tests look for past infection.
    Antigens are a part of the virus, while an
    Antibody is something that the immune system
    creates in response to being exposed to a viral

How Will I Get My Results?
A copy of the test result will be sent to the
email and phone number provided on the consent
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