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Rules for Making Good Explainer Videos


Explainer Videos are the talk of the town now a days. They are creative, concise and lets your brand get heard by the target audience. Know 5 rules for making a good explainer video. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Rules for Making Good Explainer Videos

Rules for Making Good Explainer Videos
What is an Explainer Video?
An explainer video makes use of appealing visuals
and a crisp language to grab the viewers
attention. An explainer video can be both
informational and educational explaining what
your company offers, how your products can be a
solution to your customers problems, and why
your product or service is the best in the market.
How Explainer Videos are different?
At Skittles, Explainer Videos are different from
other marketing videos in the sense that they
are short animated videos explaining the brand
ideas in creative and concise manner.
Top Rules for Making a Good Animated Explainer
1 Script
A good script is the foundation of an explainer
video. It is recommended to get a professional
to write the script as it will also provide an
outsiders perspective on the company or the
product which will help viewers to understand it
in a simpler manner.
2 Duration of the Video
In today's era, everyone is busy, rushing in
pace. To grab someones attention is tougher
than usual, so the shorter the message is, the
easier to remember it is. Making the message
concise and digging into the important details
directly is the key.
3 Research Well
Proper research should be done regarding the
product or service that needs to be marketed.
People only choose a brand when it conveys the
right message. Keeping your target audience in
mind, give your video a human touch. Experts
say, when your audience knows what benefits they
can get from your brand, they tend to choose you
over others.
4 Voice-Over
Video and audio go hand in hand. It is said that
audio catches the audience's attention even
before the visual does. So the audio quality
should be good and the voice used should have a
polished tone and fluency, otherwise, it will
ruin the video.
5 Testing
This is the most important part of the video. It
is mandatory to test the video before launching
it. Oftentimes, it is this phase that decides if
your video will work with your audience or not.
The video and audio must be tested separately.
Only after the confirmation that everything
looks fine and sounds good, the video should be
Final Words
  • Explainer videos are one of the best and fastest-
    growing marketing strategies at this time. They
    not only save your time and money but also help
    your brand get heard. So, if you want to promote
    your brand, get in touch with a leading animated
    video production company like Skittles
    Productions today.

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