Top 4 Things to Check When You Are Looking for Eco-Friendly Hotels in India - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Top 4 Things to Check When You Are Looking for Eco-Friendly Hotels in India


Are you looking for eco-friendly hotels in India? Here are some points to keep in mind and these tips will surely help you in finding an amazing nature-friendly accommodation. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Top 4 Things to Check When You Are Looking for Eco-Friendly Hotels in India

Top 4 Things to Check When You Are Looking for
Eco-Friendly Hotels in India
Now it is time to go green and find
accommodations, which are eco-friendly. India is
now offering splendid nature resorts to attract
more sustainable travelers, hence, what are you
waiting for? Book the best nature resort now,
however, dont forget to check the following
points to find the best one. Lets read on
Check The Certification
When you are traveling to an unknown place, your
safety is the first thing to keep in mind. And
checking a reliable hotel can reduce the tension
of being unsafe at an unknown place. A certified
hotel will never bring any hassle to you. As the
hotel needs to fulfill certain criteria to become
certified, such accommodation options will be
safe than any random option. LEED, Leadership in
Energy and Environmental Design is one of the
popular certifications that your hotel should
have. Achieving this certification, indicates
that your hotel is conscious of the environment,
gives flawless hospitality. Earth Check, Green
Key, Green Growth 2050 are some other
certifications, which your hotel might have.
Is There Any Sustainable Report?
Choosing a sustainable or nature resort means,
the property, you are living at is offering a
positive impact to the local people, environment
and it supports sustainable tourism. If the
property follows sustainable tourisms rules,
then surely, they will have the report. You can
check how much recycled materials are used in
making the property, or how many local foods they
are using, and their energy sources as well.
Dont overlook this point while looking for the
best nature resorts in India.
Ask About Their Plastic Policy
Reducing the usage of plastic or completely
eliminating plastic is the best thing to do when
you are an eco-friendly traveler. And you cannot
stay in a hotel, which uses different plastic
items. Before making the booking, ask them about
their plastic policy. Nowadays, maximum hotels
are shifting towards reusable materials such as
glass or steel products. Your hotel should know
this and there should be no use of plastic straw,
instead of that q-tips are available in the
Does The Hotel Team Support The Locals?
Supporting the locals and the local economy is
another part of sustainable tourism. An
eco-friendly hotel should be associated with
local people to grow the native economy. Check
your hotels menu, if it includes local foods,
then it is a good choice for you. After all,
trying local dishes or fruits is not a bad idea!
Hope the mentioned tips will help you in finding
the right sustainable resorts in your next travel
destination. Lets find the best one after
considering the points. Be a sustainable traveler
and keep the environment clean.
Thank You
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