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How Magento Inventory Management Works For eCommerce Websites


Know How Miraculously Magento Inventory Management Works For eCommerce Websites. The Smart Developers Team Can help in an accurate way. Read more at: – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How Magento Inventory Management Works For eCommerce Websites

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How Magento Inventory Management Works For
eCommerce Websites?
The paradigm of work culture, technology, online
shopping has been shifted following technological
advancements and the need of the hour. Magento
stores have become the leading eCommerce website
development platform following the features,
Magento SEO friendliness, speed, easy business
operations, convenient deployment, Magento
Multiple languages store functionality, and
modifications that have made this online store
development to be the first choice of Certified
Magento developers. What Is Magento Inventory
Management?   To manage the product inventories
on your eCommerce site Magento Inventory
Management gives you advanced tools to manage
them easily and conveniently. These features of
Magento Inventory can be useful to merchants with
a single store to multiple warehouses, stores,
pickup locations, drop shippers, and more. These
features of Magento for Inventory management are
useful to maintain quantities of sales and handle
shipments to complete orders. Features of
Inventory management in Magento make tracking and
keeping the records of inventory of products on
the website easy. It also enhances the shopping
experience of customers with its advanced
You have the following options to assign
inventory to products 1) Assigning Sources per
Product Assign sources manually per product in
the catalog 2) Assigning Quantities per
Product Add on-hand inventory amounts to products
per source 3) Bulk Assigning Sources Assign
sources to selected products as a mass action 4)
Bulk Unassigning Sources Unassign sources from
selected products as a mass action 5)
Transferring Inventory to Source Mass transfer
all inventory from one source to a destination
source 6) Importing and Exporting Quantities Use
import and export features to update multiple
product SKUs with sources and inventory quantities
  • Fundamental settings and advantages of Magento
    Inventory Management
  • 1) Managing Stock
  • Regardless of warehouse location, type of product
    or service, or sales channel you can manage your
    inventory with Magento inventory management
  • 2) Source Management
  • The physical locations where product inventory is
    managed and shipped for order accomplishment are
    called sources. Magento leverages the quantities
    and saleable quantities per stock and manages
    inventory amounts automatically for managed
    products and orders
  • 3) Managing Inventory Quantities 
  • Single Source Merchants
  • Single source merchants can update product
    quantities for the Default Source
  • Multi-Source Merchants
  • Multi-source merchants can assign multiple
    sources and quantities per product for each
  • 4) Stocks and Sales Channels
  • Aggregated inventory of products available for
    sale to your sales channels is represented
    visually as stocks.
  • The saleable quantities and available inventories
    are mapped with sales channels with each stock.
    The assignment of stock to one or more sales
    channels and sources is decided, depending on the
    website configuration
  • 4) Source Selection and Priority Algorithm
  • While finalizing the source, the Source Selection
    Algorithm (SSA) uses the priority order of
    sources configured in stock and analyses and
    determines the best match for sources and
  • You can also set other priorities and algorithms
    to manage inventory in Magento, there are
  • Source Priority Algorithm
  • Distance Priority Algorithm
  • Custom Algorithm
  • 5) Order Management and Reservations
  • Partial as well as full invoicing, payments,
    shipping, and cancellations per order are
    supported by Inventory management.
  • With Magento inventory management you can
    automatically enter or change reservations.
  • It also updates the saleable quantity for a stock
    and the on-hand inventory quantity per source.
  • Sometimes you may need to update orders with
    partial payments and cancellations while managing
    inventory in Magento, depending on inventory
    status and customer requests.
  • 6) Cancelled/Refunded Orders
  • In case if a customer cancels an order before
    shipment whether partial or in full. The saleable
    quantity gets updated with a new reservation of
    the inventory amount.
  • The other advantages of features of Magento
    inventory management are,
  • Inventory Configuration
  • Out of Stock Threshold
  • Product Quantities
  • Inventory Expansion and Restructuring
  • Inventory Migrating and Upgrading
  • Map To Sources
  • Priority Order Fulfilment
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