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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000, 83 (Company File Error)


QuickBooks Error Code 6000 83 generally pops up cause when QB access your company files. It also shows an error when you restore or backup company files. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000, 83 (Company File Error)

How to fix Error 6000,-83 - QuickBooks - Intuit
QuickBooks Error Code 6000 83
  • In the article, I will discuss quite
    possibly the most abruptly happening error that
    is experienced by many QB users. According to a
    review, QuickBooks error 6000 83 happens at the
    time QuickBooks attempted to get to the company
    file. How about we see what troubleshooting steps
    needed to fix this error.
  • Execute a portion of the suggested
    troubleshooting ways on the off chance that you
    notice this error while endeavoring to open,
    restore or back up the QuickBooks Company file.
    Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you would
    prefer not to proceed with the manual steps
    referenced beneath or you need any further
    information and help from guaranteed proficient
    and experienced QuickBoks technicians, then you
    can consider the assistance from our QuickBooks
    Experts team support 1-800-941-1342

What is QuickBooks Error code 6000, -83?
  • QuickBooks error code - 6000, - 83 falls under
    the category of QuickBooks company file 6000
    error series. The 6000 series error may make a
    serious harm the company file and likewise to the
    system. These errors show up on the screen
    accompanied with two to four digits toward the
    end. The error code - 6000, - 83 thinks of an
    error message stating
  • An error occurred when QuickBooks tries to access
    the company file. Please try again. If the
    problem persists, contact Intuit technical
    support and provide them with the following error
    codes (-6000, -83)
  • This error code may hamper the system and company
    file on the loose. And as it is a matter worried
    about the company file that contains fundamental
    information, it is prescribed to fix them
    straightaway, to keep away from any further
    wreck. The factors causing this error can be
    multiple, a couple of the most widely recognized
    ones can be found underneath

What May Cause QuickBooks Error 6000, 83?
  • This error can also appear if you are using a
    non-U.S. or non-Canadian version of Windows. Or
    if you are having a Regional Language Settings
    option in Windows which is set to some other
    language apart from English.
  • File extension incorrect.
  • When there is an Incomplete QuickBooks
  • Insufficient access to the network server,
    QBDataServiceUserXX, or Windows admins.
  • There is any damaged company (.qbw) file
  • Damaged or corrupted QB company file or the
    shared folder.
  • If multiple systems attempt to host the QB
    Company file.
  • When you try to convert the QB Company file of
    earlier version over a network.
  • It could be possible that the file extension may
    be in the format of .qbm or .qbw.adr.
  • The hosting is enabled on both servers and at
    least 1 workstation (incorrect) instead of only
    the server (correct)

Symptoms of QuickBooks error code 6000 83
  • You will see the error message as QuickBooks
    error code 6000 83 on your desktop screen.
  • QuickBooks has stopped working error may appear.
  • Your system will freeze repeatedly.
  • Your system will not respond and stuck with a
    black screen

Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6000, 83?
  • The troubleshooting steps rely upon the activity
    performed when the error happens. Kindly select
    from the under given circumstance and seek after
    the proposed troubleshooting steps

Solution 1 Run QuickBooks File Doctor tool
  • Download the QB File Doctor tool from the Intuit
    site and then run it and check if the error is
    resolved or not. The client can either download
    QuickBooks tools hub and then open up QuickBooks
    file doctor tool or can download it
    straightforwardly from the Intuit's site. The
    steps engaged with getting to it from QB tools
    hub are as follows
  • In the wake of downloading and installing
    QuickBooks tools hub, the client is needed to
    choose the company file issues tab.
  • And then pick the run QuickBooks file doctor
    alternative. It may require a couple of moments
    to open the tool.
  • From that point onward, in the QB file doctor
    tool, the client is needed to tap on the company
    file alternative starting from the drop menu. On
    the off chance that, the client can't detect the
    company file, select Browse and search to
    recognize the file.
  • When finished with that, the client needs to
    choose check your file alternative, and then hit
  • Towards the finish of the cycle, the client needs
    to enter the administrator accreditations and
    then hit straightaway.
  • It ought to be noticed that the scan time relies
    upon the size of the file. In majority of the
    cases, it may take around 5 minutes, The client
    can open the company file, when the scan wraps
    up. This would resolve the issue.

