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Diploma Courses After 12th


You might be eager to know the best career opportunities that make you go in the right direction. Here is the list of top diploma courses to choose from after the 12th. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Diploma Courses After 12th

Diploma Courses After 12th
May 21, 2021
Are you looking for reliable guidance to choose
your career path after the 12th education? It
might be confusing and time-consuming to analyze
and come to a conclusion when there are many
certificate diploma courses offered to you online
and offline. Diploma courses reward you with
industry-specific skills and practical exposure.
It also helps to get your job ready and easier.
A professional diploma can be useful to keep you
highly paid. Several renowned institutes across
the globe offer the best diploma courses like
Dream University, Brock University, AvivDigital,
Carleton University, McGill University,
University of Toronto, University of Calgary,
University of British Columbia, and so on. But
to choose the best career option, you would
require a trustworthy source. Here are some
interesting and valuable lists of promising
career options which help you to get into
multinational companies own your business after
the course completion. Top Interesting career
options after 12th
  • You might be into different streams in your 12th
    education. Hence, the courses you can go for
    after 12th PCM, Commerce, and Arts can be
  • All you have to do is to know which course suits
    your stream and use the best career path to hit
    the goal.
  • Here is a list of proven and ideal courses you
    can opt for after your 12th education.
  • Diploma Courses after 12th Commerce
  • Diploma Course in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Industrial safety
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Computer Application
  • Fashion Designing
  • Writing Journalism
  • Diploma in Accounting and Finance
  • Diploma Courses after 12th Science
  • Diploma in Full Stack Developer Course
  • Diploma course in Artificial Intelligence
  • Diploma course in Data Science

  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in 3D Animation
  • Diploma in Writing and Journalism
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Multimedia
  • Diploma in Photography
  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism
  • Diploma in Interior Designing
  • You might be eager to know the best career
    opportunities that make you go in the right
  • Here are some handpicked recommendations on the
    best career options that would help you to reach
    your dream job.
  • Diploma course in digital marketing

It is said that the global digital ad spend is
growing and will reach 389 billion in
2021(Source eMarketer) Digital marketing
involves the efforts to use various channels and
marketing strategies to promote and sell a
particular product/service. The digital
marketing course gives you in-depth knowledge on
market research, trend analysis, evaluation, and
brand management. If you ask why to choose
digital marketing Course as a career, here are
the reasons There are abundant job
opportunities for digital marketing You can
explore and learn m arketing strategies to engage
and convert
  • Get well paid and have a reputation
  • More on-demand as a certified digital marketer is
    the need of the hour Evolving and booming
  • Use the strategies if you have plans to start
    your own business.
  • Here are the topics covered in the digital
    marketing diploma course
  • Mobile Marketing
  • S earch Engine Optimization
  • E-commerce
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Web development
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Business/marketing strategy
  • If you are in search of the popular colleges of
    digital marketing course, let us show you the
    best 5 among all.

  • Full-stack developer languages HTML CSS5,
    node js course, JavaScript , Angular JS, PHP,
    C, C etc.
  • Web architecture
  • Backend languages
  • Database storage
  • API
  • Server and version control
  • Full-stack developer node and PHP course
  • Dont miss out on the most popular colleges of
    full stack developer course listed below
  • AvivDigital
  • Web stack Academy
  • Full Stack Web Developer Courses (EdX)
  • The Hong Kong University of Science and
  • University of Michigan
  • Diploma in Web Designing Course

According to S alesforce, 66 of customers want
businesses to understand what they want and
exceed their expectations. The perfect web
designs keep the website attractive and give a
good impression to the viewers. Web designing is
important to give a good experience to the users
and draw their attention. You can be sure to
choose Web Designing Course as a career
because It allows working with big companies
  • You can make it a freelancing opportunity to earn
    more There is a never-ending demand and scope
  • It gives you an attractive salary package The
    projects are innovative and not boring You can
    learn at a low cost
  • You can learn the following topics in Web
    Designing Course
  • Web Design and Applications
  • Multimedia
  • Computer Graphics
  • Dreamweaver CS5
  • Computer Architecture
  • Languages HTML, JAVA, CSS
  • UI/UX
  • JavaScript
  • We bring our recommendations for the 5 most
    Popular Colleges of Web Designing Course to you
  • IDC- IIT Bombay
  • AvivDigital
  • Indian School of Design and Innovation

