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Best Travel Experience in Mazatlan by Bald Girl Will Travel


Traveling around Mexico, here are the things you should learn and explore in this beautiful country. I’m Anne Marie, I share my travel experience through my blog website bald girl will travel. Watch the presentation to know more. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Travel Experience in Mazatlan by Bald Girl Will Travel

Best Travel Experience in Mazatlan by Bald
Girl Will Travel
Like many of you my followers and subscribers may
know, for four months, and some change, I took a
series of trips to and around Mexico to determine
the best location for my BLAXIT. In pursuit of
the authentic, unapologetic, and free existence
that I know I will never have in the United
States, I checked out 9 cities/towns. I
ultimately settled on San Miguel de Allende (SMA)
for my initial relocation and you can read about
why HERE. Traveling around Mexico trying to
figure out where I wanted to settle, made me
realize that there is SO much more to learn and
explore in this beautiful country. So I promised
myself that once I settled in a bit in SMA, I
would take some weekend jaunts to other cities
and towns. I am not visiting any of these
cities/towns with the intent to move any time
soon, but I figure it cant hurt to have other
places on my radar in Mexico in case at some
point I decide to move on from SMA. As I check
out new places I will continue to share them with
you and I will share whether I think they are
suitable places for relocation versus vacation. I
will continue to apply my evaluation factors and
I will also share a summary of what I loved,
what I didnt love AND I will also share a short
list of cool things to do and see and cool
places to eat.
  • Here is a reminder of my evaluation factors as
    they are still pretty applicable
  • Short distance to the nearest International
    Airport and direct flight to Washington, DC area
    or South Florida airport in the US available.
  • The temperature and climate is stable. It is not
    excessively hot or cold majority of months of the
    year. Low to No Hurricanes or earthquakes risk
  • Fresh Fruit and vegetables are easy to access and
  • Cost of Living is low. Average 1-2 BR Rent falls
    between 400 -1000 per month in secure building,
    510-minute walk to the beach, downtown, gym,
    pool, ocean view (if in beach town), A/C, very
    hot bath water (smile), washer/dryer/dishwasher
    in unit)
  • Stable Wi-Fi and cell phone reception
  • Creature comforts like Walmart, Costco, Starbucks
    present or nearby
  • Uber is an option
  • Neighborhoods are walkable and safe for walking
  • There is a black expat community accessible to me
  • It Feels Like Home

Here is my Five Point Rating scale that I will
apply to the cities/towns I visit. Scale 5
Perfect (all of the factors are present) 4 Damn
Near Perfect (8 or more factors are present) 3
Almost Perfect (7 or more factors are present) 2
Probably Not (6 factors or less are present) 1
Hell No (3 factors or less are present) Here
are my ratings of the Mexican cities I have
already visited based on this rating scale
City/Town Rating
Tulum 1
Playa del Carmen 2
Campeche 3
Merida 3
Puerto Vallarta 4
Guadalajara 3
Aminic, Lake Chapala 2
Oaxaca City 3
San Miguel de Allende 4
I visited Mazatlán from May 27 thru June 1, 2021.
Mazatlán (MZT) is located in Sinaloa state. It is
located on the Pacific coast across from the
southernmost tip of the Baja California
Peninsula. Mazatlán has been a popular
destination of Western tourist for years and
there are many expats living in the city. The
primary airport is General Rafael Buelna
International Airport.
Mazatlán is Magical
What I loved
Mountains, Sunsets, Views. The Malecon Plaza
Machado Mazatlán is Walkable Great Nightlife and
Restaurants. Affordable and easy access to fresh
fruit and vegetables Transportation was easily
accessible Major comforts and conveniences are
present Spanish Fluency Helpful but Not Required
Black Expat Community Safety is not a Major
What I dont love
The Weather COVID-19 precautions seemed pretty
lax Getting to Mazatlán Bugs Galore
Cleanliness Cool Places to Go Things to
Do Visit Stone Island (Isla de las
Piedras) Visit Catedral Mazatlán Basílica de la
Inmaculada Concepción and Plaza Machado and check
out the gorgeous architecture Walk the length of
the Malecon , Hike, or if youre me take a car,
to the El Faro Mazatlán and visit the Lighthouse
and check out the view Have dinner at La Marea
and watch the Sunset Cool Places to Eat El
Presidio Casa 46 Mihle Cocina Topolo Mexican
Restaurant Wine Bar La Marea Mazatlán
I enjoyed Mazatlán and I actually plan to return
again for a weekend. One of my good friends lives
there and its a cool fun place to hang out. But
to live? No. Primary reasons I would not live
there long term is the climate/weather (too hot),
and the bugs (Yall). But Mazatlán is a vibe
especially for a long weekend getaway. Id love
to check it out in the Fall months and see if the
Bug issue is less of an issue. There is a LOT of
development happening in Mazatlán and I think it
is going to experience a renaissance in the next
year or so it is definitely worth checking out
now. Rent in Mazatlán is comparable to Puerto
Vallarta and SMA. It is on the higher end
especially if you want to live in Centro or have
an ocean view. There are really beautiful
apartments to be found there. The Airbnb I stayed
in (after the first misfire) was beautiful and a
short walk to the Zona Dorado beach. There are
also really beautiful apartments and homes in
Centro and closer to the Malecon but they are not
cheap per se. They are priced at about what you
will find in Playa del Carmen, Puerto Vallarta
and SMA. The rent in Mazatlán is 86.12 lower
than the city I lived in the United States. The
Single Girl Factor. The Single Girl Factor is my
evaluation of my dating prospects in a city based
on my use of online dating apps while traveling.
There is nothing scientific about it. I simply
utilize dating apps in the area and see how many
matches or hits or solicitations I
receive. Applying the Single Girl Factor, I could
have a pretty popping social life in Mazatlán.
The hits on the dating apps were very good and
the options were very nice. Very attractive men
in Mazatlán I must say (smile).
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