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Best Homeopathy Asthma doctor in bhubaneswar


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Title: Best Homeopathy Asthma doctor in bhubaneswar

Common Factor , Symptoms Homeopathy Treatment
For Asthma.
Asthma is a very common condition affecting
around 2 cores of the population in India and
around 33 cores in whole world level. The
disability and premature death from asthma is
greatest in children from the age group 6-14 and
elderly of age72-78 . In asthma the bronchial
tubes narrow and this makes it more difficult to
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Common Sign Symptoms of ASTHMA
  • Tight Chest
  • Wheezing Sound
  • sometimes gasps for air
  • Coughing
  • rappid Shallow Breathing
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of Endurance
  • Pale color
  • Tachycardia

Types of asthma
  • Child asthma asthma occur below 20 years
  • Adult-onset asthma asthma occur above 20 years
  • Occupational asthma asthma occurs due to
    triggers factors in the work place like dust,
    pollutants, chemicals, any irritant fumes etc
  • Exercise induced asthma - asthma occur about 10
    to 20 minutes after exercise
  • Cardiac asthma asthma result from cardiac
  • Nocturnal asthma asthma generally occur in
    night time

  • Common treatment of asthma
  • Broncho dilator or puff to relieve the bronchial
    constriction meaning they expand the passageways
    into the lungs , allowing more air in and out and
    improving breathing.
  • Corticosteroid medication orally or inhaled
  • Anti allergic medication to control the allergy
  • Antibiotics to if any infection

  • Homeopathy medicines for asthma
  • Ipecacuanha- wheezing sound with constriction of
    chest. Cough constantly with every breath.
    Suffocative cough, sneezing with runny nose
    associated with asthma.
  • Antimonium tartaricum- there is large amount of
    mucous in broncus but difficult to expectorate.
    The breathing sounds seem full of mucus but
    unable to release them. Asthma occurs in aged
    person. Debility and drowsy feeling, short
    difficult breathing and shortness of breath.
  • Aralia racemosa- there is dry cough that occurs
    just after sleeping in night. Difficult breathing
    more on lying down and suffocative cough.
    Allergic sne ezing, runny nose associated with
    asthma. Seasonal asthma.

  • Blatta orientalis- Asthma with dry cough.
    Shortness of breath and chest congestion
    associated with wheezing sound.
  • Carbo vegetabilis asthma occur in old aged
    person. Cough with gagging of mucus. There is
    flatulency of stomach, motre gas formation and
    burping associated with asthma. The person needs
    open air during asthmatic attack
  • Coca- exercise induced asthma. Difficult
    breathing occurs in mountain riders

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