Solution 2 Turn off hosting on all Workstations
that Access the file Over the Network
  • If youre using the QuickBooks desktop on more
    than one system, configure only one of them to
    host the QB company file.
  • Follow these steps to turn off hosting on all
  • Open the QuickBooks Desktop. Choose the File
    icon, then select the Utilities tab.
  • From the list, if you see
  • Host Multi-User Access The computer is not
    hosting the QB company file you can go to the
    next system.
  • Stop Hosting Multi-User Access Select that
    option, then
  • In the Stop hosting multi-user Access window,
    click on the Yes icon.
  • In the Company file must be closed window,
    click on the Yes icon to continue go to the
    next computer.

Solution 3 Check your backup filename
  • You need to ensure that there arent symbols,
    special characters, or spaces in your backup
    company filename or the folder holding it.
  • Firstly open the Windows Start menu.
  • After that type File Explorer into the search
    option and then open File Explorer option.
  • Now search and open the folder that have the
    company file.
  • Hit a right-click on the file that have .qbb
    extensions at the end of the file
  • Now choose Rename option.
  • You need to delete any special characters,
    symbols, or spaces from the filename.
  • Hit a right-click on the folder that is holding
    the QBB file and then choose Rename option.
  • Now delete any special characters, symbols, or
    spaces here.
  • Finally restore your company file.

Solution 4 Edit the Windows Hosts file
  • You need administrator admittance to the worker
    and PCs that associate with it, so you can alter
    Windows hosts file.
  • On the off chance that, the company file is
    stored on a Linux Server and QuickBooks error
    6000 83 happens when you make endeavors to open
    the file then attempt the underneath referenced
  • Step 1 Configure the Linux Database Server
  • First configure the Linux Database Server Manager
    to specify the directory in the Initord.config
    file. Once the directory is specified, on the
    Windows client restart the QuickBooks Enterprise
    Solution application and then ping the server
  • Now edit the hosts file.

  • Step 2 Configure your host file
  • Step 3 Restoring the company files
  • The QuickBooks error -6000, -83 appeared when you
    were creating a backup, then in that case follow
    the steps mentioned below
  • Make a new folder on the root of the C drive.
  • Manually backup your company file and then save
    it in the new folder created in the step above.
  • On one of the systems connected to the network,
    the user is required to open the windows start
  • And then, type in CMD into the search bar and
    then open command.
  • The next step is to type PingName of your Linux
    server in the window and then press Enter key.
  • In case you were restoring the company files when
    the error code -6000,-83 occurred and try out the
    following solutions
  • Verify the extension of the company file
  • You have to check if the restored company file
    has qbw extension. In case a file with adr or qbm
    extension is made after running the backup
    process, then you have to modify the file
    extension to qbw.
  • Make sure that there are no problems with the
    company file.
  • Note Special characters like dollar sign, and
    quotation mark etc shouldnt be in the file and
    also the file path shouldnt be very long.

Solution 5 Manually resolve Error 6000, 83
  • In case, File Doctor is not able to run
    successfully on your computer then you have to
    manually fix the QuickBooks error code 6000 83.
    Below are the steps to be followed
  • Update QuickBooks to the latest release
  • Now modify the settings of your firewall software
    so that QuickBooks files can be easily accessed
    over the internet.
  • Now Edit the permissions if needed so as to be
    able to easily share the company files
  • You have to verify the hosting mode on the server
    computer with QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
    For other PCs the hosting should be off
  • On the Server under the Task Manager ensure that
    QBDBMgrN.exe is present in the list. Also check
    if the value in the user name column in the
    QBDBNgrn.exe row is correct.
  • Open the QB company file in the computer that is
    serving as the host. Now copy the files to your
    Windows desktop. After this open QB Desktop and
    then open the company file that are copied on
    your desktop. If the error is still not resolved
    then probably the company file is damaged. You
    can fix this by restoring the backup of the
    company file by using QuickBooks Auto Data
    Recovery to get back the data or by sending the
    file to Intuits data recovery system.
  • If the company files get opened without the error
    then you have to copy the company files back to
    their original location. And before you copy back
    the files from the desktop they need to be
    renamed in the original location. Ensure that
    that you havent pasted over the company file in
    the original location.
  • After this you have to open QuickBooks and then
    open the company file to check if the error is
    still appearing.

Winding Up!
  • In the event that the backup must be restored on
    a network location then you need to restore to
    the PC. After this you need to duplicate the
    company file that you have restored in your PC to
    the Network location. When done, open the file
    and presently you will actually want to check
    whether the QuickBooks error 6000, 83 is fixed or
  • All these solutions are easily doable. Yet on the
    off chance that you need assistance than prepared
    QuickBooks Itztechy help experts are
    consistently accessible to direct you.
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