7. Programming Diploma course in AI (Artificial
  • A rtificial Intelligence is the advanced
    technology that creates smart machines that think
    and act like humans. It involves the learning
    techniques and simulation that make
  • machines involve in taking decisions and solve
  • Here are the advantages of choosing the
    Artificial intelligence course as a career
  • AI is the trend of the digital world
  • Your potential to create intelligent machines is
    highly on demand AI is necessary to develop
    business intelligence
  • You can also be a research scientist or a data
    science engineer AI developers or engineers are
    highly paid
  • The following topics are what you learn from the
    Artificial intelligence course
  • Pattern recognition
  • Neural networks
  • Machine learning Algorithm
  • Robotics processing
  • Natural Language Processing(NLP)
  • Deep Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning

  • It is easy to communicate and understand with
    images, graphics, music, and video. And thats
    what multimedia does. The scope of multimedia
    courses is that it helps you to combine all
    these interesting elements effectively to attract
    the audience.
  • If you have doubts on why to choose the
    multimedia course as a career, then these are
    the reasons
  • It is a creative profession
  • Multimedia skills are high on demand
  • It provides amazing freelancing opportunities
    You can use them for your business as well
  • Job opportunities are vast like Flash developers,
    network engineers, graphic and sound experts,
    animators, and managers
  • It has a cross-industry presence
  • Multimedia is the need for every media, digital
    platform, and entertainment
  • Have a look at the topics covered in the
    Multimedia course
  • Graphics design
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Wireless Multimedia
  • 3D Modelling
  • Web Animation
  • Texturing

  • Every event is a memory. A photographer captures
    those moments with an eye for detail. For ages,
    photography has been highly on-demand, and
    building a career in photography is never a
    wrong choice.
  • You can be 100 sure of choosing the Photography
    Course as a career due to the following
  • Photography is a major source of demand in media,
    advertisement, and fashion
  • It is useful in all events and occasions You can
    get more prospects
  • There is a Press/commercial opportunity You can
    use your skills for freelancing
  • It is a good option for self employability
  • Do have a look at the topics covered in the
    Photography course
  • Photo editing
  • Colour management
  • Light and design techniques
  • Aperture and Shutter settings
  • Motion capture and ISO Setting
  • Post-production
  • Camera operations and lenses
  • Photoshop

Diploma in Writing and Journalism
  • Journalism is the process of collecting,
    analyzing, and reporting information that is
  • relevant to the public. Short, simple, and
    credible writing is an integral part of
  • If you wish to know why you should choose the
    Writing and Journalism course as a career, then
    here are the reasons
  • You can interact with people and build a wide
    network There is always a demand for content
  • Editor and copywriters are required for every
    field Reporters and media persons are in high
    demand You can build your technical writing
  • You can improve the ability to research The job
    comes with great flexibility
  • It offers freelancing opportunities too
  • Here are the topics covered in the Writing and
    Journalism course
  • Journalism
  • Media Management and Media Laws
  • Advertising and Public Relations
  • Screenplay and News writing
  • Copy and content writing
  • Mass communication
  • Editing and Reporting

  • 3D animation is a technology that makes the
    digital elements realistic through D moving
    images. It makes the visuals interesting and
    appealing to the viewers.
  • Here are the reasons why you should choose 3D
    Animation Course as a career The vast and
    innovative creative fields need your service
  • It helps you to educate people and communicate to
    the public through different aspects
  • It is the current trend in the market
  • It welcomes you to the digital world of media and
    entertainment It has very high demand due to the
    cross-industry application
  • Lets go through the topics covered in the 3D
    Animation course
  • Character and Graphic design
  • Visual effects
  • Photoshop
  • Sketching
  • 3d modeling
  • Art direction and video editing
  • Stop motion animation
  • To choose a career option is to invest for a
    lifetime. You should be careful and keen on
    finding the right course for you.
  • There are various diploma programs and courses
    offered by different universities worldwide.

The diploma courses we have discussed above are
important and give you high salary jobs. You
get technical experience with a diploma but make
sure you learn from reputed and accredited
institutes as we have recommended.
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