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5 Growing Environmental NGOs in India


The environment is becoming hazardous day by day due to climate change, pollution, overpopulation, deforestation, global warming, etc. Click here to known the list of the top 5 growing environmental NGOs in India. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Growing Environmental NGOs in India

5 Growing Environmental NGOs in India
The environment is becoming hazardous day by day
due to climate change, pollution, overpopulation,
deforestation, global warming, consumption of
non-renewable resources and many more. To
eradicate such causes, environmental NGOs are
making selfless efforts to save the planet for
our future generations.
Here is the list of the top 5 growing
environmental NGOs in India
Mobius Foundation
  • In 2015 Mobius Foundation was initiated by
    Mr Pradip Burman, an influential leader, sworn
    environmentalist and a crusader of
    sustainability. He has set up initiatives that
    focus on the importance of a sustainable
    lifestyle in todays world.
  • The 3 initiatives are
  • Project Akar 
  • Gyan Anant Vidyalaya (GAV)
  • World Environment School (WESc)
  • Mobius Foundations mission is to organise
    awareness programs that help in encouraging,
    educating and adopting practices that preserve
    the ecosystem. Visit their website and watch some
    exciting comics that help in learning sustainable
    practices easily.

Catch Foundation
Catch Foundation is one of the best environmental
ngos in delhi. Their team includes army officers,
government officials, senior citizens,
entrepreneurs, students, homemakers, etc. Their
awareness programs aimed at the plastic-free
environment, waste management and plantenance
(plantationmaintenance) of trees. Their mission
is to make people aware of the sustainable
lifestyle to create a clean and better
environment for future generations. Their
upcoming event Swachhta Sangram 2 will help
spread the message Say No To Use Single-Use
Plastic The volunteers will collect old
newspapers from societies and make paper bags.
These bags later will be distributed to the
vegetable vendors in local markets.
Help Delhi Breathe
In 2015, Help Delhi Breathe, an environment
protection NGO, was established to put an end to
the rising air pollution in Delhi. Every year in
winter, Delhi becomes one of the worst
air-polluted cities in the world. People face
respiratory and vision problems as the air is
full of smog. This crisis has led to this
initiative. Their mission is to educate residents
and businesses to adopt permanent practices that
lower the pollution levels. They organise
awareness programs to fill the gap between
conscious lifestyle solutions and the people.
Ahwaan Foundation
Ahwaan Foundation is among the best NGOs in
India that clean water bodies and protect marine
life. Their mission is to ensure pristine water,
a lively ocean and approachable beaches for
everyone to be enthralled around the water
bodies. They are mostly worried about water
pollution through single-use plastics, tins,
medical wastes, surgical masks, sanitary pads,
needles, etc., that could be dangerous to marine
life. Therefore they have started collaborating
with various local beach cleaning troops across
India. The volunteers come together and clean the
dirty beaches, rivers, oceans, and lakes and
responsibly dump the water waste.
SankalpTaru Foundation
SankalpTaru Foundation is the top NGO in
India that promotes spreading greenery and
eradicating the climate crisis. They work with
their core philosophy of Planting trees for the
people, by the people. They have planted and
maintained over a million trees across 21 states
in India. They focus on intensifying agriculture,
lessen carbon footprints, diversifying India
through heterogeneous flora and many more. With
this initiative, over 30000 farmers are
benefited, 20000 students are enlightened, 5000
acres of land are greenified, and more than 31000
volunteers have made this initiative successful.
Anyone can donate them to plant their own tree
and track its live location and growth updates.
Join hands with us today. Lets come and work
towards the betterment of our planet together!
Thank You
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