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Meal estate agent in Minto


Hossain Kabir is a Real Estate Agent in Minto. He is not only a professional person but also the best Real Estate Broker in Minto. Click here to visit our website. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Meal estate agent in Minto

Estate Agent Kabir
Real Estate Agent in Minto
Solutions for every business need
  • Investment and Appraisal
  • Rent and Management
  • Buy and Sell

Investment and Appraisal
Ready to make more money than ever? Yes! You read
that right. I can help you make more money. And
how is that possible you might ask? Well, there
are many LEGAL ways for that. I am going to now
tell you about the ways you can make more money
with your savings amount and the amount you have
stored with you that you might now need for a
certain period of time.
Rent and Management
New in the city? Looking for a place to stay?
Well you might have trouble finding a place to
stay if you dont where to look. Luckily for you,
I am the property manager who has the perfect
solution for you.
Buy and Sell
By now you already have an idea about what Real
Estate Agent in Minto, Australia does. Or even
for a basic understanding, you should have an
idea about what a Real estate business is. If you
came to this service of mine directly then dont
worry, I am briefing you out about the basics
that you need to know for the time being that
would make it easier for you to take this service
of mine.
Happy Client Syas
We were impressed by the way Mr.Kabir has
treated us as a family and future tenants of the
property. We were extremely worried about our
rental and management and so we looked up into MR
Hossain Kabir as our property consultant. All
along our journey, hes been really understanding
and helpful towards our family. He speaks in the
most straight forwards manner possible and been
able to fulfill the needs of our family. He
treated us fairly. It is quite hard to find such
a qualified real estate in Minto but Mr. Kabir
has absolutely kicked the real game off. We
couldnt have been happier to have such an
experienced real estate agent in Minto other than
Mr. Kabir. I have recommended Mr. Kabir as one of
the best real estate agent in Minto to my
relatives and colleagues. And so far, they have
the same reviews as mine. They are really
satisfied with such a trusted real estate agent.
About Me
My name is Hossain Kabir. I am a professional and
experienced real estate agent in Minto,
Australia. I have been living in Australia for
around 14 years. In the Real estate business, I
have a solid successful experience of 5 years.
Within this years of my career as a property
consultant in Minto, I have successfully sold
properties for sellers for a very good and
attractive price that the seller couldnt get on
his own.
Why Hire Me as your Real Estate Agent in Minto
  • I have a consistent proven record of obtaining
    the best possible outcomes for my clients.
  • I allow my real buyers to come and inspect any
    time they want. There is no time binding for them
    for visitation.
  • As a local expert, I orchestrate my services to
    ensure it meets the individuals requirements and
    criteria, giving them a memorable real estate
  • My strategic and careful planning has proven to
    maximize the profit for any buyers or sellers or
    even investors.

What is Real Estate
A Real Estate is an actual property that has
lands and also improvements. This includes houses
and buildings, roads, fixtures, structures, and
not to forget, utility system. There is a right
called the Property Right that allows the owner
the title of ownership which gives him access to
land improvements, and the natural resources
provided by the Mother Nature like minerals,
animals, plants, water, etc.
What is a Real Estate agent in Minto
To begin with, Real Estate Agents are licensed
professionals who are expert in arranging and
handling real estate transactions, and also being
a middle man between buyers. An experienced real
estate agent in Minto as myself will able to put
buyers and sellers together and also be the
representatives of them during negotiations. A
real estate agent gets their share of the money
through a commission or a percentage of the
propertys purchasing price. So basically as
their earning through this completely depends on
the commission, it is very important for them to
close a deal successfully. An experienced real
estate agent in Minto, just like myself should
have the qualities and abilities to close a deal
successfully with 100 client satisfaction that
should go both ways for the buyer and the seller.
Real Estate Agent in Minto
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