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Find the Best Homeopathy Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis at multicarehomeopathy


Homeopathy works at the immune level and helps to stimulate the over sensitivity of the body immune system which cures the allergic condition permanently. For more info contact us today at 9937412150 and mail us at – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Find the Best Homeopathy Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis at multicarehomeopathy

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What is allergy rhinitis?
  • Allergic rhinitis (AR) is a very common disorder
    that is estimated to be the sixth most common
    chronic health problem in the world. During the
    past few decades, our environment, society, and
    the way of our living has been changed
    drastically due to the rise of Industrialization
    and urbanization that all have putted a negative
    impact on our environment and society.
  • The pollution level is also increasing day by day
    in all the level i.e. in the air, water, and even
    our food. Nowadays we all have to live in such an
    environment which is completely filled with
    various dust, pollens, bacterias, viruses, some
    strong smells, strong fumes, etc. When all those
    harmful things get inside our body, our immune
    systems identify them and distinguish between
    which are hazardous and which are harmless to our
    bodies, and destroy the harmful substances to
    protect our body.
  • But sometimes it happen that many harmless
    substances act as harmful for some people's
    immune systems, resulting in an abnormal reaction
    and thus increase the sensitivity of immune
    system, so that those harmless substances causes
    allergic reaction.

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Common Trigger Factor of allergy
The Most common causes of allergic is Indoor and
Outdoor Allergens agents, like, dust, various
pollen, cockroaches, drugs, animal dander various
proteins like egg protein, milk protein nuts,
,paint, mold, latex, insect, food, water, fumes,
cold air etc. those antigens and allergens
stimulates to secrets ones substances called
histamine which generates the allergic reaction.
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Factors that can increase your risk for
developing allergies include the following
  • Have a family history of asthma or allergies
  • children are more susceptible
  • Cigarette smoke.
  • Births during high-pollen seasons. Those babies
    born during high-pollen seasons may be more
    sensitive to hay fever allergens later in life.
  • Allergen exposure. Early exposure to allergens
    like mold, pollen, dust mites, pet dander,
    cockroaches, and some types of food seems to
    increase your risk of developing allergies.
  • Being a bottle-fed baby. Studies show that
    breast-feeding reduces the frequency and severity
    of allergies in children.
  • Being born prematurely. Premature babies have a
    higher risk of developing allergies later in
    life. Having one or more
  • parents who have nasal allergies. Children have
    allergies if just one of their parents have
    allergies, then there risk is nearly 70.

Scope of Homeopathy Treatment
  • Constitutional Homeopathy treatment helps to
    rectify or modify the sensitive nature of the
    immune system of an allergic persons so gives a
    long term cure.
  • If one persons immune system has become
    hypersensitive, so under the back ground there
    must be something that has made it such like. So
    what are the things that have made the immune
    system so hypersensitive?
  • Staying always in a stressful condition for weeks
    or even months produces cortisol, the body's
    stress-induced hormone. When cortisol becomes
    elevated and remains so for awhile, it affects
    the cells that comprise your immune system. So
    prolonged stress condition can affect your immune
    system to become hypersensitive.
  • When anybody is in stressful situation he/she may
    react differently to the stress. Some people
    feels hopeless, desperate from the stress. Some
    people feels frustrated, anger or vexed by the
    situation. Some people feel to cry out loudly or
    even cry while sharing their mater. A homeopathy
    physician searches out the exact reaction what
    the person express or feel out of a stress and
    accordingly choose the medicine. This is just a
    single example of selection of remedy. Similarly
    there are many factors needed to be considered to
    choose a suitable remedy for that patient.

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